BBC地平线 瘦子为什么长不胖(Why Are Thin People Not Fat) 第09期


给食客带来肥胖问题 and confer obesity and weight gain to these people.

而且我认为 And I think that this

污名化肥胖人群是不正确的 stigmatising of the obese population is wrong,

因为他们才是幸存者 because those were the survivors,

他们才是能够在艰难困苦的环境下 those are the people who would survive

幸存的人 a difficult and tough environment.

但尽管易胖体质 But although putting on fat easily

在过去是一种优势 may have been an advantage in the past,

如今却恰恰相反 in today's environment, the opposite is true.

天生苗条的人才更长命更健康 It's the naturally slim who live longer, healthier lives.

在我们的志愿者 It's the day before our volunteers

即将开始四周超量饮食的前一天 begin their four weeks of over-feeding,

他们来到了威斯敏斯特大学接受检查 and they've come to the University of Westminster for some tests.

苗条的他们将要接受详细的检查 Every inch of their slim physiques will be scrutinised.

会有一点点刺痛 OK, a sharp scratch coming up.

阿尼娅·科斯卡将着手进行多项检查 Ania Kosicka will be carrying out the various tests.

临床肥胖专家卡雷尔·勒鲁博士 And clinical obesity specialist, Dr Carel le Roux

负责监督实验 is overseeing the experiment.

他将全程监控志愿者的健康状况 He will be monitoring the health of the volunteers throughout.

你没有增重很多 48千克到... You have not increased much. It's gone from 48kg to...

测量他们当前的体脂 Determining how much body fat they currently have

需要用到一个叫Bodpod的新型设备 involves the space-age Bodpod...

欢迎使用Bodpod Welcome to the Bodpod.

一个浴帽... A shower cap...

不太了解这玩意怎么用 Quite how this is going to work, I don't know.

还需要脱光 And no clothes.

这个设备测量的是 What this measurement does is

卡雷尔·勒鲁博士 伦敦帝国理工学院

身体占据了多少等量的空气 it actually looks at the air that's been displaced by the body.

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