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[00:00.10]Lesson 1 ;

[00:01.41]alert[ 'l :t] ;a.警觉的,留神的,注意的 vt.向报警,使警惕; 使认识到

[00:01.85]alert[ 'l :t] ;n.警戒(状态), 戒备(状态);报警

[00:02.96]Sirens sounded the alert for an air raid. ;空袭报警的警笛响起来.

[00:06.33]Nuclear-armed bombers were put on the alert during the CRIsis. ;核武装轰炸机在危机期间 进入高度警备状态.

[00:10.58]arbitrary['a:bitr ri] ;a.随意的,任意的; 专断的,武断的,专制的

[00:12.13]The diet imposes overall calorie limits,but daily menus are arbitrary. ;食谱规定了总的热量限 制,但每天的菜单可据喜 好自定.

[00:17.35]behalf[bi'ha:f] ;n.利益,方面

[00:18.90]Mother Teresa's efforts on behalf of Calutta's poor ;德兰修女为加尔各答 穷人所做的一切努力

[00:21.87]eventually brought her the Nobel Peace Prize. ;最终为她赢得了诺贝尔和 平奖.

[00:24.97]bulk[blk] ;n.大小,体积; 主体,绝大部分;大量 vt.显得大,显得重要

[00:26.12]The great bulk of necessary work can never be anything but painful. ;大量必须做的工作真令人 痛苦.

[00:30.15]Safety considerations bulked large during the development of the new spacecraft. ;在建造新的宇宙飞船时, 安全考虑占了很大比重.

[00:35.11]chip[tip] ;v.削(或凿)下(屑片或 碎片)n.屑片,碎片

[00:35.72]chip[tip] ;[pl]炸土豆条(或片); 集成电路片,集成块; 缺口,瑕疵

[00:36.21]"Fish and chips"is a typical English food. ;“炸鱼土豆条”是典型的 英国食品.

[00:39.00]The paint has chipped off where the table touches the wall. ;桌子接触墙壁的地方漆皮 已剥落.

[00:42.90]collapse[k 'lps] ;vi/n.倒塌,塌下; 崩溃,突然失败

[00:44.40]The enterprose collapsed through lack of support. ;该企业因无力支持而 倒闭.

[00:47.33]competition [kmpi'ti n] ;n.竞争,竞赛

[00:48.96]Because there is so much unemployment,the competition for jobs is very fierce. ;由于失业人员众多,求职 的竞争十分激烈.

[00:53.43]Five candidate cities including Beijing ;共有包括北京在内的五个 城市

[00:56.11]participated in the competition to host the 28th Olympic Games. ;参加了争夺第28届奥 运会主办权的角逐.

[00:59.70]decline[di'klain] ;n.下降,减少,衰退

[01:01.12]The arts of China have not declined in spit of the Western influence. ;虽有西方影响,中国的艺 术并未因此而衰落.

[01:05.06]The price of mobile telephones has declined sharply. ;手机的价格下降得非常 厉害.

[01:08.47]The United Kingdom is now no more than an empire that has declined. ;大英帝国如今只是一个业 已衰落的帝国.

[01:12.50]develop[di'vel p] ;vi.生长,发育,形成; 发展,扩展

[01:13.29]develop[di'vel p] ;vt.发展,开发;制定, 研制,成长;逐步产生, 发挥

[01:13.78]A good teacher is surely an instructor ;一个好老师一定

[01:16.17]who can develop the capabilities of each student. ;是一个能激发每个学生 潜能的导师.

[01:19.05]Juliet Wu's ambition ;吴士宏的抱负

[01:20.73]is to develop a national corporation into a worldwide business. ;是要把一个国内企业扩 展成世界性的企业.

[01:24.45]elaborate[i'lb rit] ;a.精心计划的,详尽的; 复杂的 vt.详述,详细制订 vi.详述

[01:25.78]I just want the facts in brief;you don't need to elaborate. ;我只想简单了解事实, 你不必作详细说明.

[01:29.28]I don't want elaborate lace pattern on my dress,just make it simple. ;我不想裙子上有复杂精美 的花边图案,简简单单 就行.

[01:34.06]excite[ik'sait] ;vt.使兴奋,使激动; 引起,激起

[01:35.61]Strong coffee excites your nerves. ;浓咖啡刺激神经, 使人兴奋.

[01:38.00]Emperor Qinshihuang's cruelty excited a rising of the people. ;秦始皇的残暴引起了人民 的反抗.

[01:42.07]fatal['feit l] ;a.致命的,灾难性的, 毁灭性的;重大的, 决定性的

[01:43.40]The city of Tangshan has such a new look that it hardly reminds ;唐山市如今面貌一新, 几乎让人想不起

[01:46.85]people of the fatal earthquake that eccured over 30 years ago. ;30多年前的毁灭性的 地震.

[01:50.84]formal['f:m l] ;a.正规的,正式的, 合礼仪的;形式上的, 表面的

[01:52.03]Business letters are usually formal, ;商业信件通常都是讲究格 式的,

[01:54.03]but we write in a informal way to family members or friends. ;但我们给家人或朋友写 信就比较随便了.

[01:57.75]gaze[geiz] ;v./n.凝视,注视

[01:59.07]In those boring letures,many students just sat gazing into the classroom window. ;在那些沉闷的课堂教学 中,许多学生知识呆呆地 望着窗外.

[02:04.17]guard[ga:d] ;n.警戒,警备;警卫员, 看守,卫兵

[02:04.87]guard[ga:d] ;vt.守卫,捍卫 vi.(against)防止, 防范

[02:05.32]Be on your guard against pickpockets. ;谨防扒手.

[02:07.97]Tooth paste with fluorine can effectively guard against tooth decay. ;含氟牙膏能有效防止 蛀牙.

[02:12.44]hostile['hstail] ;a.敌对的,敌意的,不友 善的;敌方的

[02:13.86]It was very strange ;很奇怪,

[02:14.99]how hostile she was to all the beautiful girls approaching her husband. ;她对所有接近丈夫的漂亮 女孩都心存敌意.

[02:18.55]indentical [ai'dentik l] ;a.相同的,同等的; 同一的

[02:19.84]My opinion are not always identical with my parents's. ;我的意见并不总是和父母 的意见相同.

[02:22.98]All eggs look similar, but no two eggs are identical, ;所有鸡蛋看上去相似, 但没有两只鸡蛋是完全 相同的

[02:26.08]Leonardo da Vinci's teacher once said to him. ;达芬奇的老师曾经告诉 他说,

[02:28.78]inferior [in'fi ri ] ;n.下级,下属 a.劣等的,次的;下级的

[02:30.20]No inferior products should be allowed to pass. ;决不能让任何次品漏网.

[02:32.81]In the past,women were regarded as inferior to men. ;过去,人们认为女人不如 男人.

[02:36.62]launch[l:nt] ;n.发射;(船)下水 (新产品)投产

[02:37.20]launch[l:nt] ;vt.发射;发起(运动) 推出(产品);使开始 从事;使(船)下水

[02:37.68]The first artifical satellite was launched by the former Soviet Union, ;前苏联发射了第一颗人 造卫星,

[02:41.31]which shocked the United States. ;让美国人大惊失色.

[02:43.35]mechanism ['mek niz m] ;n.机械装置;机制,机理; 办法,途径

[02:44.72]The bones and muscles are parts of the mechanism of the body. ;骨骼和肌肉是人体的组成 机体.

[02:47.95]The shell of my watch is transparent and the mechanisms inside can be seen. ;我的手表外壳是透明的, 可以看见里面的机械 装置.

[02:52.60]match[mt] ;n.比赛,竞赛;对手,敌手; 匹配,相配的人(或物); 火柴

[02:53.18]match[mt] ;vt.和...相配, 和...相称, vi.相配,相适合

[02:53.62]The prince and princess in the fairy tales ;童话中的王子与公主

[02:56.27]are always perfectly matched(=were always a perfect match). ;永远都是天造地设的 一对.

