BBC英伦朋克101 前朋克时代1972-1976(BBC Punk Britannia 1of3 Pre-Punk 1972-1976) 第23期


《基吉星团》就是独具魅力的希望的灯塔 Ziggy Stardust was an exotic beacon of hope.

David Bowie - The Jean Genie

*Poor Jean Genie*

*Snuck into the city*

*Strung out on lasers*

*And slash back blazers...*

这是《流行音乐最前端》多年来 It was the first thing that had appeared

第一次出现会让大人们感到不适的场面 on Top Of The Pops for years that your dad didn't like.

那场面很惊人 性别也模糊不清 It was shocking and it was sexually ambiguous,

他很瘦削 又魅力十足 and he was thin and he was charismatic...

*Jean Genie loves chimney stacks*

*He's outrageous. He screams and he bawls*

*Jean Genie, let yourself go...*

摇滚乐依然能够 Rock music still had the power

突出几代人之间的代沟 to flaunt the gap between the generations.

这中间另一个强势的新成员 And another potent new ingredient in the mix


于1973年风风火火地跨越了大西洋 had swaggered across the Atlantic in 1973

它就是纽约娃娃乐队 in the form of the New York Dolls.

New York Dolls - Jet Boy

*Jet boys fly. Jet boys gone*

*Jet boys stole my baby...*


出现在《口哨测验》上的纽约娃娃 The New York Dolls appearing on Whistle Test,

我看了之后的感觉是 that for me was like,

马克·斯图尔特 流行团乐队

"我才不要在该死的工厂里工作" "Whoa, I'm not going to go to work in that fucking factory."

我觉得 "我要当这样的人" It was like, "Whoa! I want to be that."

*My baby...*

纽约娃娃是《门卫爷爷们的口哨测验》中 New York Dolls were the first band

第一个遭到侮辱的乐队 to be insulted on The Old Grey Whistle Test.

这个美国乐队之于滚石乐队 An American group who are to the Stones

就好比猴子乐队之于披头士乐队 what The Monkees were to The Beatles -

一个苍白而可笑的衍生物 a pale and amusing derivative.

鲍勃·哈里斯后来形容它为"仿摇滚" Bob Harris said afterwards, "Mock rock,"

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