THE WEEK May 8: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana2015-08-13
The United Kingdom's Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge better known as Kate Middleton have welcomed their second child, a daughter.
THE WEEK May 29: Wanna fight?2015-08-12
A large Kangaroo has been terrorizing the residents of a suburb in Brisbane, Australia.
THE WEEK May 22: Chinese Romeo & Juliet2015-08-12
Chinese women have been making headlines this week for showing a little flesh.
THE WEEK May 15: The bandit's back2015-08-11
McDonald's character the Hamburglar is back.
THE WEEK Mar 27: Go Maple Leafs2015-08-11
One of the biggest public activities in China is public square dancing.
THE WEEK Mar 20: Grand Theft Auto Beijing2015-08-10
During the Two sessions earlier this month an incident occurred on the West Second Ring road.
THE WEEK June12: Matter of trust2015-08-10
Sometimes it’s best not to test people – you might not like what you find.
THE WEEK June 5: Celebrity romance2015-08-09
There is a new celebrity couple ready for the headlines and their star power may just eclipse the sun.
THE WEEK July 17: The Knight, The Drunk and The Wench2015-08-09
Summer has struck China with a vengeance. It's been so hot that in the Dead Sea in Daying County in Southwest China's Sichuan province, 8,000 tourists piled into the 30,000 square meter Dead Sea pool.
THE WEEK Jan 9: No show?2015-08-08
Eric Jou is attending the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vagas this week.
THE WEEK Jan 23: An arrow to the knee2015-08-08
This episode, we've got an archery mishap.
THE WEEK Jan 16: We send glitter2015-08-07
Justin Bieber is in headlines again. He's in the news this time over some Calvin Klein underwear ads that appeared in earlier this month.
THE WEEK Apr 3: Nerdy drifty prank2015-08-07
Recently video has surfaced of a Chinese panda in Japan being bullied by Japanese ravens!
THE WEEK Apr 17: Un-un-un-unbelievable2015-08-06
We bring you a story about sandstorms, Singaporean sitcoms and the most influential person in the world!
THE WEEK Apr 10: Creepy hero kungfu2015-08-06
This episode, we bring you a look at the creepy side of tomb sweeping, kung fu rugby, and Big Hero 6 in Beijing.
Easy Talk特刊:外国萌娃聊春节2015-08-05
#Like A Girl 像个女孩?我就是女孩!2015-08-03
从何时起,“Like a girl”变成了一种羞辱?Youtube热门视频发人深思。
Rory "THE VICIOUS" van den Berg2015-08-03
Rory van den Burg came to China five years ago.