[02:58.18]The White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou can't be matched for friendliness. ;广州白天鹅宾馆良好的 服务态度是无与伦比的.

[03:02.39]These shoes do not match;one is large and the other is small. ;这双鞋不相配,一只大, 一只小.

[03:06.11]negative['neg tiv] ;n.负数;(照相机的) 负片,底片

[03:06.68]negative['neg tiv] ;a.否定的; 反面的,消极的; 负的,阴性的

[03:07.26]He was suspicious of having taken dopes,but his urine test was negative. ;他被怀疑服用了兴奋剂, 但他的尿样检测却是呈阴 性的.

[03:11.69]Two negative makes a positive. ;负负得正.

[03:14.17]obligation [bli'gei n] ;n.义务,责任

[03:15.69]To pay taxes is an obligation of every citizen. ;纳税是每一个公民的 义务.

[03:18.75]panic['pnik] ;n.惊慌,恐慌,慌乱 v.(使)恐慌, (使)惊慌失措

[03:19.94]The Asian Financial CRIsis caused panic selling of securities. ;亚洲金融危机引起了债券 的恐慌抛售.

[03:24.46]peer[pi ] ;n.同龄人,同等地位的人; 贵族 vi.仔细看,费力地看

[03:25.94]To lessen peer(group) pressure,many schools require their students to wear uniforms. ;为减少来自同龄群体的压 力,许多学校要求学生们 穿校服.

[03:30.59]He peered at the comp- uter screen,wondering what his programming mistake was. ;他仔细地看着计算机的显 示屏,想知道他的程序出 了什么错.

[03:35.06]press[pres] ;v.压,按,挤; 压榨,压迫

[03:35.86]press[pres] ;n.报刊,报界,新闻界; 出版社,通讯社; 压,按,挤;印刷机

[03:36.35]In the press conference, ;在新闻发布会上,

[03:37.76]the White House spokesman always avoids directly answering questions. ;白宫发言人总是避免直 接回答问题.

[03:41.26]Time presses.Let's press on with our work. ;时间紧迫.我们加紧工作 吧.

[03:44.45]Just press this button,and you'll start the engine. ;只要按一下这个按钮便可 启动这台发动机了.

[03:47.37]The problem of fuel presses for solution. ;这个燃料的问题急待 解决.

[03:50.52]rarely[r li] ;ad.不常,难得

[03:51.67]Big Ben in London has rarely gone wrong. ;在伦敦“大本钟”很少出 差错.

[03:54.50]Only rarely do I eat in restaurants. ;我极少到饭馆吃饭.

[03:57.25]scandal['sknd l] ;n.丑事,丑闻;流言蜚语; 反感,愤慨

[03:58.53]The former president of the Philipines took tax money for his own use, ;菲律宾前总统贪污税款,

[04:02.34]it was such a scandal. ;可谓一大丑闻.

[04:04.15]thread[red] ;n. 线,细丝;线索,思路; 螺纹 vt.穿(针、线等)

[04:05.26]You lose the thread of your argument. ;你们的论点有失条理.

[04:07.34]You need a needle threader if you can't see clearly to thread a needle. ;如果看不清楚无法穿线, 你需要一枚穿针器.

[04:12.17]Lesson 2 ;

[04:14.60]abandon[ 'bnd n] ;vt.离弃,丢弃; 遗弃,抛弃;放弃

[04:15.80]The heartless man abandoned his disabled wife and ran away with all their money. ;那个没良心的男人抛弃了 残疾的妻子,还带走了两 人所有的钱.

[04:20.36]Since there was no way to save the ship and its cargo, ;眼见拯救船只和船上货 物无望,

[04:23.32]the captain issued the order to abandon ship. ;船长发出了弃船令.

[04:26.11]acknowledge [ k'nlid] ;vt.承认,承认 的权威; 告知收到,确认,报偿

[04:27.62]Michael Jordan was acknowledged as the best basketball player in the NBA. ;迈克尔.乔丹是公认的前 NBA最佳篮球选手.

[04:32.09]We acknowledge receipt of your cable No.123 sent this morning concerning the sample. ;兹确认,我方已收到你方 关于样品的123号电传.

[04:37.80]bump[bmp] ;vt. 碰,撞;颠簸着前进 n. 碰撞;隆起物

[04:38.69]In the dim light I couldn't see clearly and bumped into a tree. ;昏暗中我看不清,一头撞 在一棵树上.

[04:42.63]circuit['s :kit] ;n.电路,线路; 环行,环行道

[04:43.82]I run two circuits of the track every morning ;我每天早晨沿跑道跑两圈

[04:46.10]in order to pass the 800-meter running test. ;以通过800米考试。

[04:48.69]In Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, ;你要是查阅《朗文当代英 语词典》

[04:51.48]you will see CCTV is the abbreviation of "Closed Circuit Television". ;就会发现CCTV是“闭路 电视”的缩写.

[04:56.27]complain[k m'plein] ;vt.抱怨,诉苦; 投诉,控告

[04:57.59]Those who are always complaining should turn their attention ;那些天成天牢骚满腹的 人,应该想想

[04:59.90]to figuring out how to make it better. ;如何改变现状.

[05:02.15]You are always complaining about something. ;你总是满腹牢骚.

[05:04.90]conventional [k n'ven n l] ;a.普通的,习惯的, 常规的;符合习俗的, 因循守旧的

[05:06.49]The Russian Defense Minister maintained ;俄罗斯的国防部长坚持 认为

[05:08.48]that his country should reduce expenditure on conventional weapons ;俄应削减花在常规武器上 的开支,

[05:11.89]and spend more on strategic weapons. ;而更多地在战略武器上 投入.

[05:14.68]Mother is so conventional in her views. ;妈妈的观点太保守.

[05:17.74]destruction [dis'trk n] ;n.毁灭,破坏,消灭

[05:19.42]The hot ash and the lava from the volcano Etna ;来自埃及特纳火山的滚烫 的火山灰和熔岩

[05:22.43]brought total destruction to the village. ;给那个小村庄带来彻底 的毁灭.

[05:25.18]emergency [i'm :d nsi] ;n.紧急情况

[05:26.86]Wahid threatened to proclaim a state of emergency if Congress decided to impeach him ;瓦希德威胁说如果国会 弹劾他,他就宣布紧急 状态.

[05:31.95]The patient was asked to ring the bell in an emergency ;病人在有紧急情况时可以 按铃,

[05:34.74]and the nurses on duty would come straight away. ;然后当班的护士就会立 即前来.

[05:37.26]fantasy['fnt si] ;n.想象,幻想; 想象的产物

[05:38.55]Young people often live in a world of fantasy, ;年青人常生活在幻想的 世界里,

[05:41.07]and parents always tell them to face the reality. ;而父母亲总会告诉他们 要面对现实.

[05:43.99]Stop looking for a perfect job--it's just a fantasy. ;别想找到十全十美的工 作了,那简直是幻想.

[05:47.98]function['fk n] ;n.功能,作用,职能; 重大聚会;函数

[05:49.13]The function of a chairman at a meeting is to lead and control meetings. ;在会上,主席的职责是引 导并控制会议.

[05:53.20]An old machine won't function properly if you don't oil it regularly. ;旧机器如果不经常加油是 不能正常运转的.

[05:57.68]heave[hi:v] ;vt.举起,拉起;扔; (沉重地)发出(叹息、 呻吟等)

[05:58.38]heave[hi:v] ;vi.(用力)举起,提起 (有节奏的)起伏;呕吐 n.举起,升降

[05:58.83]The naughty children have just heaved a stone through my window. ;淘气的孩子们刚刚把一块 石头扔进我的窗户.

