BBC地平线 谋杀之谜(The Mystery of Murder) 第07期


而杏仁核是大脑的情绪终端 the emotional centre of the brain.

另一个不同寻常的医学案例 Another unusual clinical case, that of Ted Bledsoe,

特德·布莱索的案例则揭示了大脑的另一部分 was to implicate a totally different part of the brain

与谋杀行为的关系 in murderous behaviour.

很好 Perfect.

特德·布莱索是一名医生 Ted Bledsoe was a doctor,

他是一名没有任何暴力记录的模范市民 a model citizen with no history of violent behaviour.

79 72 79, 72...

丹佛外科手术协会 宾夕法尼亚大学医院

但突然间 他变了 But then, he changed.

在十年中 没有任何明显的原因 Gradually, over a ten year period,

他逐渐变得暴虐 he became increasingly violent for no apparent reason.

我打了 I hit the child


密友的孩子 of some dear friends

当时 who, at that time,

那孩子才五岁 was about five years old.

他跟我闹着玩我就狠狠地揍了他的脸 He was teasing me and I hurled off and hit him in the face.

我还袭击了我妻子 And I attacked my wife.

把她打倒在地 I knocked her down,

压在她身上用拳头打她 got on top of her and beat her with my closed fists.

我想如果当时手上有武器 I know that had I a weapon in my hand,

我有可能杀了她 I probably would have killed her.

特德终于一无所有 并接受了大脑扫描 Finally, after losing everything, Ted was sent for a brain scan.

结果发现他前额皮质上有个巨型肿瘤 This revealed a massive tumour in his prefrontal cortex.

而这里是大脑 This is the part of the brain

让我们对杏仁核产生的情绪冲动 that allows us to control our reactions

进行遏制的地方 to the emotional impulses produced in the amygdala.

你能看到那里没有大脑 You can see that there is just no brain there.

本来应该有 但没有 There's supposed to be, but there isn't.

特德的例子证明 前额皮质的损伤 As Ted's case demonstrates, damage to the prefrontal cortex

导致人们较难掌控自己的情绪 makes people less able to control their emotional reactions.

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