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[00:00.00]U.S. Supreme Court says that a memorial out in the Mojave Desert

[00:03.64]does not violate the U.S. Constitution.

[00:06.13]The memorial is a large cross.

[00:08.07]It was put up in 1934 to honor fallen soldiers.

[00:11.06]But it's located in a national park,

[00:13.35]and some people argue that it's a religious symbol

[00:15.95]that goes against the concept of separation of church and state.

[00:19.21]The cross was boarded up because of the legal battle.

[00:22.97]Yesterday's Supreme Court decision was close: 5 to 4.

[00:26.69]Writing for the majority,

[00:28.16]Justice Anthony Kennedy said that

[00:29.94]this cross represents "far more than religion."

[00:32.84]But in opposition,

[00:33.91]Justice John Paul Stevens argued the government can't

[00:36.16]lawfully endorse a religious symbol

[00:38.45]as a way to pay tribute to veterans.

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