[06:02.72]identify[ai'dentifai] ;vt.认出,鉴定; (~with)把...等同于 vi.(~with)认同

[06:04.18]Do you identify beauty with wisdom? ;你认为美貌与智慧能相等 同吗?

[06:06.35]The characters on the rubbings are so blurred that it is difficult to identify. ;拓片上的文字模糊不清, 难以识别.

[06:11.05]jail[deil] ;n.监狱,看守所 vt.监禁,拘留

[06:12.38]Romeo was sentenced to jail for 15 days for starting a fight with his rival. ;因为与情敌发生冲突,罗 密欧被判15日监禁.

[06:16.89]Has it ever occurred to you that jails were first invented for debtors? ;你有没有想过,监狱最初 是为了关押欠债人而发 明的?

[06:21.85]line[lain] ;vt.使排成一行;划线于 vi.排队,排齐

[06:22.56]line[lain] ;n.线条;方针,路线; 线路,电话线;线,绳; 排,行;行业,专长

[06:22.96]People lined the streets to see the famous man go past. ;人们站在街道两旁看那位 著名人士走过.

[06:26.23]Line and color are both important in portrait painting. ;线条和色彩在肖像绘画中 都很重要.

[06:29.78]master['m:st ] ;vt.掌握,精通;征服,控制 a.主要的,重要的; 精通的,优秀的

[06:30.44]master['m:st ] ;n.男主人,雇主;能手, 名家,大师;[M~]硕士

[06:31.06]Who is the master mind behind this plan? ;谁是这个计划的幕后 决策人?

[06:33.80]I don't think we can master a language in a year's study. ;我不相信经过一年的 学习我们就可以掌握一种 语言.

[06:37.26]notion['n u n] ;n.概念,观念;意图, 想法,念头

[06:38.50]The notion that the earth is round has been widely accepted ;关于地球是圆的概念已广 泛为人们所接受

[06:41.46]since Magellan accomplished the first voyage around the world. ;自从麦哲伦首次完成环球 旅行以来,

[06:44.74]Some men have a notion that women should never wear cosmetics. ;有些男人认为女人应该 素面朝天.

[06:48.59]option['p n] ;n.选择;选择权,选择 自由;(供)选择的事物 (或人物)

[06:49.70]The government has two options, ;政府只有两种选择,

[06:51.38]to reduce spending or to increase taxes. ;不是削减开支便是增加 税收.

[06:54.22]Please make a list of the various options. ;请列出可供选择的项目.

[06:57.71]pay[pei] ;vt.付钱给,支出; 给予(注意等), 进行(访问等)

[06:58.55]pay[pei] ;vi.付款;有利,值得; 付出代价,受到惩罚 n.工资,薪金

[06:59.04]It will pay in the long run if the setting off of firecrackers ;从长远来看,在城市里鞭 炮是值得的,

[07:02.14]is effectively banned in the cities. ;真正有效地禁放.

[07:04.44]I'll certainly pay you back for what you did to me! ;你那样对待我,我一定要 回敬你的!

[07:08.03]rare[r ] ;a.稀有的,罕见的; 珍奇的,出类拔萃的;

[07:08.92]rare[r ] ;a.(空气)稀薄的; (肉等)煎得嫩的

[07:09.40]Jasper White is one of those rare people who believe in ancient myths. ;贾斯珀.怀特是那些少 有的相信古代神话的人 之一.

[07:13.25]The higher we go above the earth,the rarer the air is. ;我们离开地面越高,空气 越稀薄.

[07:16.84]reflection [ri'flek n] ;n.映象,倒映; 反射;反映,表达; 深思,考虑,反省

[07:18.35]Don't act without sufficient reflection. ;不要未经深思就采取 行动.

[07:20.69]The dog barked at his reflection in the river. ;那条狗对着小河中自己的 倒影吠叫.

[07:23.48]satisfactory [stis'fkt ri] ;n.令人满意的

[07:25.12]When you think it over,you will see that it is the satisfactory way out. ;你好好考虑,就会明白那 是惟一令人满意的出路.

[07:29.68]The Johnson Administration failed to come up with a satisfactory solution ;约翰逊当局拿不出令人 满意的解决办法

[07:33.62]to the economic CRIsis. ;来解决经济危机.??

[07:35.70]shame[eim] ;vt.使蒙受羞辱,使丢脸

[07:36.32]shame[eim] ;n.羞耻,羞愧,耻辱; 可耻的人(或事物); 遗憾的事,可惜

[07:36.90]It is a shame to be so wasteful. ;这样浪费太可惜了.

[07:39.02]Will students feel great shame at having failed the final exam? ;学生们会为期末考试不及 格而感到羞耻吗?

[07:43.05](Will students be shamed by their failure to pass the final exam?) ;学生们会为期末考试不及 格而感到羞耻吗?

[07:46.55]superficial [sju:p 'fi l] ;a.肤浅的,浅薄的; 表面的

[07:47.97]Superficial scratches can be easily removed. ;表层的划痕很容易除掉.

[07:51.02]I have only a superficial knowledge of this subject. ;我对这个问题仅略知 皮毛.

[07:54.65]sympathize ['simp aiz] ;vi.(~with)同情,怜悯 (~with) 体谅,赞同

[07:56.25]I sympathize with you; I've had a similar unhappy experience myself. ;我很同情你,我自己也有 过类似的不幸遭遇.

[08:00.98]We sympathize with the goals of the committee. ;我们赞同委员会的目标.

[08:03.99]treaty['tri:ti] ;n.条约,协定

[08:05.28]The two leaders underline that the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile(ABM) Treaty ;两位领导人强调1972年 的《反弹道导弹条约》

[08:10.59]is a vital cornerstone of global strategic security. ;是全球战略安全的基石.

[08:13.96]undertake [nd 'teik] ;vt.承担,着手做; 同意,答应,保证

[08:15.51]During her husband's presidency, ;在丈夫担任总统期间,

[08:17.41]Jacqueline Kennedy undertook the coordin- ation of the White House restoration. ;杰奎林.肯尼迪承担了协 调白宫的修复工作.

[08:21.57]unusual[n'ju:u l] ;a.不平常的,少有的; 与众不同的,独特的

[08:23.12]It is quite unusual for a freshman to be younger than eighteen or older than nineteen ;一年级新生小于18岁 或大于19岁的相当少,

[08:27.71]but I was barely 16 when I entered college. ;但是我进大学时才16岁.

[08:30.52]The most unusual car was a Benz which had only three wheels. ;最奇特的小汽车是辆只有 3个轮子的奔驰小汽车.

[08:35.21]violate['vai leit] ;vt.违反,违背;亵渎; 侵犯,妨碍

[08:36.54]The soldier violated the church by using it as a stable. ;士兵们把教堂当马厩用而 亵渎了它.

[08:40.21]You have violated the traffic regulation. ;你违反了交通规则.

[08:42.51]This is double yellow line and no parking is allowed. ;这是双黄线,不可以停 车的.

[08:45.88]wage[weid] ;n.[常pl]工资,报酬 vt.开始,进行

[08:46.94]The railroad workers have asked for a wage increase ;铁路工人要求增加工资,

[08:50.13]and the management is working on that. ;资方正在研究此事.

[08:52.43]The six members to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization ;"上海合作组织"签约的 6个成员国

[08:55.71]have determined to wage war against terrorism,separatism and extremism. ;决定向恐怖主义、分裂主 义和极端主义开战.

[09:02.00]Lesson 3 ;

[09:04.92]accelerate [k'sel reit] ;v.使加快,(使)增速

[09:06.42]Deng Xiaoping's open policy has accelerated China's economic growth. ;邓小平的对外开放政策大 大促进了中国经济的快速 发展.

[09:11.03]advocate['dv keit] ;vt.拥护,提倡,主张 n.拥护者,提倡者, 辩护者

[09:12.35]We advocate building more schools ;我们主张多建几所学校,

[09:14.13]to provide more education opportunities for children. ;给孩子们提供更多受教育 的机会.

