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[00:00.00]Heading overseas to Thailand

[00:02.17]where grenade attacks in the capital city of Bangkok

[00:04.86]have killed at least three people.

[00:06.60]A Thai official said the grenades came from an area

[00:09.54]where people who were protesting the government

[00:11.94]were gathered together.

[00:13.01]The protesters say they are not responsible.

[00:14.99]They have been fighting with police for a while

[00:17.48]here you can see them throwing rocks and other things at police.

[00:20.99]They support the country's former prime minister

[00:24.00]and they want the current leader to leave office.

[00:26.29]After these recent attacks,

[00:27.71]Thailand's prime minister called an emergency meeting

[00:30.31]to figure out how to deal with the situation.

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