BBC地平线 宇宙中最极端的天气(The Wildest Weather in the Universe) 第19期


是天文学的最前沿研究 is at the very cutting edge of astronomy.

是温度适中 可供生存的 where it is permanent twilight.

是液体的水珠 而是下红宝石雨 like here on Earth, it would be raining rubies.

是一个名为HD 189733b的热木星 was a Hot Jupiter called HD 189733b.

是因为比海平面低八十六米 is that we are at 86m below sea level

是因为它被厚厚的大气所覆盖 is because it's covered in thick clouds.

是在一个气态巨行星上发现的 has been discovered on a giant gas planet

是整个太阳系中最热的地方 which makes it the hottest place in the solar system.

是至关重要的 and evolved on this planet.

是坐落于海拔四千米处的凯克天文台 4,000m above sea level, is the Keck Observatory,

适宜生命的生存 as we know it on Earth.

首个被发现的行星是如木星一样的气态行星 The first planets discovered were huge gas giants like Jupiter,

首先因为它由岩石构成 is that first off it is rocky.

水星会缓缓从太阳前方经过 Mercury will gradually slink across the face of the sun

水星会准时从太阳前方经过 the planet Mercury is due to pass in front of the sun.

水星凌日的画面 会发现 of the Mercury transit we can see

水星上的天气是什么样 So what will the weather be like on Mercury?

水星实际上是一个荒芜死寂的星球 Mercury is effectively a dead and barren world.

水星在太阳系中很特别 Mercury is unusual in our solar system

水蒸气上升过程中 As this water vapour rises,

说明在其大气层高处有云存在 suggests that there are clouds high up in the atmosphere.

四十二摄氏度 42 degrees.

苏来到死亡谷 Sue has come to Death Valley

苏联和美国 and the Soviets and the US

苏要向我们展示大气层绝佳的隔热能力 Sue can reveal the tremendous insulating power of the atmosphere.

虽然木星有持续时间最长的风暴 Jupiter may have the longest-lasting storm,

随着我倾倒小苏打而出现 that comes and goes as I drop it in,

所以会产生 and so you get this nice wind

所以即使借助现今最先进的望远镜 So it is very difficult to detect them,

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