[09:17.18]The Chinese people are advocate of peace. ;中国人民都是和平的 拥护者.

[09:20.15]budget['bdit] ;n.预算,预算拨款

[09:20.94]budget['bdit] ;vi.编预算,作安排 vt.规划,安排 n.低廉的,收费公道的

[09:21.43]The new financial secretary of Hong Kong ;香港新任财政司司长

[09:23.82]is expected to announce fax cuts in this year's budget. ;香港人期望他在本年度预 算中宣布削减税收.

[09:27.19]A lot of money has been saved by budgeting. ;通过预算开支,一大笔钱 节省下来.

[09:29.93]capable['keip bl] ;a.有能力的,有技能的

[09:31.48]Not everyone is capable of judging art. ;并不是每个人都有鉴赏艺 术的能力.

[09:34.05]The situation is capable of improvement. ;这种情况是可以改善的.

[09:36.75]That mob's capable of any crime. ;那个暴徒什么违法的事都 干得出来.

[09:39.45]combat['kmbt] ;n.战斗,格斗 v.与...战斗, 与...斗争

[09:40.60]In order to survive all kinds of competitions, ;要想在各种各样的竞争中 站稳脚跟,

[09:43.44]a businessman has to combat with his rival. ;商人就不得不与对手 抗争.

[09:46.45]comprehensive [kmpri'hensiv] ;a.广泛的,综合的

[09:48.00]The state government of California gave a very comprhensive explanation ;加利福尼亚州政府 详尽地解释了

[09:51.72]of its plans for the development of the electronic industry. ;对电子工业的发展规划.

[09:55.21]convince[k n'vins] ;vt.使确信,使信服,说服

[09:56.45]What conviced them to vote for Bush? ;究竟是什么说服了他们投 布什的票?

[09:58.98]You should present evidences to convince the judge of your innocence. ;你得摆出证据使法官相信 你的清白.

[10:03.45]defeat[di'fi:t] ;n.击败,战胜;战败,失败 vt.击败,战胜; 使失败,挫折

[10:04.78]The Chinese U-21 Football Team ;中国青年足球队

[10:07.30]was defeated by the Argentina Team in the football match. ;在足球赛中输给了阿 根廷队.

[10:10.67]deserve[di'z :v] ;vt.应受,应得,值得

[10:11.91]Nature deserves our protection because we ourselves are part of it. ;大自然应受我们的保护,??, 因为我们自己也是它的一 份子.

[10:15.89]economical [i:k 'nmik l] ;a.节约的,节省的,经济的

[10:17.40]Going by train is more economical than going by plane. ;坐火车比坐飞机更省钱.

[10:20.94]Bicycles are regarded as an economical alternative to buses ;自行车被看成是比公共汽 车更实惠的交通工具,

[10:24.52]whose fares have increased 5 times in the past 3 years. ;因为公共汽车票价在最 近三年内涨了五倍.

[10:27.98]evaluate[i'vljueit] ;vt.评价,估计, 求...的值

[10:29.39]The research project has been under way only for three months, ;这个研究项目进行了不过 三个月,

[10:32.80]so it's too early to evaluate its success. ;所以要对它的成绩作出 评价为时尚早.

[10:35.59]fantastic [fn'tstik] ;a.极好的,极出色的; 极大的,难以相信的; 异想天开的;奇异的

[10:37.10]Li Yundi's piano performance is really fantastic. ;李云迪的钢琴表演实在是 太出色了.

[10:40.68]There are many fantastic legends in ancient China. ;中国古代有许多稀奇古怪 的传说.

[10:44.36]frontier ['frnti ,frn'ti ] ;n.边界,边境

[10:45.25]frontier ['frnti ,frn'ti ] ;(the ~)开发地区的边缘 边远地区; [常 pl.]新领域

[10:45.69]The frontiers of medical knowledge are being pushed farther outwards ;医学知识的新领域正向 前推进

[10:48.70]as time goes on. ;随着时间的推移.

[10:50.34]guarantee[gr n'ti:] ;vt.保证,担保 n.保证,保证书

[10:51.71]Every new television comes with a guarantee. ;每台新电视机都有保 修单.

[10:54.41]Blue skies are not always a guarantee of continuing fine weather. ;蔚蓝的天空并不能永远 保证天气持续晴朗.

[10:58.35]Many shopkeepers guarantee satisfaction to customers. ;许多店主向顾客保证一定 要让他们满意.

[11:02.25]honor['n ] ;n.[U]光荣,荣誉;敬意 名誉;[常pl.]优异成绩 大学荣誉学位课程

[11:03.22]honor['n ] ;vt.给...以荣誉; 向...示敬意,尊敬

[11:03.66]It's a great honor to meet you. ;见到你真是三生有幸.

[11:05.79]The strong powers must honour their commitments to smaller nations. ;大国应该履行对小国所作 的承诺.

[11:09.73]Will you honor me with a visit? ;如蒙光临,荣幸之至.

[11:12.12]invisible[in'viz bl] ;a.看不见的,无形的

[11:13.54]Many distant stars are invisible to the naked eye. ;很多遥远的星球是肉眼看 不到的.

[11:16.68]Goodwill is an invisible asset to a business. ;友好关系对于一桩生意来 说是一种无形的资产.

[11:20.22]manage['mnid] ;vt.管理,经营,处理; 设法,对付;控制,操纵 vt.处理,设法对付

[11:21.55]Who will manage while the director is away? ;总管不在时谁管事?

[11:24.16]Are you good at managing your money? ;你善于理财吗?

[11:26.60]mess[mess] ;n.凌乱状态,脏乱状态; 混乱的局面,困境 vt.弄糟,弄脏,搞到

[11:27.71]You have made a mess of the job! ;你把工作弄的一团糟.

[11:29.74]I've just cleaned the floor,and you've messed it up again ;我刚扫干净地板,

[11:32.31]by dropping bits of paper everywhere! ;你又把纸屑弄得到处都 是,把地板搞脏.

[11:34.79]morderate['md reit] ;a.中等的,一般的; 温和的,稳健的; 有节制的,适度的

[11:35.68]morderate['md reit] ;v.(使)和缓; (使)减轻

[11:36.29]Parents should moderate their language when children are present. ;孩子们在场时,父母们讲 话应有节制.

[11:39.75]notify['n utifai] ;v.通知,告知,报告

[11:41.08]When your bike is stolen,do you notify the police or just accept the bad luck? ;如果自行车被偷,你是通 知警察,还是自认倒霉?

[11:45.73]odd[d] ;a.奇特的,古怪的; 临时的,不固定的;

[11:46.43]odd[d] ;a.不成对的,单的; 奇数的;挂零的,剩余的

[11:46.83]Some people get odder as they grow older. ;有些人越老越古怪.

[11:49.58]parade[p 'reid] ;n.游行,检阅 v.(使)列队行进, (使)游行

[11:50.82]The Olympic Games begin with a parade of all the competing nations. ;奥运会以参赛各国运动员 的列队行进开始.

[11:54.45]He is always parading his wealth/his knowledge. ;他总是夸耀自己的财富/ 知识.

[11:56.79]peculiar [pi'kju:lj ] ;a.奇怪的,古怪的; 特有的,独具的,独特的

[11:58.30]Language is peculiar to mankind. ;语言是人类特有的.

[12:01.13]personality [p :s 'nliti] ;n.个性,人格; 人物,名人

[12:02.82]The purpose of educa- tion is to develop a fine personality in children. ;教育的目的是发展孩子完 美的品格.

[12:07.15]prevail[pri'veil] ;vi.流行,盛行,获胜, 成功

[12:08.35]Truth is great and will prevail. ;真理是至高无上的,且必 将获胜.

