BBC地平线 宇宙中最极端的天气(The Wildest Weather in the Universe) 第16期


那里非常冷 it is so cold out there,

那里降下的雨是液态红宝石 it would be raining liquid rubies.

那里就是普乌火山口 Down there is the crater of Pu'u 'O'o,

那里一千度的高温正在融化地壳 It's 1,000 degrees melting the Earth's crust down there,

那么它的气候是什么样的 So what's its climate like?

那时他们便看到了这个大风暴 and they saw this storm.

难以置信的是 图像中捕捉到的微弱光线 And, incredibly, the faint light captured in this picture

难以置信地是 But, incredibly,

能够帮助解决 to be able to contribute

能看到白光分成不同波长及颜色的光 We can see the various wavelengths and colours it's split into.

你可以看到熔岩正在冒泡 and you can see the lava bubbling away.

你可以想一颗行星穿过 you can think of as a planet crossing between us,

你们不会想去那里度假的 You wouldn't want to go there on vacation.

你能指向ROXs 12和它的行星[此处英文口误] Can you go to ROXs 12 and the moon

凝结成云 condenses out and forms clouds.

帕萨迪纳市又是一个晴朗的好天气 It's another fine sunny day in Pasadena,

曝光了 exposing.

其他地区降雨较少 这个地区阵雨转... Elsewhere fewer showers and here the showers will be of rain...

其自然结果是 the natural result is that

奇怪的事情发生了 through Saturn's atmosphere.

气候乃至天气的更多细节是十分困难的 climate and, ultimately, its weather, is extremely difficult.

气候如何 What is the climate like?

气态行星上的风暴肯定 The storms on the gas planets are certainly

气温会低至零下一百三十摄氏度左右 when it gets down to about minus 130 Celsius,

气温上升6.5摄氏度 for every kilometre you descend.

气温是三十摄氏度 and the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius,

气压低了很多 So the pressure is much lower.

气压也就更高 and that means it's higher pressure

迄今为止 很多我们正在研究的行星 A lot of the planets that we're studying so far

迄今为止 只有有限的几颗行星 So far, only a handful of planets have ever been

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