一个挑剔的女孩 A Picky Girl2017-01-11
Lucy is a lucky girl in everybodys eyes, because she was born in a rich family and her parents can give her everything. But Lucy has few friends,
能干的苏珊 The Capable Susan2017-01-10
I have a good friend, her name is Susan, we are classmates. One day, Susan invites me to her house. We watch a movie at first, when it is finished, Susans mother is making dinner,
《傲慢与偏见》Pride and Prejudice2017-01-09
Pride and Prejudice is a very classic romantic book. The book tells about a poor girl meets a rich handsome young man, but she misunderstands him and refuse his love.
梦工厂 Dream Factory2017-01-08
Almost every child has seen the things about Disney, such as the Disneyland, the classic cartoon character-Mickey Mouse and the Disney films.
价值 The Value2017-01-07
Today, when I walk pass a special shop, there sells all kinds of funny things. I love them all. Then I see a thing that my father must like. But I dont have enough money at hand,
火锅 Hot Pot2017-01-06
When winter comes, the weather is such cold that the food will lose hotness quickly, but I have the habit to eat food for a long time, so eating hot pot is my best choice.
一个男孩的困扰 A Boy's Annoyance2017-01-05
Jack is ten years old and he is annoyed recently. Because there comes a new classmate, it is a girl. Jack likes her, she is a lovely girl. Jack wants to be her friend but he cant find a good way to introduce himself.
我的新偶像 My New Idol2017-01-04
Michael Phillips is one of the best swimmers in the world, he has won many golden medals in the last three Olympic Games. The one who can defeat him will soon get famous.
什么是家人 What Is Family2017-01-03
I have a happy family. My parents love me so much, though my sister and I sometimes have arguments, we love each other all the time. When I meet difficulties, I will think of my parents first,
谣言 The Rumor2017-01-02
someday, when I go home after school, there are so many people gether downstair. As I am so curious, I ask people what happens. They tell me that it is siad that somebody steal things when the house is empty.
自信的力量 The Power of Confidence2017-01-01
I am a shy girl, when there is activity in my class, I will run away from it and try to be nobody. But in my heart, I want to be noticed and show my talent. My friend encourages me to take part in the activity, she helps me to finish the task.
方向感迷失 The Lost of Direction2016-12-13
I always lose my way when I go out alone, I have the bad sense of direction, even I walk the same road for many time, I still will get lost. I try to find out the reason and I want to solve this problem.
我最喜欢的颜色 My Favorite Color2016-12-12
My favorite color is red. Many young people dont like this color, because they think it is so obvious. Red makes me feel the vitality, when I dress in red,
雨声 The Sound of the Rain2016-12-11
As the summer has ended, the fall comes quickly. Last night, it rained, I stayed in the house and appreciated the scenery through the window.
养宠物 Raising a Pet2016-12-07
I always want to raise a cat, but my parents dont allow me to do it, because they think I cant take care of the cat, whats more, they are busy and have less time to look after it. In order to prove that I can take the responsibility, I help my mother to do the housework and I tr
一个掉下来的苹果 An Apple Falling Down2016-12-06
The story of the Newton how to find out the theory of gravity is known to all. One day, when I am walking home, suddenly someone throw an apple to me, I see it fall down in front of me.
我的任务 My Task2016-12-05
Today, my mother gives me a task when she leaves home, she asks me to clean the house. I say yes and promise to surprise her. But soon I forget the task and play the computer games.
选择 The Choice2016-12-04
A lot of parents like to make choice for their kids, because they believe their children are young and have no idea how to make the best choice.
新发型 The New Hairstyle2016-12-03
I always want to change my hairstyle, because I want to look as my idol's image, but i don's have the courage to do it. At last, my friend gives me the courage, she tells me that I should try and not to have regret at the young age.
一个助人为乐的小伙子 A Helpful Guy2016-12-02
There is a boy who lives next to me, he is about five years older than me. Everybody speaks highly of him, I always hear his name from my grandma, she tells me that he is a good guy.
固执的爸爸 My Stubborn Father2016-12-01
My father is a nice person, everybody speaks highly of him, but he is very stubborn sometimes. One day, my father find a wallet on the ground, then he asks someone who has lost it.
吃饭的习惯 The Habit of Eating2016-11-30
When I am taking the food, I get used to watching TV, it makes me happy. Though my parents have educated me to focus my attention on eating many time, I still like to keep my bad habit. Some day, I see from the news that there are so many bad influences on bad eating habit.
没有完成的工作 The Unfinished Job2016-11-29
Today, my mother has something to do, so she leaves the house early in the morning. Before she goes, I have promised to clean the house,
刺激的电影 The Exciting Movie2016-11-28
I like to watch horror movie so much, it makes me feel excited. My friends will be very scared when they see the ghost coming out in the movie, but I will be very curious and wonder how the director make this happen.
我的大日子 My Big Day2016-11-02
Today is a big day for me, because this is my first day to go to primary school. I am so excited but also nervous. When my parents drive me to school and then leave,
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