BBC地平线 吞噬的天坑(Swallowed by a Sink Hole) 第01期


佛罗里达州 塞夫纳 Seffner, Florida.

这里的地面曾经开裂 A place where the earth opened up...

害死了一个人 ..and killed a man.

大家都管这里叫"慵懒小巷" Lazy Lanes, this place is called.

这里看起来这么普通 这么平常 It just seems so ordinary, so normal.

瞧瞧这个 "小心恶犬" I mean, look at this, "Beware of the dog."

然而这整片土地 And yet this whole estate

都坐落在一个通往佛罗里达隐秘世界的活板门上 sits above a trap door into the hidden Florida.


"卧室地板就那么塌陷了 'The bedroom floor just collapsed

我小叔子就掉进了房子底下" 'and my brother-in-law is underneath the house.'

通往佛罗里达隐秘世界的活板门 The trap door into that hidden Florida opened here,

在这里于2013年2月开启 in February 2013...

形成了一处天坑 ..creating a sinkhole.

这个坑毫无征兆地吞噬了这间卧室的一切 Without warning, it swallowed everything in this bedroom,

对目击者来说 那一场景将永生难忘 and for those who saw it, it was something they'll never forget.

就好像这东西是活着的 It's like this thing was alive.

这个坑不停翻滚 四处移动 You know, it was turning, moving around,

发出噪音 几乎可以说是咆哮声 making noises, you know, almost like a growl.

天坑不止在佛罗里达出现 Sinkholes don't just happen in Florida.

它们出现在世界各地 They're occurring all over the world.

我想要找出天坑的成因 I want to find out why sinkholes form...

这个地下世界到底是什么样子... ..what this underworld is really like...

你没下到过那里吗 You've not been down there?

从没下去过 我甚至都不知道这里的存在 Never been in there, didn't even know it existed.

...以及有些天坑夺命的原因 ...and why some are deadly.

地平线 吞噬的天坑

直到去年春天 那里还有座房子 Until last spring, a house stood here.

房子里住着杰夫·布什和杰里米·布什两兄弟 A home lived in by two brothers, jeff and Jeremy Bush,

以及他们的家人 along with their families.

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