BBC地平线 你的大脑是男是女(Is your Brain Male or Female) 第16期


但是雄性猴子的选择就令人困惑了 But the male monkeys' toy choices were baffling.

是什么让雄性猴子对车更感兴趣呢 What is it about a car that a male monkey is interested in?

我们认为有可能是形状 And we thought it might be the shape.

有可能是颜色 但是我们经测试后 We thought it might be the colour, but we tested those possibilities

这两种解释都不对 and we don't think that either of those are the explanation.

我们设想也许是因为某种在空间上的可动性 We think it's probably something about how it can be moved in space,

也许是男性大脑更喜欢 and we're looking at the possibility that a male brain is more likely

看到事物在空间上移动 to enjoy watching things move in space.

所以到底是什么情况呢 So what is going on?

是什么让雄性猴子 不管年龄大小 What is it that makes males monkeys, boys or men

都有如此举动呢 behave in this way?

我来到剑桥大学来见西蒙·拜伦-科恩教授 I've come to Cambridge University to meet Professor Simon Baron-Cohen.

25年来 他致力于研究自闭症 For over 25 years, he's been studying autism,

男孩比女孩的发病率要高几乎五倍 which affects nearly five times as many boys as girls.

他认为自闭症代表着极度男性的大脑 He believes autism represents the extreme male brain

而且激素帮助塑造了不同性别大脑的差异 and that hormones help shape brain sex differences.

这是干什么的 What's the idea here?

我们有个测试 We've got a test which, I guess,

剑桥大学 西蒙·拜伦-科恩教授

能够很好的测试空间感知能力 really measures one aspect of spatial ability.

是你需要用时多久来找到在整体图形里的 It's about the number of seconds it takes you to find the target shape

目标图形 in the overall design.

-看起来好像很难 -确实 - That's actually surprisingly difficult, looking at it. - It is.

我正在看这个正方形 应该不是这 Now, I'm looking at a square there and it's not there.

我觉得是这里 I think it's there.

做的不错 我们可以给你标出来 That's very good. We can show you, actually.

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