Nowadays the newspaper possesses considerable value Everybody should read it.
Today, the weather does not alternate very much. I and the schoolmate go out to picnic together! We have been arriving at Shan Shang , the gentle breeze has been boasting lightly
I am woke up by this sound.I get up,walk to the window and pull the cloth.Wow!it is snowy outside!A happy spirit come up from my body.I put on my cloths as soon as possible,and then go to the yard.There are many children play snow there.
It's a fine day today.Perhaps I haven't seen such fine weather,so I feel very happy.I walk downstairs,seeing not many plants.Well,I nearly forget it is winnter now.I walk along the road.
today i get up very early.then i take a shower and eat breakfast .At 9.00 i do my homework.at 12.00 i have my lunch
watermelon is many people's favorite. it is sweet and it has a lot of water. watermelon has two colors, green outside and red inside. people usually have watermelons in summer. but nowadays we can eat watermelon every season in the year.
Today was Sunday. Today was September 30th, 2004. It was a boring day. It was hot. I was not a work.
I love my family, because I have a happy family.
Do you mind being called a bad studen. Of course not. So far as I know, everybody intends to be (become) a model student.
Saturday, my grandma made dumplings, one of the dumplings like obedient little ducks swimming in the bowl. My in the mind have a little not to eat them. But the smell of fragrance and let me greedy slobber, I eat up tit-bit. But I eat dumplings, the heart have a kind of feeling can not tell.
Rio de Janeiro, December 15,2014 news, the International Olympic Committee announced the 2016 Rio Olympic Games mascot on its official website, vinicius and tom (Vinicius and Tom) The final list of candidates from the three groups fore, has been elected.
里约奥运会 友谊第一 比赛第二2016-08-18
First, heading for the large amount of gold or any thick prizes. If it is only the prize that a athlete cares, all he wants is winning. He may betrayal the principle of competition, that is, FAIR. He may use dirty methods or whatsoever to win the game.
Haze is air pollution in which is mixed up with dust,smoke and other dry particles ,and it obscure the clarity of the sky and interacts with the natural environment.雾霾是空气污染和灰尘,烟雾和其他干燥粒子,它掩盖了清晰的天空,与自然环境进行交互.
1, fog haze weather windows. Go out in the outside must wear masks, water more at ordinary times, can be multi bubble drink chrysanthemum tea wolfberry tea of this kind of traditional Chinese medicine, disease prevention, fruit consumption, from home to deep clean the skin and hair, in addition to favorite morning exercises and buy food for his walk old people should pay attention to reduce go out, because the haze of the elderly the body great harm.
Shopping online has become an important part in our daily life. More and more people enjoy shopping online because they don't have to waste a lot of time to go to the shop for the products.
Qingdao, located in the southeast part of Shandong Province, is a beautiful seaside city with clear air and enchanting sea view.
I got up very early this morning. After my breakfast, I helped my mom clean the house because Spring Festival was coming.
Today is saturday, I and my sister to Shangjie to play, because the cold, my sister bought me a coat, is a pink color, I like it very much, and she also bought a black clothes, we are playing outside for a long time, until the evening came home.
寒假英语日记120字 20篇2015-02-27
1.It was the first day of our winter holiday. All of us were very happy. Why? Because we have one months to do things we love to do. We are free. Although we have some homework. But we can finish them in several days. And the rest time we can make good use of. My god!
The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is a day when Chinese people get together for sharing happiness.
Today my parents took me to my grandfather’s house. I played with my cousin. Suddenly my cousin suggested going to the park and having a rest. that’s a good idea. I said. Then we prepared for the traveling. After lunch, the sky turned dark. After that , it rained heavily. It meant our plan is impossible. What a pity day!
Everyone has his or her experience that is unforgettable. Mine happened when I was five, when my parents took me to the city zoo. It was a hot summer so most animals were laying down to stay cool.
It's Lantern Festival today.We eat rice glue ball,it's delicious.It's the last day of this winter holiday,and i think time passed too quickly.I'll start living a busy life tomorrow.I can just wait next winter holiday to come.
i feel happy today.not for the nice weather ,my aunt will come to give a super sursipe.i think it is wonderful.i wait quitely and very quiently.however,aunt still not come home.i begin feel boring and hungry so i go out play games .when i come back aunt has gone and left a book for me named you are worth waiting.
I was depressed because I couldnt understand an English book after I bought it. I could understand nothing. I thought maybe I should study English hard and only by this could I learn a lot of knowledge and understand English aw well as communicate with others in English. I told myself, ‘just go’.
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