BBC News:Plaid Cymru 'would hold Wales independence referendum'


An independence referendum, national air carrier and energy grid would be created under a Plaid Cymru government, the party has said.

In a speech at the party's conference in Llangollen, Denbighshire, Adam Price will outline what two terms of a Plaid government would hope to achieve.

Mr Price will make several proposals for a "vibrant, confident, successful nation" to be achieved by 2030.

He will also call Wales as "a wealthy country whose people live in poverty".

Mr Price, AM for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, will "tackle the myth" Wales is a poor nation by claiming, in terms of per capita income, it is richer than "every nation in Asia bar two, every nation in the Americas bar two, and richer than more than half of Europe".

Under the pledge, by 2030, Plaid Cymru would establish a Wales national carrier with direct connections to the Americas and mainland Europe, create a national energy grid, set up a national housing company and provide free university education for Welsh students.

A referendum on Wales' constitutional future would be held at the end of the second term of a Plaid government, which Mr Price said would "ask this coming generation where they want Wales to be mid-century and will include independence as a realistic option".

Speaking at the spring conference on Friday, party leader Leanne Wood said Plaid Cymru members needed to stand "shoulder to shoulder" in order to dislodge Labour.

She said hers was the only party that could offer an alternative Welsh government, following calls from two Plaid MPs to reposition the party in the centre and to be open to working with the Tories.

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