LONDON — Fears of a Chinese takeover of companies important to national security have felled deals around the world both big and small. Now even the sale of a minor airplane parts maker is being closely examined for serious risks.


In delaying the proposed takeover of the parts maker, Northern Aerospace, by a rival owned by a Chinese conglomerate, British government officials appear worried that even a small supplier to Airbus and Boeing could have important national security implications.

英国政府官员推迟了一家中国企业集团旗下的公司收购竞争对手北方航空(Northern Aerospace)的拟定交易。他们似乎担心,即便只是空客(Airbus)和波音(Boeing)的一个小供应商,也可能对国家安全有重要影响。

It is the latest instance of countries around the world showing skepticism about Chinese money. Lawmakers in Washington are battling with President Trump over whether to lift penalties on ZTE, a Chinese telecommunications company whose phones were barred for sale on American military bases. And in Australia, lawmakers are considering whether to block Huawei, China’s biggest telecom company, from contracts to upgrade that country’s wireless networks to the next-generation 5G standard.


Governments from the United States to Germany worry that China will effectively buy up the technologies it needs to create state-funded Chinese giants that would rival those from America and Europe.


Over the past several years, regulators in Washington have quashed Chinese investments in American companies working on sensitive technology. This year, Mr. Trump blocked a $117 billion takeover bid for Qualcomm, the computer chip giant, amid concerns about American efforts to beat China in the race for 5G technology. And both the White House and lawmakers have proposed further tightening the process for reviewing foreign investments in American companies, with a particular eye toward China.


European countries have followed suit, with some calling for a stronger review process after a flurry of deals that gave Chinese purchasers access to innovative technology in areas like robotics. Even Canada, where Chinese investment has long been more welcomed, last month blocked a Chinese purchase of a construction company, citing national security.


Britain had sometimes seemed like an outlier, seeing Chinese investment as a way to strengthen the two countries’ economic ties. Chinese money is, for example, helping to build Hinkley Point, a new nuclear power plant on Britain’s west coast.

英国有时候看上去像个异类,视中国的投资为加强两国经济联系的一种方式。比如,中国的资金正在参与修建位于英国西海岸的新核电站欣克利角(Hinkley Point)。

But developments this week appeared to reflect a rise in skepticism.


The British government on Sunday moved to intervene in the sale of Northern Aerospace by asking the country’s Competition and Markets Authority to investigate.

周日,英国政府着手介入北方航空的出售,要求英国竞争和市场管理局(Competition and Markets Authority)进行调查。

The proposed buyer is Gardner Aerospace, a bigger supplier based in Derby — but sold last year to Shaanxi Ligeance Mineral Resources, a Chinese industrial conglomerate. That deal was meant to help give Gardner greater access to the Chinese market.

拟定交易中的买家是加德纳航空(Gardner Aerospace)。这是一家总部位于德比的供应商,比北方航空大。但去年,加德纳被卖给了中国工业集团公司陕西炼石有色。那笔交易旨在帮助加德纳进一步进入中国市场。

Gardner had offered to pay 44 million pounds, or $58 million, for Northern Aerospace. But on Monday, the competition authority stayed the deal while it investigates the transaction. It is scheduled to deliver a report on the deal by July 13.


A spokeswoman for Britain’s business department said in a statement, “This is a statutory process we have followed a number of times before to ensure national security implications of a proposed sale are fully assessed and accounted for.”


In a statement on Wednesday, Gardner’s executive chairman, Nick Sanders, said that his company was cooperating with the government’s inquiry into the deal. A representative for Northern Aerospace was not immediately available for comment.

在周三的一份声明中,加德纳的执行主席尼克·桑德斯(Nick Sanders)说,加德纳正在配合政府对这笔交易的调查。记者未能立即联系到北方航空公司的代表就此事发表评论。

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