[12:10.43]At last justice has prevailed and the guilty man has been punished. ;正义最终取得了胜利, 作恶的人受到了惩罚.

[12:14.42]quality['kwliti] ;n.质,质量;品质,品德; 性质,特性

[12:15.70]This new model is of high quality and is not expensive either. ;这种新款式质量非?? 而且也不贵.

[12:19.60]One quality of wood is that it can burn. ;木材的一个特性是可以 燃烧.

[12:22.56]reckon['rek n] ;vt.认为,估计; 指望,盼望;测算,测量

[12:23.63]Do you still reckon him as your friend? ;你还认为他是你的 朋友吗?

[12:25.79]I reckon there are at least fifty people in the room. ;我估计房间里至少有50 个人.

[12:28.54]scale[skeil] ;n.大小,规模;等级 [pl.]天平,磅秤;比例 (尺);刻度;鱼鳞

[12:29.03]scale[skeil] ;vt.攀登

[12:29.47]A machine for weighing people has a scale from one pound to 300 pounds on it. ;称体重的机器上有从1磅 到300磅的刻度.

[12:34.08]The scale of this map is one centimeter to the kilometer. ;这个地图的比例是1厘米 代表1公里.

[12:37.79]The tax was scaled up/ down to 10 percent. ;税按比例增/减百分之十.

[12:40.41]wealthy['weli] ;a.富裕的

[12:41.51]If we want everyone to live a healthy,wealthy and happy life, ;如果我们想使每个人都能 过健康、富裕和幸福的生 活,

[12:45.06]strict birth control is quite essential. ;就必须实行严格的计划 生育.

[12:47.71]A man who is wealthy in compassion sometimes suffers a lot. ;感情丰富的人有时候很 遭罪的.

[12:53.16]Lesson 4 ;

[12:55.90]abundant[ 'bnd nt] ;a.大量的,充足的; 丰富的,富裕的

[12:57.59]Countries abundant in natural resources ;那些自然资源丰富的国家

[13:00.24]should know how to turn this potential advantage into prosperity. ;应学会如何把这潜在的优 势化为实际的繁荣.

[13:03.61]In China,Shanghai may be the city with the most abundant human resources. ;在中国,上海或许是人力 资源丰富的城市.

[13:08.74]advise[ d'vaiz] ;vt.劝告,忠告;建议; 通知,告知 vi.提供意见,建议

[13:10.16]Yasir Arafat's father advised him to go into business, ;亚瑟.阿拉法特的父亲要 他从商,

[13:13.39]but he was determined to strive all out to construct an indepen- dent state ;可是他却决心为建立独立 的巴基斯坦人的国家而 奋斗.

[13:16.90]for the Palestinians. ;为巴基斯坦人.

[13:18.75]We wish to advise you that your telephone bill is due tomorrow, ;特此通知:你的电话帐单 明天到期,

[13:22.25]after which we will have no chioce but to disconnect you. ;过期未缴,我们将不得不 停机.

[13:25.52]boring['b:ri] ;a.令人厌烦的,乏味的, 无聊的

[13:26.59]I had expected books on philosophy to be boring, ;我原以为哲学书枯燥乏 味,

[13:29.33]but this one,Sophie's World,is fascinating. ;谁知道这本《苏菲的世 界》却妙趣横生.

[13:32.39]The lecture was boring that we couldn't help yawning. ;那场讲座真闷,我们都忍 不住要打哈欠.

[13:35.53]clap[klp] ;vt.拍,击 vi./n.拍手,鼓掌

[13:36.77]When Richard Clayderman finished the performance, ;理查德.克莱德曼结束演 出的时候,

[13:39.25]the whole audience was on their feet and clapped and clapped. ;观众全体起立,掌声经 久不息.

[13:42.92]The coach clapped the new member on the back to suggest his encouragement. ;教练轻轻拍了拍新来的队 员的背表示鼓励.

[13:47.22]conceal[k n'si:l] ;vt.隐藏,掩盖,隐瞒

[13:48.63]A teacher should learn to conceal his bad mood when giving lectures. ;教师应学会在授课的时候 掩饰自己的坏心情.

[13:52.75]contribute [k n'tribju:t] ;vi.捐款,做出贡献; 有助于,促成,投稿 vt.捐,捐献

[13:54.30]Popular songs and music may be labeled as vulgar, ;流行音乐和流行歌曲也许 是庸俗的,

[13:57.27]but they contribute to our enjoyment. ;但它们使得我们更享受 生活的乐趣.

[13:59.26]The prestigious professor has said in his will ;那位名教授立下遗嘱,

[14:02.32]to contribute his collection of books to the local library. ;在他死后把他的藏书捐给 当地的图书馆.

[14:05.50]critical['kritik l] ;a.决定性的,关键性的, 危急的

[14:06.88]Life will have significant change at some critical moments, ;人生往往在关键时刻会有 重大改变,

[14:09.89]so we should grasp every chance and take every critical decision seriously. ;所以我们要把握好每一个 机遇并认真对待每一个 重大决定.

[14:14.71]A critical spirit is what a reader should possess ;一个读者必须具有批判 精神,

[14:18.48]to get the most out of anything he reads. ;才会读有所获.

[14:21.22]deposit[di'pzit] ;vt.使沉淀,使沉积; 存放,寄存;储蓄

[14:22.06]deposit[di'pzit] ;n.定金,押金;存款; 沉积物,矿藏

[14:22.51]I left a 10,000-yuan deposit toward the purchase of a Sail. ;为了买一台赛欧车,我留 下1万元人民币的订金.

[14:26.49]Millions of years later, ;数百万年之后,

[14:28.31]a thick deposit of rich fertile soil has formed in the delta. ;在三角洲地区沉淀了一 层厚厚的沃土.

[14:31.85]distress[di'stres] ;vt.使痛苦,使悲伤 n.痛苦,悲伤,忧虑; 贫困,困苦;危难,不幸

[14:33.18]When the captain found the ship was rapidly sinking, ;船长发现船在迅速下沉时

[14:35.92]he ordered his men to send out a distress signal. ;就命令船员发了遇险 信号.

[14:39.11]Two in distress makes sorrow less. ;同病相怜,同忧相救.

[14:42.47]due[dju:] ;a.应给的,应得的;预定 (应到)的;应有的, 充分的;到期的

[14:43.76]Having worked in the company for over three years, ;你在公司干了3年多了,

[14:46.11]you are due for a pay raise. ;该升工资了.

[14:47.83]Mistakes due to carelessness may have serious consequences. ;由于粗心而造成的错误可 能会引起严重后果.

[14:51.77]error['er ] ;n.错误,差错

[14:52.66]Computers can help check spelling errors, ;电脑能帮助检查拼写 错误,

[14:54.91]so more people's spelling is getting worse. ;所以越来越多人的拼写能 力差了.

[14:57.44]fault[f:lt] ;n.缺点,毛病;? 过错;故障 vt.找...的缺点,挑剔

[14:58.59]Every man has his faults. ;人非圣贤,孰能无过.

[15:00.67]When you love a person you should love him/ her for her faults as well as his/her virtues ;当你爱一个人时,你爱他 /她的优点,也得爱他/她 的缺点.

[15:06.65]gentle['dentl] ;a.和蔼的,温和的; 轻柔的,徐缓的; 不陡的,坡度小的

[15:08.20]Some girls appear gentle,but you shouldn't take it for granted ;有些女孩子表面看上去挺 温柔,但你千万别以为

[15:11.61]that they never lose their temper. ;她们从不发脾气.

[15:13.69]ideal[ai'di l] ;a.理想的,圆满的; 想象的,空想的 n.理想;理想的东西或人

[15:14.88]Leonardo might be an idea lover,but he is too handsome to set a girl's mind at rest. ;列奥纳多也许可以做一个 理想的情人,但是他太英 俊了,让女孩子放心不下.

