BBC地平线 善恶溯源(Are You Good or Evil) 第05期


他们选择救五个人 也是出于道德 If they choose to save the five, they're doing a moral act.

根据经验 大部分人都会决定 Empirically, the majority do decide

牺牲一人救下五人 to try to save the five and sacrifice the one.

我的感想是 人是道德生物 I get the impression that people are moral beings

人们真的会在乎别人 and people really care about other people.

在这种情况下他们都尽可能做最好的选择 And they try to do the best in the situation.

值得注意的是 即使是虚拟人 And the remarkable thing is that they are driven,

也会让他们受到影响 even though these are not actual human beings.

看来当我们面临 It seems that when we are confronted

艰难的道德抉择 with a difficult moral choice,

我们会混乱 会痛苦 we're confused, distressed.

我们也许不知道怎么做是对的 We may not know the right thing to do

但我们似乎有种去做好事的道德冲动 but we seem to have a moral impulse to try and do good.

但是我们为什么会有这种感觉 But just how embedded is this feeling?

它从何而来 And where does it come from?

如果是天性 那我们生来就有吗 What instincts, if any, are we born with?

在耶鲁大学 At Yale University,

科学家们设计了一个独创的实验 scientists have designed an ingenious experiment.

他们想要看看婴幼儿天性的善恶 They wanted to see if babies are born good or bad.

成百对父母自愿让孩子参加 Hundreds of parents have volunteered their children.

项目背后的两名科学家 The two scientists behind the project

是凯伦·伟恩和保尔·布洛姆 are Karen Wynne and Paul Bloom.

我愿意用一年寿命来换五分钟当一个婴儿 I would give a year of my life to spend five minutes as a baby.

来重温 To recapture

作为那样一种存在的感觉 what if feels like to be that sort of creature.

我对道德之源很感兴趣 I'm interested in the origin of morality,

善恶的起源 the origin of good and evil.

我们想知道人一开始是怎样的 We want to see what people start of with.

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