BBC地平线 吞噬的天坑(Swallowed by a Sink Hole) 第03期


没人知道出了什么事 No-one had any idea what was happening,

只知道他遇险了 just that he was in trouble.

当时有人报警 It was a 911 call

说他们的一名家人掉入了房子底下 and it said that a family member had fallen underneath the house.

希尔斯堡郡警长办公室 道格拉斯·杜瓦尔副警长

我需要救护车 因为有人掉进了房子下面


好的 房子到底怎么了

卧室地板就那么塌陷了 我小叔子掉进去了


第一个赶到的是杜瓦尔副警长 The first one there was Deputy Duvall.

我当时最先想的是 I guess my first idea

这可能是意外之类的事故 was it may have been, like, an accident-type,

可能是有人想翻修房子 like, somebody was trying to renovate their house

而地板出了些问题 and something happened with the floor,

地板朽烂了之类的情况 it was rotten, you know, something of that sort.

他直接冲进去了 He rushed straight in.

他直接冲进了房子 He went straight in the house,

他把几个人拉出了房子 and he pulled a couple of people out of the house,

让他们远离房子 made them get out of the house.

所有人都在尖叫 四处乱跑 Everybody was screaming and kind of running around.

我一看到他们 就意识到这并不是 As soon as I saw them, I knew that it wasn't just somebody

有人不小心跌落地板下面这么简单 that had fallen into the floor by an accident, you know?

我从他们的反应就知道 I knew just from their reactions

那情况要严重得多 that it was something a lot more significant.

我看了房间里面 什么都没有 I looked inside the room. There was nothing.

只能闻到新鲜的泥土味 All you could do was smell fresh dirt.

他的整个卧室都不见了 It took his whole bedroom.

仅存的一块混凝土就是门边那块 The only piece of concrete that was left was by the door.

他的床 衣橱 电视机 It took his bed, his dresser, his TV

所有东西都掉洞里了 and everything down in the hole.

大门开着 我走进房子时 The door was open and when I went through the house,

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