BBC地平线 你的大脑是男是女(Is your Brain Male or Female) 第18期


这段经历很迷人 and it's been a fascinating journey, really.

西蒙发现婴儿在子宫内所接触到的睾酮水平 Simon has discovered the levels of testosterone babies are exposed to in the womb

在多年后依然会对他们的行为产生影响 may affect how they behave many years later.

我们发现睾酮与系统化之间成正相关 We found that testosterone shows a positive correlation with systemising.

所以什么是系统化 So what is systemising?

系统化是指分析系统原理的动力 So systemising is all about the drive to analyse a system.

而系统是各种各样的 And systems come in many varieties.

我们以电脑为例 You know, we've got a computer here as an example of that.

也可以是个卡车 你就能把它拆开 It could be a truck. So you're kind of taking it apart

然后再装起来然后就这么玩 and putting it together and playing around,

-因为这是与男性有关的东西 -正是 - because that's the sort of thing you associate with men, isn't it? - Exactly.

所以火车定位也是系统化吗 So train spotting, is that systemising?

那算是另外一种系统了 Well, that's a sort of another kind of system.

你会发现男性整体在系统化上的得分会较高 You can find that males as a group score higher on the systemising.

西蒙的研究内容也包括研究 Simon's study has also been looking into the impact

睾酮对社会性发展的影响 of testosterone on social development.

孩子的产前睾酮含量越高 The higher the child's pre-natal testosterone,

他们的社会性发展的越慢 the slower they are to develop socially.

比如 他们一岁时的眼神接触相对较少 For example, they're showing less eye contact at their first birthday,

这表明睾酮水平较高 and it now turns out that if you have higher testosterone,

大脑会更男性化 your brain is said to be masculinised.

即更像典型的男性大脑 That's to say it resembles more a typical male brain.

我们还发现 我们给被回访的孩子们 We've also found that when we've called in the children

做了类似的测试 to give them tests like this,

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