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[00:00.00]Christians around the world celebrated Christmas on December 25th,

[00:03.65]marking the birth of Jesus.

[00:04.81]One of those celebrations,

[00:06.48]which you see right here,

[00:07.50]was held in the city of Bethlehem,

[00:09.12]the site where Jesus was born.

[00:10.48]Worshippers gathered at the Church of the Nativity

[00:13.16]for a ceremony there.

[00:14.57]And at the Vatican,

[00:15.89]Pope Benedict XVI led the traditional Christmas Eve Mass.

[00:19.24]There was a disruption at the beginning, though,

[00:21.56]when a woman ran toward the pope and knocked him down.

[00:24.09]The religious leader wasn't hurt.

[00:25.85]He was helped up and continued with the ceremony,

[00:28.23]while Vatican guards removed the woman.

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