BBC地平线 宇宙中最极端的天气(The Wildest Weather in the Universe) 第20期


所以今天还算比较舒服 so we have it easy today.

所以沙尘暴覆盖的面积也极其广 these dust storms can cover vast expanses.

所以水星上根本没有天气可言 there's essentially no weather on Mercury at all.

所以它们不会形成地球上这样的云 so they're not going to be clouds like we have here on Earth.

所以它是居住前景最好的候选行星 So this is our best candidate to date for habitability prospects.

所以我们可以看到这颗行星 并为它拍照 so we can see the planet and take pictures of the planet.

所以我们利用实时自适应光学主动补偿系统 so we use adaptive optics to actively compensate, in real time,

所以我们目前找到的行星 So the planets that we've found so far

所以我们希望这颗行星要正好处于 So we want the planet to be at the distance

所以想要在恒星的光芒下 so trying to find planets in the glare of their stars

所以在火星上能看到一些壮观的天气现象 Mars is home to some spectacular weather phenomena.

所以在一些行星上 会下岩石雨 So on some planets, it rains rock

所以在这些行星上降的不仅仅是水 So on these planets it doesn't just rain water,

所以怎样才能找到环绕着遥远恒星的行星 So how do you find a planet orbiting a distant star,

所以这里不能像地球上那样 and there's nothing to control the weather

所以这里的雨并不像地球上一样 So instead of having rain which is liquid water droplets

所以这没什么好惊讶的 so it's no surprise.

所以昼侧的温度 so temperatures on the day side

所以昼夜温度永远不会太极端 so the day and night temperatures never get super extreme.

所以最初发现这些离恒星很近的行星时 So when we first discovered these very close-in planets,

所以最可能形成云的物质是 so the most likely substance forming these clouds

所有白昼一侧吸收到的恒星热量 then all the heat coming from the star on the day side

所有的岩石都融化了 and all of the rock has melted.

他将凭借凯克望远镜超强的集光能力 He's pointing the Keck telescope's awesome light gathering power

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