TED十佳演讲之败中求胜 不要一悔再悔(05)


So let's say for instance that you're on your way to your best friend's wedding and you're trying to get to the airport and you're stuck in terrible traffic, and you finally arrive at your gate and you've missed your flight.


You're going to experience more regret in that situation if you missed your flight by three minutes than if you missed it by 20.


Why? Well because, if you miss your flight by three minutes, it is painfully easy to imagine that you could have made different decisions that would have led to a better outcome.


"I should have taken the bridge and not the tunnel. I should have gone through that yellow light."


These are the classic conditions that create regret. We feel regret when we think we are responsible for a decision that came out badly, but almost came out well.


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