A police officer has been killed in an attack on a police outpost on Indonesia's Sumatra Island Wednesday.


Five men in a van drove up to the front gate of the outpost of the city of Riau and immediately jumped out and began attacking police with a samurai sword.


Four of the men were shot and killed by police, while the fifth suspect was caught as he tried to escape the scene. At least one journalist who was at the outpost to cover a scheduled event was injured.


Wednesday's attack happened two days after a family of six suicide bombers, including teens and children, targeted three churches, killing at least 13 people and wounding 41 others in Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city. A day later, a family of five carried out a suicide bombing attack on a police headquarters in Surabaya that left 10 people wounded, including four policemen and six civilians.


Islamic State has claimed responsibility for both attacks.


The string of attacks comes as Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country, welcomes the first day of Ramadhan.


来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180517/558705.html