[15:20.42]incredible [in'kred bl] ;a.不能相信的,不可信的 难以置信的,不可思议的

[15:21.92]People around the world can't hold their wonder ;全世界人们无不惊叹

[15:25.29]at the incredible speed at which the Chinese reconstruct their own country. ;中国人民重建其国家 的惊人速度.

[15:28.21]landscape['lndskeip] ;n.风景,景色;风景画; 全景 vt.美化...的景观

[15:29.76]I am crazy about Italian landscapes because they are colorful. ;我十分迷恋意大利风景画 因为它们色彩极为丰富.

[15:33.79]mercy['m :si] ;n.慈悲,仁慈;恩惠,幸运

[15:35.12]I beg your mercy for another chance. ;求求你大发慈悲再给我一 次机会吧.

[15:37.46]multiply ['mltiplai] ;v.(使)增加,(使)繁殖; 乘,(使)相乘

[15:38.93]When animals have more food,they generally multiply faster. ;动物如果吃得多,通常繁 殖也快.

[15:42.82]If you give the workers proper incentives,efficiency will be multiplied. ;如果你给予工人适当的激 励,可以成倍地提高效率.

[15:47.69]partner['pa:tn ] ;n.配偶,搭档; 伙伴,合伙人 vt.做...的搭档

[15:48.84]You are losing Thomas as a friend? ;失去托马斯的友情吗?

[15:50.92]Didn't I tell you that friends should never be partners in doing business? ;我不是给你讲过,朋友之 间不要合伙做生意吗?

[15:54.60]persist[p 'sist] ;vi.坚持不懈,执意; 持续,继续存在

[15:56.06]On the top of very high mountains snow persists throughout the year. ;高山顶上,积雪终年不化.

[16:00.36]precise[pri'sais] ;a.精确的,准确的;严谨的

[16:01.90]Having won a gold medal in the Olympics, ;赢得一枚奥运会金牌,

[16:04.25]Tao Luna has become famous as one of the world's most precise sharpshooters. ;陶路娜以世界最准确的 神枪手之一而成名.

[16:09.43]prospect['prspekt] ;vt.勘探,勘察

[16:10.27]prospect['prspekt] ;n.前途,前景;景象,景色; 可能成为主顾的人 有希望的候选人

[16:11.02]What do you think of the prospect of cyber economy? ;你对网络经济的前景有何 看法?

[16:14.13]An insurance salesman sometimes calls on quite a few prospects ;保险公司推销员有时访问 好几个可能的顾客

[16:17.58]but fails to make a sale. ;却一笔生意也做不成.

[16:19.53]recover[ri'kv ] ;vi.恢复,痊愈 vt.寻回,收复;使恢复 使健康;挽回,弥补

[16:20.90]Bone marrow transplantation ;做骨髓移植

[16:22.76]is the most effective way for leukaemia patients to recover. ;是白血病人得以痊愈的 最有效的方法.

[16:26.39]restrain [ris'trein] ;vt.阻止,控制; 抑制,遏止

[16:27.89]I can't restrain my anger when I hear of people being cruel to animals. ;当听到有人残酷地对待动 物的时候,我就抑制不住 愤怒.

[16:31.75]scarce[sk s] ;a.缺乏的,不足的; 稀少的,罕见的

[16:33.16]According to a recent study,50 years from now oil will become scarce. ;据最近的研究,50年后石 油将短缺.

[16:37.90]shield[i:ld] ; n.防护物,护罩,盾 vt.防护

[16:39.14]In summer people like to wear sun glasses to shield their eyes from the sun. ;夏天人们爱戴墨镜以使 眼睛免遭太阳光照射.

[16:43.66]succeed[s k'si:d] ;vi.成功;接着发生;继承 vt.接在...后面; 接替,继承

[16:44.99]As she had no son or daughter to succeed her, ;由于没有子女来继承她的 财产,

[16:47.51]the old English lady decided to leave her property to her pet dog. ;那个英国老太太决定由 她心爱的宠物狗来继 承财产.

[16:52.07]treasure['tre ] ;n.金银财宝,财富; 珍品,珍藏品 vt.珍爱,珍视

[16:53.53]Dreams of finding lost treasures in the ancient riverbed almost came true. ;在古河床找到失去的财宝 的梦想几乎变成了现实.

[16:57.65]variation [v ri'ei n] ;n.变化,变动;变体,变种; 变秦(曲)

[16:59.06]British English, American English, Australian English and South African English ;英国英语、美国英语、 澳洲英语和南非英语

[17:03.67]are the major variations of the English language. ;是英语的主要变体.

[17:06.99]worth[w :峕 ;n.价值 prep.值钱的, 相当于...价值的, 值得...的

[17:08.23]The true worth of one's friendship is demonstrated when you are in distress. ;友谊的真正价值体现在你 落难时刻.

[17:12.39]Very few places are worth visiting twice in 10 years, ;很少地方值得在10年内去 两次,

[17:15.67]but Shanghai is an exception. ;但是上海是个例外.

[17:19.83]Lesson 5 ;

[17:23.06]accident['ksid nt] ;n.意外遭遇,事故, 意外因素,意外

[17:24.66]Accidents will happen in the regulated families. ;[谚]家规再严,事端难免.

[17:28.20]John's had an accident;he's been run over by a car. ;约翰出事了,他被一辆小 汽车撞倒了.

[17:32.40]announce[ 'nauns] ;vt.宣布,宣告; 声称,叙说;预示,预告

[17:34.18]The government announced that they would build a new highway ;政府宣布他们将修建一条 新公路

[17:36.92]to the mountains. ;通向山区.

[17:37.98]The invention of the microchip announced a new generation of computers. ;微芯片的发明预示了新一 代计算机的诞生.

[17:42.23]candidate ['kndideit, 'kndidit] ;n.申请求职者;候选人; 投考者

[17:43.74]The Republican candid- ate George W.Bush has become President of the U.S.A. ;乔治.布什已当选为美国 总统.

[17:49.27]clash[kl] ;vi.发生冲突;不协调; 发出撞击声 n.冲突;不协调;撞击声

[17:50.78]This shirt clashes with your trousers. ;这件衬衣和你的裤子 不配.

[17:53.70]I failed to watch the World Cup final because it clashed with my examination. ;我没能看成世界杯 (足球)决赛,因为和我 的考试日期冲突了.

[17:58.26]compromise ['kmpr maiz] ;n.妥协,折中办法 vi.妥协

[17:59.15]compromise ['kmpr maiz] ;vt.危及...的安全; 放弃(原则,利益)

[17:59.99]I would rather die than compromise. ;我宁死不妥协.

[18:02.51]Such conduct will compromise your reputation. ;如此举动将会损害你的 名誉.

[18:05.79]contradiction [kntr 'dik n] ;n.矛盾,不一致; 否认,反驳

[18:07.34]Is it a contradiction to love animals and yet wear furs? ;又爱护动物又穿皮毛服装 是矛盾的吗?

[18:10.92]court[k:t] ;n.法庭,法院;球场;?? 宫廷,宫室,庭院

[18:12.07]The prisoner was brought to court for trial. ;囚犯被带上法庭受审.

[18:14.51]The court found the prisoner not guilty. ;法官判决犯人无罪.

[18:17.52]delicate['delikeit] ;a.易破碎的,脆弱的; 微妙的;娇弱的,纤细 的;精美的,精致的

[18:19.07]The international situation is very delicate at present. ;当前的国际形势十分 微妙.

[18:22.39]Delicate plants must be protected from old wind and frost. ;娇弱的植物必须妥为保护 以避免风霜的侵袭.

[18:26.64]distinction [dis'tik n] ;n.差别,不同;区分,辨别 优秀,杰出;荣誉,优待

[18:28.01]There is no distinction between the twins. ;在这对孪生子之间看不出 有什么明显的差别.

