BBC地平线 失控了吗(Out of Control) 第04期


是向左还是向右转动过了 has rotated left or right from its original position.

左 Left.

再试试 Try again.

还是左 Left again.

并不简单 对吗 Not easy, is it?

做这个实验前 我们多数人可能会觉得 Most of us would probably think before an experiment like that

任何人都能记住这四个图形 that any one of us can hold four simple coloured shapes in mind

并在一秒内做出判断 and be able to respond about them after a second.

其实我们发现事实并非如此 In fact, we see that not to be the case.

乔治只需要记住四个图形的位置 George had to hold in mind the position of just four shapes.

但他无法做到 甚至连三个都记不住 He couldn't do it. He couldn't even manage three.

测试的平均结果是 他记住了2.8个 Averaged over the test, he remembered 2.8.

这个数字代表了乔治的大脑 This figure represents the approximate number of things

能在意识层面同时处理的事件数量 that George's brain can consciously deal with at any one time.

这个结果基本为人均水平 And this result is typical for everyone.

这屏幕上的信息超过了 This simple screen contains more things

你意识所能处理的上限 than you can consciously handle.

人的意识在同一时间 Your conscious mind can cope

能处理的任务不超过两到三个 with no more than two or three tasks at once.

这说明我们的知觉意识 So it just shows us how

是多么的有限 amazingly limited our perceptual awareness is

即使我们已经将这个世界简化了 even once we've stripped down the world to,

简化到了夸张的程度 you know, an absurd level.

所以再看看四周 So take another look around.

即使这一刻 Even now,

现实存在也比我们意识到的要丰富 there's more going on than you can consciously take in.

感觉自己知道周遭所发生的一切 The sense that you're aware of everything occurring around you

这不过是人生最大的幻觉之一 is nothing more than one of life's greatest illusions.

但如果你的意识只能处理 But if your conscious mind can deal with

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