BBC英伦朋克101 前朋克时代1972-1976(BBC Punk Britannia 1of3 Pre-Punk 1972-1976) 第22期


但还是 "何必呢 有点自知之明吧" it's like, "Why botherKnow your place."

英国的情况多多少少塑造了我们 The situation in Britain sort of produced us.

比利·爱多尔 X世代乐队

在某种程度上给了我们一个立足之地 It sort of give us a place, in a way,

因为那种物质缺乏 because that lack of things

意味着你必须为自己做一些事情 meant that you had to do something for yourself.

对我来说 这件事就是音乐 For me, that was music.

音乐对于朋克一代来说很重要 Music was just as important to the punk generation

和它在六十年代对于他们的父母一样重要 as it had been to their parents in the '60s.

但是他们未来的样子是由非常不同的 But the characters they would become had been nurtured

音乐和形象所塑造出来的 by a very different set of sounds and images.

T. Rex - Hot Love

*She's faster than most*

*And she lives on the coast Uh-huh...*

没有华丽摇滚就没有朋克 There would be no punk without Glam.

博兰会坦率地 直接地对你说 Bolan was this outright, straight-in-your-face

"我要成为流行巨星 我要赚到你所有的钱 "I'm going to be a pop star, I'm going to have all your money,

得到你的女朋友 你就是没法子" All your girlfriends, you've had it."


我记得我在看《流行音乐最前端》 And I remember watching Top Of The Pops

博兰在演唱《热爱》 and Bolan was doing Hot Love,

我从来没有看过这样的东西 and I'd never seen anything like it,

那些妞儿都为他们疯狂 these girls were just, like, whacking off.

我当时想 "这就是我要投身的事情" And I thought, "That's what I want to get stuck into."

那些华丽摇滚之神将英国男性分成了两类 The flamboyant gods of glam divided Britain's male population.

沉迷于酒吧摇滚的家伙们 The blokes, who inhabited the pub rock scene,

对这些性别模糊的演出很谨慎 were wary of their gender bending ways.

但是对于年轻一代来说 But for the younger generation,

大卫·鲍伊专辑 亦为其在专辑中另一自我

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