BBC News:Sorrell: Triumphant return or expensive tantrum?


Sir Martin Sorrell's first acquisition since he stepped down as boss of WPP under a cloud of scandal has come at a heavy price to him personally and to his new investors, according to industry sources.

Personally, acquiring high-tech ad production company Mediamonks through his new investment vehicle, S4, may cost him £19m in long-term bonus payments from his previous employer that were due to pay out over the next five years.

The payments were conditional on his honouring confidentiality agreements signed when he left the company that prohibited him from pursuing acquisition targets that WPP had been considering while he was in charge.

WPP's lawyers wrote to Sir Martin last week, outlining the company's intent to stop the payments.

Sir Martin told the BBC that his lawyers advised him before the deal that he would not be in breach and he intends to fight any attempt to withhold payments to which he says he remains entitled.

Industry experts also think he has massively overpaid for Mediamonks by paying a rumoured

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