BBC地平线 你的大脑是男是女(Is your Brain Male or Female) 第17期


-是吗 好的 -就是你所指的地方 - OK, yeah. - Which is exactly where you pinpointed it

而且你找得很快 研究表明平均来说 and you were pretty quick, and research shows that on average

找目标形状时男性比女性用时更少 males are faster than females at finding the target shape.

我们也让自闭症人群进行了测试 We've also given this test to people with autism

而自闭症人群要比普通男性更快 and people with autism are even faster than typical males.

他们看起来容易关注到细节而且喜欢有规律 So they seem to be drawn to detail and they love patterns,

而且他们喜欢将事物进行拆分 and they love to break things down into components,

这项测试最开始是为了证明 and this test was one of the starting points for the idea

性别差异的存在 that there are sex differences,

自闭症人群 and that people with autism

也许只是男性大脑的极致表现 may simply show an extreme of the typical male profile.

西蒙正在收集强有力的证据 Simon has been gathering compelling evidence

证明这些行为差异的成因有可能 that these behavioural differences could be shaped by

和婴儿在子宫发育时的经历有关 what happens to babies as they develop in the womb.

我们正在研究激素 尤其是睾酮 Well, we've been looking at hormones and particularly testosterone,

也被称为雄性激素 虽然男女性均会合成此激素 so-called male hormone, although both sexes of course produce it.

但男性比女性合成的要多 But males produce more of this hormone than females

我们测量了 and we're measuring the hormone

怀孕女性羊水中该种激素的含量 in the amniotic fluid in women who are pregnant,

然后等待宝宝降生 and then we wait for the baby to be born

看看产前睾酮与儿童行为之间 and look at whether there's any relationship between

有没有关联 pre-natal testosterone and the child's behaviour.

我们从九十年代后半开始 And we've been calling in the children

几乎每年都回访这些孩子 pretty much every year since the late '90s,

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