BBC News:Sixth teetering Hemsby cliff-top home demolished


A sixth home at risk of toppling into the sea has been demolished, after storms battered the Norfolk coast last month.

A total of 13 chalets at The Marrams in Hemsby were affected by coastal erosion and five were initially torn down.

Bulldozers razed a sixth home to the ground early on Saturday.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council said the property was "in a dangerous condition, overhanging the cliff by about a metre in places".

Seven other properties remain at risk and a number of residents were evacuated on 17 March after sand dunes were washed away during stormy weather.

Frances Bolton, who lives in a property close to the latest one to be demolished, said she did not want her home to be the seventh to be destroyed.

The back of her chalet is just metres from the edge of the cliff and she said she was hoping to find someone who could drag the property further down her garden and away from danger.

"We want to physically move the house back - we've got quite a large plot here - so it comes away from the sea edge," she said.

The council said last month the cost of demolition would be discussed with insurance companies and a claim would be made to the government for funding.

Officials are continuing to monitor the state of the remaining homes near the cliff edge.

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