BBC地平线 失控了吗(Out of Control) 第05期


日常事物的一小部分 only a fraction of the things that happen to you each day,


那必须要靠别的什么来负责余下的工作 something else must be responsible for all the rest.

而这就是你的潜意识 And this is where the hidden processes

在暗暗进行工作的时候 of your unconscious mind come in.

潜意识通常与梦境和被压抑的欲望有关 Often associated with dreams and repressed desires,

现在它逐渐显露出真正的力量 the unconscious is now starting to reveal its true power.

但科学家究竟认为它能在生活中 But how big a role do scientists think

发挥多大的作用呢 it plays in your life?

想象一下这张纸 Imagine that sheet of

代表大脑能做的所有事情 paper represents everything the brain can do,

你认为多少在意识层面 多少在潜意识层面 how much do you think is conscious and how much is unconscious?

这是个有意思的问题 That's an interesting question.

有多少在意识层面 多少在潜意识层面 How much is conscious and how much is not conscious?

你不是认真的吧 You're not serious.

是吗 You are?

这是个很棘手的问题 Now that's a very tricky thing to do.

很有意思 That is very interesting.

我猜 如果非要猜的话... I guess, if I had to guess...

我会说如果这是大脑的全部能力 I would say that if this is everything the brain can do...

那这么多... ..about this much...

是意识层面的 is conscious.

我觉得大概这么多 I would say maybe something like that.

对于整张纸来说 Out of the whole bit of paper.

我觉得意识部分有这么多 I would say about this much is conscious.

所以如果整张纸代表... 好吧 So if this whole sheet of paper was...? OK.

我会在纸中间画这么小一点 I will probably draw something small in the middle like that

代表意识部分 to represent the conscious bit.

这是我的猜想 That's my...guess.

我不知道 I have no idea.

科学家都同意意识所起的作用 Scientists agree that the role played by your conscious mind

比原先认为的要小得多 is much smaller than previously thought...

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