BBC地平线 吞噬的天坑(Swallowed by a Sink Hole) 第05期


他们一起工作 做什么事都一起 And they worked together, they did everything together.

他们一起打游戏 他们... They played video games together, they...

他们是兄弟 很亲密的兄弟 They were... they were brothers, they were tight brothers.

杰夫·布什被活生生吞没 Jeff Bush had been swallowed alive,

天坑也差点 and the sinkhole came close to

吞没他的兄弟杰里米 swallowing his brother, Jeremy, too.

我跳进坑里时地面还在下陷 The ground was still falling as I was in the hole

混凝土也还在移动破裂 and the concrete was moving and breaking, still.

-所以你也在下陷 -我也在下陷 - So, you were on your way down- I was on my way down.

你甚至都没注意到吗 And you didn't even notice it?

我完全没留意 I wasn't paying attention to it at all.

我只想把我弟弟救出来 I was just trying to get my brother out.

你可以想象一个沙漏 If you can imagine an hourglass,

沙漏的漏斗部分 the funnel inside of an hourglass,

以及沙漏的下半部分 you've got the deeper portion,

还有旁边远离中心的墙壁 then you've got the out... the outermost wall.

杰里米就在正中 地面下陷的同时 Jeremy was in the middle. And while it was sinking,

坑的范围也在扩大 it was also expanding out

因为外围的所有东西都在填入空洞 because everything on the outside was filling in the void.

我知道我当时不愿从坑里出来 I know I didn't want to come out the hole,

我想拉过副警长 让他帮我把弟弟挖出来 I wanted to pull the deputy in there with me to help me dig him out,

-因为当时没人帮忙 -是啊 - because nobody was helping. - Of course.

目睹天坑形成的人将对此永生难忘 Those who saw it forming will never forget it.

每次有人问我 When everybody asks me about it,

我都会告诉他们那东西就好像是活的 I tell them it's like this thing was alive,

我说那坑好像在进食 真的是这样的 and when I say that it was eating, it literally...

各种东西 家具都被吞没 那坑还在塌陷 Things, the furniture, it was still sinking,

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