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[00:00.00]The latest attack, on an Evangelical Christian church,

[00:03.52]caused limited physical damage -

[00:05.46]just a burned door and a charred entranceway.

[00:08.31]But the political implications may be more serious.

[00:11.21]Tensions have flared after Malaysia's High Court

[00:14.42]ruled that a Roman Catholic newspaper,

[00:16.86]the Herald, was permitted to use the word "Allah"

[00:19.96]to desCRIbe God in its Malay language editions.

[00:22.82]Muslim groups argue that

[00:24.85]Christians using a word so closely associated with Islam

[00:28.07]could be a ploy to win converts.

[00:30.25]Christians make up around 9%

[00:33.00]of the population in the majority Muslim state.

[00:35.70]Most non-Muslims are ethnically Indian or Chinese.

[00:39.21]The row over the use of the word "Allah"

[00:42.11]has exposed deep resentments

[00:44.10]over the treatment of minorities

[00:45.56]and freedom of religion in Malaysia.

[00:47.55]A government minister told foreign diplomats on Monday

[00:50.96]the church attacks were the work of extremists.

[00:53.61]"These were not just attacks on houses of worship" he said,

[00:56.97]"these were attacks on the values

[00:58.90]and freedoms all Malaysians share."

[01:00.89]Under the slogan "One Malaysia",

[01:03.22]the government has made racial harmony a central policy.

[01:05.41]Its commitment to that policy

[01:08.92]is now being severely tested.

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