BBC英伦朋克101 前朋克时代1972-1976(BBC Punk Britannia 1of3 Pre-Punk 1972-1976) 第26期


我们都会问 "你觉得自己是个歌手吗" we would just say, "Do you fancy yourself as a singer?"

直到加入性手枪乐队之前 Up until that point of joining the Pistols,

我都从来没有想过要唱歌 I'd never even conceived of singing.

所以不唱变成了一种奇怪的 So unsinging became kind of oddly enough

最适合性手枪乐队的风格 the most appropriate approach to the Pistols.

我们请他来在点唱机前试唱 We invited him back to audition in front of the jukebox

我们放了几张唱片 and we put a couple of records on,

其中一张是埃利斯·库珀的《十八》 one of them being Eighteen by Alice Cooper.

他喜欢埃利斯·库珀 He liked Alice Cooper.

却用了一种嘲讽的方式来演绎 He just sort of took the piss out of it,

但他这种嘲讽的演绎方式 but the way he took the piss out of it,

有某种魅力在里面 there was something about him.

在十九岁的约翰·里顿看来 In 19-year-old John Lydon

新兴的性手枪乐队有某种远见 the fledgling Sex Pistols had happened upon a kind of visionary.

他和他们的音乐志趣相投 He shared their interest in music,

也同样有着讲述他们 but also had a burning desire

这一代人故事的迫切愿望 to tell the truth of his generation.

我什么乐器都不会 I couldn't play an instrument,

所以有其他人在真是太好了 so the boys were great there.

但他们所有人都不会写歌 But they couldn't actually write songs, any of them.

如果非要他们自己写歌 If they were going be the songwriters in that respect,

那最后出来的东西一定是乱七八糟的 it would end up being versions of other things

约翰加入的时候对此持完全不同的态度 and Johnny came in with a completely different attitude to that.

出现了一些矛盾 There was a bit of tension about that,

但我想最后我是对的 but I think I proved my point.

要知道 歌词 You know, the written word, you know,

是非常重要的东西 it's an incredibly important thing

一直到性手枪出现前 and I think up until the Sex Pistols,

所有歌词都是谎言 everything was a lie.

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