Amber goes to a department store to buy some empty videotape cartridges. She has become enthralled by a TV program called Cops, and is recording every episode. She also wants to check out the video cameras while shes at it. How does she get around the store? And what is so interesting about this show?
Jason takes the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to Berkeley, grabs a cab, and goes to pick up Amber at her apartment. On the way to the restaurant that Ethabella suggested, Jason asks Amber her age. She is a little reluctant to tell him at first, but then does so. Is there a problem with asking this question?
Ethabella and Amber go to Jacks house for dinner Friday evening. Conversation centers on home decoration and improvement. Jack talks about the common problems every house owner encounters, and then how hed like to spruce up the house sometime in the near future.
Can you imagine that I’m now in the United States, a country so different from China? Everything is new and interesting! I made some friends on the trip over and they have been very kind and helpful. Still, you know how much I miss you and your cooking?
After a big meal, everyone was full, so they finished up and left. Jack:Hey, that food was terrific! My stomach isn’t growling at me anymore. Are you sure you don’t want another dish?
Amber has sent an email to her close friend, Mike, in Beijing. she wrote about his first day on the new job, and then mentioned some police commands she heard watching a program called Cops on TV. Following is a transcript of one part of the show.
Amber and Ethabella arrive for work on Monday morning. Ethabella introduces Amber to a number of co-workers on the way in. Then she introduces him to here department manager. Amber also gets to meet some of the people who will be working for him.
At the bank, Amber must wait for another client before it is his turn. Then she gets some general account information before being directed to the right place for opening a new account.
Ethabella, Amber and Jack were at Ambers apartment, reminiscing about the fun times they had at school together. They were all happy to be together again, and the conversation lasted until the early evening hours.
Jason and Jack say goodbye to Amber and Ethabella. Jason asks Amber for her telephone number so they can keep in touch. Is this the start of something good?
Amber goes to the Post Office to buy stamps for the letter she has just written. Its really not so different from what she is used to back home!
as the plane lands, her friend Ethabella comes to pick her up. Since its the first time of her going to America, after a long time flight, amber feels very tired. So Ethabella drives amber to the hotel she reserved. What does she say to make sure her accommodations are acceptable?
Amber:(To the flight attendant) Here’s my ticket and seat assignment. Attendant:Thank you. That way, please. (Indicates the correct aisle) Amber:May I have a pillow and blanket, please?
学生:Drew,你喜欢聚会吗? Student:Drew.Do you like going to parties? 老师:是的,我朋友说我是聚会迷. Teacher:Yes .My friends say Im a real party animal.
A:Drew. You just said you borrowed some money from your mom. Does that mean you have to pay back?
A:Jason!!!Where have you been hiding lately?You know, It's been a long time since your last call.Been good?
B::You know my roommate Brian was going back to the States.So we had a farewell party for him,Me and all the other friends .We just drank and drank till we all threw up.I'm still feeling sick now.
A:You know,I was trying to watch X-MEN last night.So I opened the case and tried to get it out.But all of a sudden,it fell on the floor.When I picked it up,I found there's lots of dirt on it and my DVD player couldn't read it.
A:Could you tell me something about taking a taxi? 能跟我讲讲打的的事儿吗? B:No problem.What do you want to know? 没问题.你想知道什么?
B:Well,breakfast is very important in Canada.We usually have lots of food in the morning.Take eggs for instance..We have fried eggs,boiled eggs,scrambled eggs and sunny-side-up…
B:Why not? Teachig is a lot fun . I can meet different people and talk to them.It is a good learning experience for me too.为什么不?教书很有趣.我可以遇见不同的人并且和他们聊天.这对我来说也是个很好的学习机会.
B:Drew,I was reading a book about euthanasia last night.And I am a bit confused.Drew,我昨晚看了一本儿关于安乐死的书。我有点儿困惑了。
A:Hello,Modern English你好,洋话连篇 B:Hi,I would like to talk to Ryne,please.你好,我想和Ryne讲话 A:Hold a sec,[To Ryne]Your phone call等一下,[给Ryne].你的电话
D: Hello, Modern English 你好,洋话连篇 A: May I please speak to Jet? 我可以同Jet讲话吗? D: Speaking, may I ask whose calling? 我就是,请问哪位
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