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[00:00.00]Thousands of people, many visibly shocked,

[00:02.72]have gathered outside of the presidential palace

[00:04.71]in the Polish capital Warsaw

[00:06.02]after President Lech Kaczynski

[00:07.88]and dozens of top officials were killed

[00:09.50]in a plane crash in western Russia.

[00:11.00]The Prime Minister Donald Tusk

[00:12.92]called the crash the most tragic event

[00:15.22]in Poland's recent history.

[00:16.53]The plane came down in a forest

[00:18.27]as it's trying to land in fog at Smolensk airport.

[00:20.76]There were no survivors.

[00:22.19]Adam Easton reports from Warsaw.

[00:24.56]Thousands of people gathered outside the presidential palace

[00:27.29]in Warsaw in a spontaneous show of mourning.

[00:30.78]Families, young and old, brought flowers.

[00:33.95]Others lit candles.

[00:35.44]The pavement in front of the building

[00:37.25]is carpeted with flickering flames.

[00:39.36]The scale of the disaster is uNPRecedented -

[00:42.41]not just the president,

[00:44.09]but most of the commanders of the armed forces,

[00:46.33]many leaders from the country's main opposition party

[00:49.06]and senior state and church officials died in the crash.

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