[18:30.45]A distinction should be made between the ;要区分

[18:32.44]primary and the secondary contradictions. ;主要矛盾和次要矛盾.

[18:34.79]economic[i:k 'nmik] ;a.经济的,经济学的

[18:35.72]economic[i:k 'nmik] ;n.[economics]经济学; 经济状况,经济因素; 经济意义

[18:36.34]The economic state is not good in many developing countries. ;许多发展中国家的经济状 况不佳.

[18:39.92]ensure[in'u ] ;vt.保证,担保,确保

[18:41.43]If you want to ensure that you get the diploma, ;如果你想确保获得文凭,?

[18:43.95]you have to work harder and pass all the exams. ;就得努力些,通过所有 考试.

[18:46.96]We can ensure that the work shall be done in the right way. ;我们可以保证把工作 做好.

[18:50.73]gear [gi ] ;n.齿轮,传动装置,(汽车 的)排挡;工具,用具 vt.使适合使适应

[18:51.79]Education should be geared to students's needs. ;教育应适合学生们的 需要.

[18:54.40]Learn to shift gear at the right moment while driving. ;开车要学会在适当的时候 换挡.

[18:57.55]feasible['fi:zib l] ;a.可行的,可能的, 可用的

[18:58.65]It is feasible to apply the computer to language teaching. ;

[19:02.24]grip[grip] ;n.紧握,握牢;掌握,控制 vt.紧握,抓牢; 吸引住...的注意力

[19:03.48]The brake doesn't grip properly. ;刹车不灵.

[19:05.82]Van Gogh's "Sunflower" can always grip my imagination. ;梵高的画《向日葵》总能 引起我的想象.

[19:09.72]honorable['n r bl] ;a.荣誉的,光荣的; 可敬的,高尚的

[19:10.96]Will the honorable member please answer the question? ;请尊敬的议员先生回答这 个问题好吗?

[19:14.06]imagination [i,mdi'nei n] ;n.想象,想象力; 空想,想象的事物

[19:15.70]In the world of words, imagination is one of the forces of nature. ;在文字世界里,想象力是 天赋的能力之一.

[19:19.90]interior [in'ti ri ] ;n.内部;内地,腹地 a.内(部)的,内地的, 国内的

[19:21.41]Nowdays interior design is a very promising industry. ;室内设计是当今颇具前途 的行业.

[19:25.26]manufacture [,mnju'fkt ] ;vt.(大量)制造,加工 n.(大量)制造,制造业 [pl.]产品

[19:26.77]All those underground plants that manufacture piratic CDs must be closed down. ;所有制造盗版光盘的地下 工厂都必须查封.

[19:31.90]To develop manufactures to the utmost, ;若要极大地发展制造业

[19:34.38]China must have new markets for her products. ;中国就必须拥有销售其 产品的新市场.

[19:37.22]mobile['m ubail] ;a.运动的,活动的, 可移动的;机动的, 流动的;易变的

[19:38.10]mobile['m ubail] ;n.移动电话

[19:38.50]The mobile medical team will soon be here. ;巡回医疗队不久就要到 这儿来.

[19:41.38]Now more and more Chinese own mobile phones and they are not luxuries any more. ;现在越来越多的中国人有 手机,手机再也不是奢侈 品了.

[19:46.78]overcome[, uv 'km] ;vt.战胜,克服;(感情等) 压倒,使受不了

[19:48.29]The Chinese Women's Volleyball Team overcome a lot of difficulty ;中国女排克服重重困 难,

[19:51.61]to win the match. ;赢得了这场比赛的胜利.

[19:53.02]permanent ['p :m n nt] ;a.永久性的,固定的

[19:54.35]True love should be permanent. ;真爱应该是永恒的.

[19:56.30]predict[pri'dikt] ;vt.预言;预测;预示

[19:57.50]Timely snow predicts a bumper harvest. ;瑞雪兆丰年.

[20:00.46]A crystal ball is said to be able to predict the future in some Western countries. ;在一些西方国家中,人们 说水晶球可以预兆未来.

[20:05.07]proposal [pr 'p uz l] ;n.提议,建议;求婚

[20:06.53]Proposal is easier than performance. ;提议容易实行难,

[20:09.05]How could you make a proposal without a ring? ;你怎么可以去求婚而不带 上戒指呢?

[20:11.71]recreation ['rekri'ei n] ;n.消遣,娱乐

[20:12.95]Karaoke is many young people's favorite recreation. ;唱卡拉OK 是许多年轻人 喜欢的娱乐活动.

[20:16.93]resume[ri'zju:m] ;v.继续,(中断后) 重新开始,恢复 n.摘要,概略,简历

[20:18.66]We resumed our work after a rest. ;休息之后我们重新开始 工作.

[20:21.18]segment['segm nt] ;n.部分;片段;节;弧形

[20:22.47]Do you still remember the most wonderful segment of Gone with the Wind? ;你还记得《飘》中最精彩 的片段吗?

[20:26.41]shortage[':tid] ;n.不足,缺乏

[20:27.65]In the developed countries there's a great shortage of labor/work force. ;发达国家劳动力非常 缺乏.

[20:31.32]subtract[s b'trkt] ;v.减去,减

[20:32.61]If you subtract 3 from 5,you get 2. (3 subtracted from 5 is 2.) ;5减3等于2.

[20:37.87]That subtractts nothing from his merit. ;那丝毫没有减损他的 功绩.

[20:40.75]total['t ut l] ;a.总的,全部的; n.总数,合计

[20:41.64]total['t ut l] ;vi.合计,总计 vt.计算...的总和

[20:42.21]The UN Security Council has a total of five countries as its permanent members. ;联合国安理会总共有5个 常任理事国.

[20:47.08]underline['nd 'lain] ;vt.在...下面划线; 强调,突出

[20:48.41]Do you underline the important points ;阅读时你会将要点

[20:50.40]and things you don't understand while reading? ;和不明之处划处出来吗?

[20:54.04]Lesson 6 ;

[20:56.51]accidental [,ksi'dent l] ;a.意外的,偶尔发生的

[20:57.80]Their accidental meeting led to a renewal of their acquaintance. ;偶然的相遇使他们重续 前缘.

[21:01.25]alternative [:l't :n tiv] ;a.两者择一的,供选择的 另类的,他择性的

[21:02.18]alternative [:l't :n tiv] ;n.取舍,抉择,供选择的 东西;选择的余地

[21:02.80]I couldn't afford the trip to Xinjiang, ;不够钱去新疆旅游,

[21:04.97]so I had no alternative but to stay at home this vacation. ;所以这个假期我只能呆 在家里.

[21:08.34]Have you got an alternative suggestion? ;你有没有其他的建议可 选择?

[21:10.77]career [k 'ri ] ;n.生涯,职业

[21:12.14]The technological innovation of recent years have changed the nature of many jobs ;近几年来的技术改革改变 了许多工作的性质

[21:16.31]and influenced the careers of many people. ;并影响着许多人的职业 生涯.

[21:19.01]collision[k 'li n] ;n.碰撞;冲突,抵触

[21:20.20]In Britian,a collision with the Parliament could ruin the government's plans. ;在英国,政府与议会的冲 突可能使政府的计划破产

[21:24.32]concede[k n'si:d] ;vi.让步,认输 vt.(不情愿的)承认,

[21:24.98]concede[k n'si:d] ;vt.承认...为真(或正确) (在结果确定前)承认失败 允许,让与

[21:25.65]The Democratic Party conceded defeat as soon as the election results were known. ;大选结果一揭晓,民主党 就承认失败.

[21:30.07]After the First World War Germany conceded its neighbors much valuable land. ;第一次世界大战后,德国 让与其邻国许多宝贵的 领土.

[21:35.39]contribution [,kntri'bju: n] ;n.贡献,促成作用; 捐款,捐献物; (投给报刊等的)稿件

[21:36.94]Mr.He Zhenliang has made an important contribution to the Olympic bid. ;何振梁先生为申奥做出了 重大贡献.

