BBC地平线 你的大脑是男是女(Is your Brain Male or Female) 第15期


也没有被教育应该要玩什么玩具 they haven't been told what sort of toys they should play with,

但是雄性猴子们唯一感兴趣的 and yet the male monkeys went out there and the only toys they were interested in

还是卡车 were the trucks.

雌性是唯一表现出对洋娃娃感兴趣的 The girls were the only ones who displayed any interest at all in the dolls,

所以我觉得这很有说服力 so I think that was certainly very convincing.

这个结果也让最初实验的负责人之一 The results were also surprising for one of the leaders

感到震惊 of the original experiment.

这个结果改变了 The results changed the way

我对这些玩具的看法 I thought about these toys

剑桥大学 梅丽莎· 海因斯教授

而且我认为 从某种意义上来说 and, I think, to some extent the way

改变了别人对这些玩具的看法 other people are thinking about these toys.

以前人们认为是我们根据性别来鼓励孩子 Previously people had thought that we encouraged children

玩不同类型的玩具 to play with different toys based on their gender

来为成年后不同性别的角色而提前准备 to prepare them for different gender roles in adulthood.

例如男性一般都是开家庭车的那个 So, for instance, men usually drive the family car,

所以人们认为男孩子玩玩具车可以作为演练 so people thought, well, boys are given cars as a kind of rehearsal for that.

基本上是女性在照顾孩子 Women do most of the child care.

所以女孩子玩洋娃娃作为演练 Girls are given dolls as a rehearsal for that.

这也许是一个 And this did seem a plausible explanation

能合理解释雌性猴子的玩具选择原因 for the female monkeys' toy choices.

当然大多数灵长类都是由雌性来抚养幼崽 Of course, in most primates, females do most of the child care

所以雌性与幼崽的互动 so these animals will have observed females interacting with babies

要比雄性的多 more than males interacting with babies,

这也许是 and so that could be

它们和洋娃娃玩的时间更久的一部分原因 part of the explanation why they spend more time with the dolls.

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