BBC地平线 谋杀之谜(The Mystery of Murder) 第09期


"我当时在后面 后门 "I was in the back, by the back door,

听见了前门的动静" when I heard the front door."

当时 At that time,

帕特·塔特希尔 佩顿的母亲

她撞见了凶手 she encountered the murderer,

他们发生了激烈的搏斗 and there was quite a physical battle that ensued after that

之后她试图自保并挣脱了出来 with her trying to protect herself and she got away.

"我追向她" "I chased her."

但他没有就此停手 But he didn't stop.

他赶上去用刀不停地扎她 He proceeded to stab her many, many times.

唐塔·佩奇为何如此残暴 What made Donta Page such a violent killer?

为寻找答案雷恩医生扫描了他的大脑 Looking for answers, Dr Raine scanned his brain.

这是一个正常非暴力的人的大脑 This is the scan of a normal, non-violent person's brain.

暖色 红和黄 The warm colours, reds and yellows,

代表正常大脑活动 indicate normal brain function.

而唐塔·佩奇的扫描图显示 Donta Page's scan shows

他的大脑活动异常 that his brain is not functioning properly.

颜色冷上许多 The colours are much cooler.

通过底下这个扫描图我们可以看出 What we can see in this lower scan

唐塔·佩奇的前额皮质 is that Donta Page's prefrontal cortex

比起非暴力的正常人来说 is functioning much more poorly than that of normal people

工作能力要弱许多 who are non-violent.

雷恩医生及其团队扫描了41名凶手 Dr Raine and his team scanned 41 murderers

所有的扫描结果都显示 and all of them showed reduced functioning

他们的前额皮层功能较弱 of the prefrontal cortex,

而前额皮层负责控制我们的情绪冲动 the area which controls our response to our emotional impulses.

他还发现大脑的情绪制造中枢 He also found that the emotion-producing centres of the brain,

如杏仁核 like the amygdala,

即产生攻击冲动的地方 which generates our aggressive impulses,

在杀人犯脑内都过度活跃 were overactive in the murderers.

因此看来杀人犯的大脑 So, it seems that murderers have brains

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