BBC英伦朋克101 前朋克时代1972-1976(BBC Punk Britannia 1of3 Pre-Punk 1972-1976) 第24期


托尼·帕森斯 作家

似乎在说 "这只是个笑话 as though, "This is just a joke,

我们不能把它当回事" we can't take this seriously."

仿摇滚 Mock rock.

有一个人却对鲍勃·哈里斯的观点不敢苟同 One man in particular begged to differ with Bob Harris.

到了七十年代中期 马尔科姆·麦克拉伦 By the mid '70s, Malcolm McLaren had begun to lose interest

对阿飞的复兴不再感兴趣 in the Ted revival

英国亚文化 着装模仿爱德华时代的花花公子

而纽约娃娃就成了他的新欢 and the Dolls became his new obsession.

纽约娃娃来到城里 进了"来摇滚吧"商店 New York Dolls were in town and they went into Let It Rock

马尔科姆爱上了他们 and Malcolm kind of fell in love with them.

他去了纽约 给他们做了一段时间经纪人 He went to New York to manage them for a while,

后来一切都分崩离析了 and that all fell apart.

他回来后决定要组建一支英国乐队 He came back and decided he'd do a UK band

一支同样咄咄逼人 同样摇滚的乐队 that were confrontational and rocking in the same way.

1974年 麦克拉伦重新装修了 In 1974, McLaren overhauled

他在国王路上的"来摇滚吧"商店 his Kings Road shop, Let It Rock.


"性"成了它颇具挑逗性的新名字 Sex would be its provocative new name.

我们决定做的新形式更加颠覆性 The new thing we decided to do was far more subversive

更加直率地表达着性 and far more overtly sexual for us,

这让我们感到我们突然就进入了七十年代 and something that we felt we had suddenly arrived in the '70s.

"性"商店 Sex,

以及马克拉伦对纽约娃娃乐队的英国式模仿 and McLaren's British take on the Dolls,

很新鲜也很令人震惊 would be fresh, new and shocking.

商店还叫"来摇滚吧"的时候 我常去 I used to go in there when it was Let It Rock,

那基本上就是一个二手阿飞店 which was basically a second-hand Teddy Boy shop.

然后它改名为"性" 是个很恐怖的商店 Then it was Sex, and Sex was a scary shop.

你不会想要直接进"性"这家店 You wouldn't just go in Sex,

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