The Three Green Twigs2011-04-10
Then the hermit took the piece of wood, and went back into the world, which he had not seen for so long. He ate and drank nothing but what was given him at the doors; many petitions were, however, not listened to, and many doors remained shut to him, so that he often did not get a crumb of bread.
Our Lady's Little Glass2011-04-10
Once upon a time a waggoner's cart which was heavily laden with wine had stuck so fast that in spite of all that he could do, he could not get it to move again.
格林童话:God's Food2011-04-10
There were once upon a time two sisters, one of whom had no children and was rich, and the other had five and was a widow, and so poor that she no longer had food enough to satisfy herself and her children.
Poverty and Humility Lead to Heaven2011-04-10
There was once a King's son who went out into the world, and he was full of thought and sad.
格林童话:The Twelve Apostles2011-04-09
Three hundred years before the birth of the Lord Christ, there lived a mother who had twelve sons, but was so poor and needy that she no longer knew how she was to keep them alive at all.
格林童话:The Rose2011-04-09
There was once a poor woman who had two children. The youngest had to go every day into the forest to fetch wood. Once when she had gone a long way to seek it, a little child, who was quite strong, came and helped her industriously to pick up the wood and carry it home, and then before a moment had passed the strange child disappeared.
St. Joseph in the Forest2011-04-09
There was once on a time a mother who had three daughters, the eldest of whom was rude and wicked, the second much better, although she had her faults, but the youngest was a pious, good child.
白日梦 Fantasy2011-04-09
Don't tell anyone this but I'm a fairy. Nobody knows you see because I never transform around other people. My name is Pixie and I am a green fairy. You see in the fairy tribe I come from they have three different types of fairies: the purple fairy, the green fairy and the yellow fairy.
It was hectic in the Jenson family household because it was the day before New Years Eve and they were getting ready to go to England to spend the New Year with their family.
The Sneaky Mouse 狡猾的老鼠2011-04-08
One day a mouse saw some cheese on the table but there was a cat in the house. So the mouse needed a plan to get the cat away from the table. His first idea was to make the cat chase him and then hide but then he thought of a safer idea, to go to the cat's toy basket and wind the cat's toy mouse up and make a squeak and let the toy mouse go.
Pikachu and Jigglypuff Run Away2011-04-08
One day Pikachu and Jigglypuff saw a rainbow and they did not know what it was. They thought it was another Pokemon and they were scared so they ran away and Ash was looking for them.
The Smart Rabbit 聪明的兔子2011-04-08
One day a rabbit was in the garden eating carrots. When he was about to go home he saw the farmer. So he needed to hide. But where could he hide?
The Hare and the Hedgehog2011-04-07
The hedgehog, however, was standing by his door with his arms akimbo, enjoying the morning breezes, and slowly trilling a little song to himself, which was neither better nor worse than the songs which hedgehogs are in the habit of singing on a blessed Sunday morning.
The Three Cats 三只猫2011-04-07
So that's what they did but when they got out they were wet. But when they got home their owners recognized them. The owners were happy to see their cats and the cats were happy to see their owners.
The Spindle, The Shuttle, and the Needle2011-04-07
There was once a girl whose father and mother died while she was still a little child. All alone, in a small house at the end of the village, dwelt her godmother, who supported herself by spinning, weaving, and sewing.
格林童话:The Crumbs on the Table2011-04-06
A countryman one day said to his little puppies, "Come into the parlour and enjoy yourselves, and pick up the bread-crumbs on the table;
The Peasant and the Devil2011-04-06
There was once on a time a far-sighted, crafty peasant whose tricks were much talked about. The best story is, however, how he once got hold of the Devil, and made a fool of him.
格林童话:The Sea-Hare2011-04-06
There was once upon a time a princess, who, high under the battlements in her castle, had an apartment with twelve windows, which looked out in every possible direction, and when she climbed up to it and looked around her, she could inspect her whole kingdom.
格林童话:The Master-Thief2011-04-06
One day an old man and his wife were sitting in front of a miserable house resting a while from their work. Suddenly a splendid carriage with four black horses came driving up, and a richly-dressed man descended from it.
格林童话:The Ear of Corn2011-04-05
In former times, when God himself still walked the earth, the fruitfulness of the soil was much greater than it is now; then the ears of corn did not bear fifty or sixty, but four or five hundred-fold.
格林童话:The Grave-Mound2011-04-05
A rich farmer was one day standing in his yard inspecting his fields and gardens. The corn was growing up vigorously and the fruit-trees were heavily laden with fruit.
格林童话:The Crystal Ball2011-04-05
There was once an enchantress, who had three sons who loved each other as brothers, but the old woman did not trust them, and thought they wanted to steal her power from her.
格林童话:Old Rinkrank2011-04-05
There was once on a time a King who had a daughter, and he caused a glass mountain to be made, and said that whosoever could cross to the other side of it without falling should have his daughter to wife.
格林童话:The Hazel-Branch2011-04-04
One afternoon the Christ-child had laid himself in his cradle-bed and had fallen asleep.
The Boots of Buffalo-Leather2011-04-04
One of this kind had received his discharge, and as he had learnt no trade and could earn nothing, he travelled about and begged alms of kind people.