BBC纪录片 动物王朝(BBC Dynasties 1of5 Chimpanzee)第01集 黑猩猩 第11期


而且差点丢了性命 but we saw him nearly lose his life.

它在最后一次内讧里受的伤 The injuries he sustained in the last coup,

应该都足以让我致命 would have been enough to kill me.

大卫克服了来自内部的 David has been able to overcome the many challenges

很多挑战 that have come from within,

而它和它的族群还面临更大的威胁 but there's a greater threat that he and his group face.

现在在塞内加尔 我敢说对于黑猩猩 In Senegal right now, I'd say the main threat to chimpanzees

最大的挑战是淘金热 这毁掉了大片土地 is the gold rush, which just obliterates huge areas.

近十年 金价上涨 Less than a decade ago, the prices of gold rose,

金矿开采愈演愈烈 and people have intensified gold mining,

因而增加了 so that really has increased

这里的人口 the number of people here.

几千年以来 黑猩猩在这里与人类比邻而居 Chimps here have lived alongside people for thousands of years.

大卫的族群已经令人惊叹地 David's group has so far adapted to life alongside humans

适应了与人共处的生活 in a remarkable way.

但是 伴随着对矿产的大量需求 But, with such demand for these minerals,

越来越多的人来这个地区淘金 and ever more people searching for gold in this region,

栖息地的破坏和偷猎难以避免 habitat destruction and poaching is inevitable.

现在黑猩猩已经所剩无几了 You know, there's not that many chimpanzees left.

塞内加尔以及整个西非地区的 The West African chimp here in Senegal,

西非黑猩猩 and in West Africa in general,

已经被提升为极度濒危级别 has been upgraded to critically endangered

因为死去了太多 because so many have been lost.

在塞内加尔 黑猩猩的数量 In Senegal, the number of chimpanzees

目前只有数百只 is now just in the hundreds.

在过去的二十五年里 In the last 25 years,

百分之八十的西非黑猩猩 80% of Western chimpanzees

已经消失了 have disappeared.

今后 类似吉尔所从事的研究 And in the future, studies like Jill's

将越来越重要 will become increasingly important

这不仅仅是帮助动保人士和当地政府 to help conservationists and local governments

保护塞内加尔幸存下来的的黑猩猩 protect the surviving chimpanzees,

更是要保护整个非洲黑猩猩 not only in Senegal, but across the whole of Africa.

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一个成千上万成员组成的王朝 A dynasty of thousands.

一场南极冰冻荒漠上的长征 A great march into the frozen wastes of Antarctica,

只为抵抗地球上最寒冷 to face the coldest

最残酷的冬天 and cruellest winter on earth.

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