BBC地平线 宇宙中最极端的天气(The Wildest Weather in the Universe) 第17期


迄今为止发现的大多数系外行星 Most of the exoplanets discovered so far

恰到好处的温室效应 just the right greenhouse effect.

前所未有的视角 on these planets.

强一万倍的闪电 stronger than those we get on Earth.

且仍然离其主星太近 and still too close to their stars.

晴转阵雨 and showers for the majority...

去发现并研究太阳系外的行星 to find and study planets beyond our solar system.

去找一只环绕着 that's 10 billion times brighter than that firefly,

然而 与地球相比 However, because they receive far less heat from the sun

然后上升至大气层 This can then be lifted into the atmosphere

然后是伽利略号 Then there was Galileo.

然后形成像这样的小石块降落下来 before raining down onto the surface as these tiny pebbles,

然后再往大气层更高处的话 and then as you climb up even higher into the atmosphere,

让我们可以更细致地研究系外行星的大气层 which will enable us to study the atmospheres of exoplanets

绕类太阳恒星旋转的系外行星 was discovered, in 1995,

人们开始用这种简单的望远镜观察木星 people were using these primitive telescopes to look at Jupiter

人们思考了几千年的问题 that we've been thinking about as humans for millennia.

熔岩喷射到近百米的高处 fountains of lava shot into the air nearly 100m high.

如果距离过近 那么行星会过热 Planets that are really close in are going to be boiling hot.

如果棉花糖离火太近 会烧成灰烬 If the Marshmallow is too close to the fire, then it will burn,

如果是天王星海王星 Now if you go out to Uranus and Neptune,

如果水分充足 And if there's enough moisture,

如果我把它放在火里 不去旋转它 if I put it in the fire and I don't rotate it,

如果我们回顾一下 If we look back at the beginning

如果我们是在木星或土星上 If we were to transport ourselves magically to Jupiter or Saturn,

如果一个行星从密度判断 If we have a planet that we know should be gaseous

如果在投影仪与棱镜之间有气体介质 If we have a gas intervening between the projector and the prism,

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