3D录取通知书 3D admission/acceptance letter



3D admission/acceptance letter


Tsinghua University recently posted their new 2018 acceptance package online, which includes a 3D paper sculpture of the college's "Old Gate". The 3D acceptance letter immediately goes viral.


这件工艺品由清华大学师生共同打造(made by faculty and students at Tsinghua),包含了30多个部件(components)和上百个通过激光雕刻技术制作的拼插结构(interlocking structures created using laser cutting technology)。报考者打开录取通知书,3D"二校门"就会跃然纸上(pops out from the page)。

清华招生办表示,将3D"二校门"置于录取通知书上既传递着历史的端庄与厚重(convey its elegance and solemnity throughout history),也承载着新时代中的另一番意味:灵感与智慧、青春与未来(carry other meanings in the new era: inspiration and wisdom, youth and the future)。

清华官微专门介绍了这款3D录取通知书,并写道:"当你在盛夏八月穿过这座'二校门',一个全新的世界将在你面前徐徐铺开,一个崭新的清华将等待你探索与创造。"(When you cross the Old Gate in August, a new world will emerge in front of you, and a brand-new Tsinghua awaits your discovery and creation.)该贴迅速走红网络,一位网友评论称:"我飘了,我想要。"


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