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[00:00.00]Mexico says it's winning the war against the H1N1 virus,

[00:04.11]President Phillipe Calderon says,

[00:05.94]aggressive government action helped get a grip on the outbreak,

[00:09.96]hundreds of patients showing symptoms are being treated in isolation units,

[00:14.08]but, the health minister says the number of new cases is declining

[00:17.94]so the shut down of Mexico City may ease soon,

[00:20.99]businesses there have lost $100 million a day by some estimates.

[00:25.94]Officials may also reopen schools across the country,

[00:29.34]but the government says it's going to be cautious.

[00:31.79]World Health officials are stressing that you cannot get

[00:35.56]H1N1 from eating pork,

[00:38.55]but that isn't stopping Egypt from killing all the country's pigs,

[00:42.47]that's lead to clashes between police and pig farmers.

[00:45.88]Farmers in Cairo battled Government forces with stones and bottles.

[00:50.06]There were several injuries and more than a dozen arrests.

[00:52.65]Egypt is a mostly Muslim country

[00:54.59]and most of the people there,

[00:56.17]therefore consider Pigs unclean.

[00:57.89]The number of confirmed cases in the U.S. has jumped,

[01:01.56]but officials say, that's from catching up

[01:04.30]on a backlog of lab tests,

[01:06.24]the count now stands at 226,

[01:09.25]with confirmed cases in 30 states.

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