BBC地平线 宇宙中最极端的天气(The Wildest Weather in the Universe) 第18期


如何帮助我们了解土星内部发生了什么 can help explain what's happening deep inside Saturn.

三百五十年以上 这使它成为 for over 350 years and that makes it

沙尘暴会被卷得非常高 the dust storms can get to a very high elevation,

闪电击中了大气层中的甲烷 The carbon soot is created by lightning,

上百万滴水滴聚在一起 and when you get millions and millions of water droplets,

少了一千七百米高的大气 we have that 1.7km less air.

甚至以为它会被潮湿的沼泽所覆盖 We even thought it was covered in steamy hot swamps,

甚至有甲烷凝结形成的云 that you even have methane gas come out as clouds.

十分靠近其主星 which are very, very close to their stars.

实际上我们可以 So we can actually go

使其成为太阳系最热的行星 the hottest planet in the solar system.

使它们完全无法居住 make them completely un-habitable.

使之成为一个熔岩行星 making it a lava planet.

世界各地行星猎人的最终目的 Ultimately, the planet hunters of the world

似乎更加容易... the bigger planets...

事实表明HD 189733b产生了 and it turns out that HD 189733 b is home

事实上 它们似乎没有界限 In fact, it seems there is no limit to how far they can spread.

事实上 这里的大气压 and in fact the pressure measurement here

视场里 in the field of view here.

视向速度法仅能提供给我们 The radial velocity method only tells us

是1016百帕 is 1,016 bars.

是成分离奇的云 又或是红宝石雨 bizarre clouds and even ruby rain.

是的 凯文 就藏在这些碎石头里 Somewhere inside this rubble, Kevin, there are diamonds.

是地球上喷射气流的三倍 are about three times the speed of the Earth's jet streams.

是多重因素的机缘巧合 it is a fairly rare combination of factors

是非常极端的天气 Whether it would be very extreme

是否适合人类定居时 whether other planets might be habitable or not,

是能够对它们进行更细致的研究 is to be able to characterise the planet in more detail.

是气温极端的外星世界 alien worlds with extreme temperatures,

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