BBC地平线 谋杀之谜(The Mystery of Murder) 第10期


让他们更容易愤怒 that make them more prone to rage and anger,

而与此同时 while at the same time,

令他们自控能力更差 making them less able to control themselves.

但事实要复杂许多 But it's more complicated than that

因为杀人犯有很多种 because there are different types of murderer.

雷恩医生所研究的对象 The ones in Dr Raine's study were mainly

主要是应激行凶的冲动性杀人犯 reactive, impulsive, hot-blooded.

此外还有冷酷的杀人犯 Then, there are the cold-blooded ones,

这类人一丝不苟地计划谋杀 who planned everything in meticulous detail

并可能一犯再犯 and may kill again and again.

那连环杀人犯的大脑是怎样的呢 So, what goes on inside the mind of a serial killer?

大卫·克鲁格是名典型的连环杀人犯 David Krueger is a typical serial killer.

与90%的连环杀人犯相似 Like 90% of serial killers,

他呈现出精神变态的心理症状 he displays the psychological characteristics of a psychopath.

年仅17岁时 他残忍杀害了三名幼童 Aged just 17, he brutally murdered three young children.

事发于1956年9月16日 It all began on the 16th of September 1956.


一个叫韦恩·马利特的小男孩 A little boy called Wayne Mallette

前往多伦多看望祖母 had gone to 'visit his grandmother in Toronto.

他当时在前院玩耍 He was playing in the front yard,

但当他母亲来找他时 他不见了 but when his mother went to look for him, he had vanished.

韦恩着迷于火车 Wayne was fascinated by trains.

临近傍晚的某个时刻 At some point in the late afternoon,

他遇见了大卫·克鲁格 he met with David Krueger.

克鲁格引诱他到了一个偏僻处 Krueger lured him to a secret place,

对他说他们可以在那里等火车 where he said they could wait for trains together.

而六岁的韦恩不知道死神正一步步逼近 Six-year-old Wayne was led unsuspecting to his death.

几小时后人们发现他被残忍地杀害了 He was found a few hours later, brutally murdered.

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