BBC地平线 谋杀之谜(The Mystery of Murder) 第08期


没有人能拍着胸脯保证 There's no way that somebody can say with a straight face

乔纳森·平卡斯 神经学家 乔治城大学

一个人 that this fella,

缺失了额叶 the absence of his frontal lobes has not had

其行为举止不会受到影响 any behavioural effect on him.

这种说法是 是站不住脚的 That would be... That's untenable.

由于他的冲动控制机能受阻 By disrupting his impulse control,

肿瘤差点把特德变成了杀人犯 the tumour almost made Ted a murderer.

特德和朱莉这样的案例 Cases like Ted and Julie's

显然揭示了前额皮质 certainly suggest that the prefrontal cortex

与大脑情绪中枢 and the emotional centres of the brain

都与谋杀行为相关 are both involved in murder.

然而在审谋杀案时没人考虑脑肿瘤和癫痫 Yet, brain tumours and epilepsy rarely feature in murder trials.

那还有其它证据表明 So, is there other evidence that murders

大脑这两个区域与谋杀相关吗 involve these two brain areas?

二十世纪八十年代发明的大脑功能性扫描 The invention of functional brain scanning in the 1980s

终于可以让心理学家精确检测 finally allowed psychologists to precisely measure

任一杀人犯的脑内活动了 the activity going on inside the brain of any murderer.

首个扫描杀人犯大脑的研究 The first brain scanning study of murderers

是英国神经科学家 was carried out in California by British neuroscientist

艾德里安·雷恩医生在加州进行的 Dr Adrian Raine.


加州的一大吸引力是 One of the attractions in coming to California is that

艾德里安·雷恩 精神科学家

你可以在这里找到大量的 one can obtain large samples of

残暴且有杀人倾向的人做研究对象 very violent and homicidal individuals.

唐塔·佩奇便是这样一个杀人犯 Donta Page was one such murderer.

年仅21岁时 他残暴地强奸并杀害了 Aged just 21, he brutally raped and murdered 24-year-old

24岁的佩顿·塔特希尔 Peyton Tuthill

她回家时撞见他在偷盗 when she came home to find him committing a burglary.

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