Cricket: Ugandan appointed ICC Development Officer for Africa


KAMPALA, Aug. 7 -- The International CRIcket Council (ICC) has appointed Uganda's Justine Ligyalingi as Development Officer for Africa.

"I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ligyalingi in the role of Development Officer for Africa as part of the ICC Global Development Team," said Andy Hobbs, Senior Manager of ICC Development Services in a statement released on Monday.

"I am glad that the international body has recognized my work over the years and has appointed me to continue developing CRIcket on the continent," Ligyalingi told on Tuesday.

According to Hobbs, Ligyalingi will continue to be based in Uganda, while traveling regularly throughout the region to work with 20 associate members.

The Ugandan joins the ICC after serving as Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda CRIcket Association for eight years in which he oversaw the growth of the game in Uganda, increasing participation numbers, building a strong team of volunteers and focusing on the development of women's cricket.

The ICC noted that during Ligyalingi's time as CEO of the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA), the organization won several accolades, including being named the best managed sports association of 2017 by the Uganda Sports Press Association.

"We are happy that our very own Justine has been picked on the development team for Africa. This is good for Uganda and it makes us proud," Martin Ondeko, Chief Executive Officer of the UCA told on Tuesday.

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