BBC英伦朋克101 前朋克时代1972-1976(BBC Punk Britannia 1of3 Pre-Punk 1972-1976) 第25期


里面都是塑料和皮革 it was kind of rubber and leather,

乔丹在里面 妆扮得很吓人 and Jordan was in there and she was very intimidating.

就是要这样的效果 That was the idea of it.

这家店里除了乔丹和各式皮制面具外 Alongside Jordan, and in amongst the gimp masks,

还有店员 以及后来充满野心的摇滚歌星 was Saturday boy and aspiring rock star

格伦·迈特罗克[性手枪乐队]Glen Matlock.

这家店本不该在国王路的这一头 The shop was at the wrong end of the Kings Road

却吸引了各种各样的疯子怪物 and it attracted all these nut-case weirdos

史蒂夫和保罗也会来 and Steve and Paul would come in as well.

我想他们来是想偷点东西 I think it was to try and nick stuff

我的工作就是阻止他们 and it was my job to stop them.

史蒂夫·琼斯和保罗·库克 Steve Jones and Paul Cook

有着和格伦一样的志向 also shared Glen's ambition

组建一个乐队 to form a band.

我想我们是在找一些 I guess we were looking for something

像我们一样的年轻人可以去看去听的东西 that kids like us could go and see,

因为那时候没有这样的东西 cos there was nothing like that.

那时候流行的都是酒吧摇滚 There was a kind of pub rock scene going around at the time,

也是那时候唯一能看的东西 which was the only thing happening

保罗·库克 性手枪乐队

我们想着可以从酒吧摇滚里跳出来 and we thought we could jump in on the back of that

做我们自己的东西 and make our own scene, if you like.

受麦克拉伦鼓舞 Encouraged by McLaren,

同时也迫切希望把他的新品牌 keen to extend his new brand

扩展到音乐行业 to the music business,

他们现在只差一个主唱 all they needed now was a frontman.

所有人都留长发 Everybody had long hair -

银行经理 送奶工 都是长头发 your bank manager, your milkman, they had long hair,

稍微过耳的长头发 喇叭裤 slightly over the ears, and flared trousers.

如果我们在街上看到谁 If we saw somebody in the street

是短发 穿紧身裤 who had short hair and tight trousers

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