TED全球问题:Ashley Judd: How online abuse of women has spiraled out of control

[This talk contains graphic languageand desCRIptions of sexual violence][Viewer discretion is advised]

"Ashley Judd, stupid fucking slut.

"You can't sue someonefor calling them a cunt."

"If you can't handle the Internet,fuck off, whore."

"I wish Ashley Juddwould die a horrible death.She is the absolute worst."

"Ashley Judd, you're the reasonwomen shouldn't vote."

"'Twisted' is such a bad movie,I don't even want to rape it."

"Whatever you do,don't tell Ashley Judd.She'll die alone with a dried out vagina."

"If I had to fuck an older woman,oh my God,I would fuck the shit out of Ashley Judd,that bitch is hot af.The unforgivable shit I would do to her."

Online misogyny is a globalgender rights tragedy,and it is imperative that it ends.


Girls' and women's voices,and our allies' voicesare constrained in waysthat are personally, economically,professionally and politically damaging.And when we curb abuse,we will expand freedom.

I am a Kentucky basketball fan,so on a fine March day last year,I was doing one of the things I do best:I was cheering for my Wildcats.The daffodils were blooming,but the referees were not blowingthe whistle when I was telling them to.


Funny, they're very friendlyto me before the opening tip,but they really ignore me during the game.


Three of my players were bleeding,so I did the next best thing ...I tweeted.

[@ArkRazorback dirty play can kissmy team's free throw making a —@KySportsRadio @marchmadness@espn Bloodied 3 players so far.]

It is routine for me to be treatedin the ways I've already desCRIbed to you.It happens to me every single dayon social media platformssuch as Twitter and Facebook.Since I joined Twitter in 2011,misogyny and misogynistshave amply demonstratedthey will dog my every step.My spirituality, my faith,being a hillbilly —I can say that, you can't —all of it is fair game.

And I have responded to thiswith various strategies.I've tried engaging people.This one guy was sending mehypersexual, nasty stuff,and there was a girl in his avatar.I wrote him back and said ..."Is that your daughter?I feel a lot of fearthat you may think aboutand talk to women this way."And he surprised me by saying,"You know what?You're right. I apologize."Sometimes peoplewant to be held accountable.This one guy was musingto I don't know whothat maybe I was the definition of a cunt.I was married to a Scot for 14 years,so I said, "Cunt means manydifferent things in different countries —


but I'm pretty sure you epitomizethe global standard of a dick."



I've tried to rise above it,I've tried to get in the trenches,but mostly I would scroll throughthese social media platformswith one eye partially closed,trying not to see it,but you can't makea cucumber out of a pickle.What is seen goes in.It's traumatic.And I was always secretly hopingin some part of methat what was being said to meand about me wasn't ...true.Because even I,an avowed, self-declared feminist,who worships at the altar of Gloria —


internalize the patriarchy.This is really CRItical.Patriarchy is not boys and men.It is a systemin which we all participate,including me.

On that particular day, for some reason,that particular tweetafter the basketball gametriggered something called a "cyber mob."This vitriolic, global outpouringof the most heinous hate speech:death threats, rape threats.And don't you know,when I was sitting at homealone in my nightgown,I got a phone call,and it was my beloved former husband,and he said on a voice mail,"Loved one ...what is happening to you is not OK."

And there was something about himtaking a stand for me that night ...that allowed meto take a stand for myself.And I started to write.I started to write about sharing the factthat I'm a survivorof all forms of sexual abuse,including three rapes.And the hate speechI get in response to that —these are just some of the commentsposted to news outlets.Being told I'm a "snitch" is really fun.

[Jay: She enjoyed every second of it!!!!!]

Audience: Oh, Lord Jesus.

Ashley Judd: Thank you, Jesus.May your grace and mercy shine.

So, I wrote this feminist op-ed,it is entitled,"Forget Your Team:It Is Your Online Gender ViolenceToward Girls And WomenThat Can Kiss My Righteous Ass."



And I did that alone,and I published it alone,because my chief advisor said,"Please don't,the rain of retaliatory garbagethat is inevitable —I fear for you."But I trust girls and I trust women,and I trust our allies.It was published, it went viral,it proves that every single dayonline misogyny is a phenomenonendured by us all,all over the world,and when it is intersectional,it is worse.Sexual orientation, gender identity,race, ethnicity, religion —you name it,it amplifies the violenceendured by girls and women,and for our younger girls, it is worse.

It's clearly traumatizing.Our mental health,our emotional well-beingare so gravely affectedbecause the threat of violenceis experiencedneurobiologically as violence.The cortisol shoots up,the limbic system gets fired,we lose productivity at work.

And let's talk about work.Our ability to work is constrained.Online searches of women applying for jobsreveal nude pictures of them,false allegations they have STDs,their addresses indicatingthat they are available for sexwith real examplesof people showing upat this house for said sex.

Our ability to go to school is impaired.96 percent of all postingsof sexual images of our young people ...girls.Our girls.Our boys are two to threetimes more likely —nonconsensually —to share images.

