BBC地平线 善恶溯源(Are You Good or Evil) 第04期


认知反应会稍慢一些出现 a bit slower, is the cognitive response,

那种理性的 分析性的反应 the kind of rational, analytic response.

但到那时已经太迟了 But by that time it's already too late.

必须要做些改变 必须要动一下 Something had to change, something had to move.

似乎让他下楼会是个更好的选择 It just seemed better to get him downstairs,

把他送回他来的地方 back where he came from.

事后来看 他们也许在做合理化 They may, post-hoc, be making a rationalisation.

是 我想拯救大多数人 Yes, I wanted to save the majority.

但是我认为那只是本能反应 But my guess is that they just react out of instinct.

我得采取行动并且要快 I have to do something and do it fast.

我并没有考虑到一楼的那个人 I didn't really think about the guy on the ground floor.

我就想让他远离大多数人 I just thought, get him away from where there's lots of people.

我不认为当时有时间犹豫 I don't think there was time to calculate

或想出更聪明的点子 or come up with anything clever.

你只是做了看起来最正确的事 You just did what seemed the right thing to do.

我希望好好操控电梯 但做不到 I couldn't control the lift as well as i would have hoped to have done.

我左右都分不清了 I forgot which was left and right.

在当时的状况下 In the heat of the moment,

他们都本能地想要救下那五个人 they'd all instinctively tried to save the five.

但是一旦艾玛有时间理性思考 But once Emma had time to apply reason,

她开始有了疑虑 she started to have doubts.

我不知道 我想要告诉自己 I don't know... I'd like to tell myself

我这么做牺牲了这一个人 I did that because in killing that one...

你做了帮凶 If you yourself aided that,

那很糟糕 你的良心会受到折磨 that's a bad thing and that would be on your conscience.

真令人困惑 It was confusing!

在这些情形下没有人是绝对正确的 No-one is right in these circumstances.

他们选择救一个人 是出于道德 If they choose to save the one, they're doing a moral act.

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