And I want to say a wordabout revenge porn.Part of what came out of this tweetwas my getting connectedwith allies and other activistswho are fightingfor a safe and free internet.We started somethingcalled the Speech Project;curbing abuse, expanding freedom.And that websiteprovides a critical forum,because there is no global, legal thingto help us figure this out.But we do provide on that websitea standardized list of definitions,because it's hard to attacka behavior in the right wayif we're not all sharinga definition of what that behavior is.And I learned that revenge pornis often dangerously misapplied.It is the nonconsensualsharing of an imageused tactically to shameand humiliate a girl or womanthat attempts to pornography us.Our natural sexuality is —I don't know about yours —pretty gorgeous and wonderful.And my expressing itdoes not pornography make.


So, I have all these resourcesthat I'm keenly awareso many people in the world do not.I was able to startthe Speech Project with colleagues.I can often get a social mediacompany's attention.I have a wonderful visitto Facebook HQ coming up.Hasn't helped the idioticreporting standards yet ...I actually pay someoneto scrub my social media feeds,attempting to spare my brainthe daily iterationsof the trauma of hate speech.And guess what?I get hate speech for that."Oh, you live in an echo chamber."Well, guess what?Having someone post a photographof me with my mouth opensaying they "can't waitto cum on my face,"I have a right to set that boundary.


And this distinctionbetween virtual and real is speciousbecause guess what —that actually happened to meonce when I was a child,and so that tweet brought up that trauma,and I had to do work on that.

But you know what we do?We take all of this hate speech,and we disaggregate it,and we code it,and we give that dataso that we understandthe intersectionality of it:when I get porn,when it's about political affiliation,when it's about age,when it's about all of it.We're going to win this fight.

There are a lot of solutions —thank goodness.I'm going to offer just a few,and of course I challenge youto create and contribute your own.Number one: we have to startwith digital media literacy,and clearly it must have a gendered lens.Kids, schools, caregivers, parents:it's essential.Two ...shall we talk about our friends in tech?Said with dignity and respect,the sexism in your workplaces must end.



EDGE,the global standard for gender equality,is the minimum standard.And guess what, Silicon Valley?If L'Oréal in India,in the Philippines, in Braziland in Russia can do it,you can, too.Enough excuses.Only when women have critical massin every department at your companies,including building platformsfrom the ground up,will the conversationsabout priorities and solutions change.

And more love for my friends in tech:profiteering off misogynyin video games must end.I'm so tired of hearing youtalk to me at cocktail parties —like you did a coupleweeks ago in Aspen —about how deplorable #Gamergate was,when you're still makingbillions of dollars off gamesthat maim and dump women for sport.Basta! — as the Italians would say.Enough.


Our friends in law enforcementhave much to do,because we've seenthat online violenceis an extension of in-person violence.In our country,more girls and women have beenmurdered by their intimate partnersthan died on 9/11and have died sincein Afghanistan and Iraq combined.And it's not cool to say that,but it is true.We care so much geopoliticallyabout what men are doing over thereto women over there ...In 2015,72,828 women used intimatepartner violence services in this country.That is not counting the girlsand women and boys who needed them.Law enforcement must be empoweredwith up-to-date internet technology,the devices and an understandingof these platforms —how they work.The police wanted to be helpfulwhen Amanda Hess calledabout the death threatshe was getting on Twitter,but they couldn't really when they said,"What's Twitter?"

Our legislators must writeand pass astute legislationthat reflects today's technologyand our notions of free and hate speech.In New York recently, the lawcould not be applied to a perpetratorbecause the crimesmust have been committed —even if it was anonymous —they must have been committedby telephone, in mail,by telegraph —


The language must betechnologically neutral.

So apparently,I've got a pretty bold voice.So, let's talk about our friends ...white men.You have a role to playand a choice to make.You can do something,or you can do nothing.We're cool in this room,but when this goes out, everyone will say,"Oh my God, she's a reverse racist."That quote was saidby a white man, Robert Moritz,chairperson, PricewaterhouseCoopers,he asked me to include it in my talk.

We need to grow support linesand help groups,so victims can help each otherwhen their lives and financeshave been derailed.We must as individuals disruptgender violence As It Is happening.92 percent of young people29 and under witness it.72 percent of us have witnessed it.We must have the courage and urgencyto practice stopping itAs It Is unfolding.

And lastly,believe her.Believe her.


This is fundamentallya problem of human interaction.And as I believe that human interactionis at the core of our healing,trauma not transformedwill be trauma transferred.

Edith Wharton said,"The end is latent in the beginning,"so we are going to end this talkreplacing hate speech with love speech.Because I get lonely in this,but I know that we are allies.I recently learnedabout how gratitude and affirmationsoffset negative interactions.It takes five of thoseto offset one negative interaction,and gratitude in particular —free, available globallyany time, anywhere,to anyone in any dialect —it fires the pregenual anterior cingulate,a watershed part of the brainthat floods it with great, good stuff.So I'm going to sayawesome stuff about myself.I would like for youto reflect it back to me.It might sound something like this —


I am a powerful and strong woman,and you would say, "Yes, you are."

Audience: Yes, you are.

Ashley Judd: My mama loves me.

A: Yes, she does.

AJ: I did a great job with my talk.

A: Yes, you did.

AJ: I have a right to be here.

A: Yes, you do.

AJ: I'm really cute.


A: Yes, you are.

AJ: God does good work.

A: Yes, He does.

AJ: And I love you.Thank you so muchfor letting me be of service.

Bless you.


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