[21:41.90]custom['kst m] ;n.习俗;风俗;惯例 [pl.]海关,关税

[21:43.36]In ancient times the custom of shaking hands ;在古时候,握手的惯例

[21:46.10]served to transfer power or authority. ;用以表示转让力量或 权威.

[21:48.80]devote[di'v ut] ;vt.把...专用于; 将...奉献给

[21:49.95]Nurses devote themselves to the care of the sick. ;护士致力于护理病人的 事业.

[21:52.79]The magazine Nature is devoted to science. ;《自然》杂志专门刊载科 技文章.

[21:55.80]donation [d u'nei n] ;n.捐赠品,捐款; 捐赠,赠送'

[21:57.13]Bill Gates made a donation of 100 million U.S.dollars ;比尔.盖茨捐赠了1亿 美元

[22:00.01]to the Global AIDS and Health Fund. ;给全球艾滋病健康基金会

[22:02.26]embarrass[im'br s] ;vt.使窘,使尴尬, 使不好意思

[22:03.68]The decline of sales embarrassed the company. ;销路下降使公司陷于财政 困难.

[22:06.34]It embarrassed him (He was embarrassed) ;他觉得很尴尬

[22:07.71]when he found he hadn't enough money to invite his girl friend to dinner. ;当他发现自己不够钱请女 友吃晚饭时,

[22:11.61]exlusive[iks'klu:siv] ;a.奢华的,高级的; 独有的,独享的; 排斥的,排他的;

[22:12.49]exlusive[iks'klu:siv] ;a.(~of)不包括...的 n.独家新闻

[22:13.11]Hair is exclusive in mammals. ;毛发是辅乳动物独有的.

[22:15.50]Some journalists are willing to get the exclusive at any cost. ;有的记者愿意不惜一切的 获取独家新闻.

[22:19.49]fiction['fik n] ;n.小说

[22:20.68]Truth is often stranger than fiction. ;真事常常比小说还离奇.

[22:23.38]general['den r l] ;n.将军 a.一般的,普通的;总的, 全体的;笼统的,大体的

[22:24.80]The Conservative Party failed in the general election for all their pains. ;尽管保守党费尽了心机, 还是在大选中遭到了 失败.

[22:28.79]I like games in general,and especially football. ;各种运动我一般都喜欢, 尤其是足球.

[22:32.68]humble[hmb l] ;vt.使谦虚,使...卑下

[22:33.79]humble[hmb l] ;a.卑贱的,地位(或身份) 低下的;谦虚的, 谦逊的;简陋的,低劣的

[22:34.14]Defeat and failure may make people humble. ;挫折和失败会使人变得 谦卑.

[22:37.15]infinite['infinit] ;a.无穷的,无限的, 无边无际的

[22:38.35]Infinite space surrounds the Earth. ;地球周围围绕着无限的 空间.

[22:40.74]judgement ['ddm nt] ;n.看法,评价,意见; 判断,判断力; 审判,判决

[22:42.02]As a qualified premier he is a man of good judgement. ;作为一个很有才干的总 理,他具有很强的判断 力.

[22:45.65]The judgement was in her favor and she was released from custody. ;判决对她有利,她被当庭 释放.

[22:49.59]miss[mis] ;n.小姐 vt.未击中,未达到; 未赶上;惦念;未注意 到,未明白;避免

[22:50.66]Don't miss our bargain offers! ;本店大减价,勿矢良机!

[22:52.87]Miss India was honored with Miss Globe for the year 2000. ;印度小姐荣膺2000年度 环球小姐.

[22:56.24]opposite ['p zit','p sit] ;prep/ad.在对面 a.对面的;相反的,对立的 n.对立面,对立物

[22:57.47]It is said that opposites attract. ;都说异性相吸.

[22:59.73]My view is just the opposite.Do you accept opinions opposite to yours? ;我的观点正相反,你接受 与你的意见相对立的意见 吗?

[23:04.38]performance [p 'f:m ns] ;n.演出,表演.履行,执行; 工作情况,表现; 工作性能

[23:05.76]Windows 98 has a very satisfactory performance. ;Windows 98 的性能令 人很满意.

[23:09.16]He is faithful in the performance of his duties. ;他忠于职守.

[23:12.22]pledge [pled] ;n.保证,誓言 vt.保证,许诺

[23:13.46]Take this gift as a pledge of our friendship. ;把这个作为我们友谊象征 的礼物收下吧.

[23:15.89]You must be pledged to keeping the secret. ;你必须誓守秘密.

[23:18.82]profit['prfit] ;n.利润,收益,益处 vt.有益于,有利于 vi(~by,~from)得益

[23:20.32]We can profit by making mistakes. ;我们可以从错误中得到 教益.

[23:22.80]We hope our criticisms and suggestions will profit you. ;我们希望我们的批评和建 议将对你有所裨益.

[23:26.61]recognition [,rek g'ni n] ;n.认出,识别; 承认,确认,认可; 赏识,表彰,报偿

[23:28.25]Henry Tanner received widespread recognition ;亨利坦纳受到了 广泛的承认,

[23:30.90]for his naturalistic painting of plantation life. ;是由于他对种植园生活的 自然主义描画.

[23:33.60]The arms race leads to the recognition by the superpowers that arms talks must be resumed. ;军备竞赛使超级大国认识 到必须重开军备谈判.

[23:39.67]reflect[ri'flekt] ;v.反射,映现;反映,显示; 深思,反省,考虑

[23:41.04]Baseball reflects America's history, just as Roslyn Mazer put it. ;罗斯林.马泽尔说过,棒 球反映出美国的历史.

[23:45.47]A child's bad behavior reflects on his home training. ;孩子的坏行为可归咎于家 教不严.

[23:49.19]sacrifice ['skrifais] ;n.牺牲,舍身;葬品; 献祭,供奉

[23:50.70]A mother would sacrifice her life for her children. ;母亲为自己的孩子操劳 一生.

[23:53.79]shock[k] ;n.震动,冲击;震惊,惊鄂; 休克;电震,电击 v.(使)震惊

[23:54.99]It was a great shock for him when his wife died. ;妻子的死对他是一种沉重 的打击.

[23:57.38]I was shocked when I heard about your accident. ;当我听到你出事后我很 震惊.

[23:59.99]talk[t:k] ;vi.讲话,谈论,交谈 vt.讲,说,谈论

[24:00.88]talk[t:k] ;n.谈话,会讲;讲演,讲话; 会谈;闲话,流言蜚语

[24:01.32]I hate talk and no action. ;我讨厌光有一大堆空话而 无实际行动.

[24:03.58]Peace talks between the two sides will be held again in Seoul soon. ;双方不久将在汉城重开 和谈.

[24:07.56]true[tru:] ;a.真实的,确实的; 真正的;真的;忠实的, 忠诚的;正确的,精确的

[24:08.72]It is true that the city can provide much convenience and entertainment, ;确实,城市能提供许多方 便和娱乐,

[24:12.30]which is the very reason why people can't bear to part with city life. ;这正是人们为什么不愿 放弃城市生活的主要原 因.

[24:16.29]variety[v 'rai ti] ;n.品种,种类; 变化,多样性,多样化

[24:17.75]The secretary complained that her paperwork lacked variety. ;秘书抱怨她的文书工作缺 少变化.

[24:21.38]watch[wt] ;n.表;看管,监视

[24:21.91]watch[wt] ;v.注视,观看;看守, 监视,照看;小心,当心

[24:22.35]You have to watch it when you step onto the ice. ;你走上冰面时一定要 留神了!

[24:25.45]Keep watch against thieves! ;谨防小偷!

[24:29.44]Lesson 7 ;

[24:32.54]accommodation [ ,km 'dei n] ;n.[常pl.]住处,膳宿

[24:34.04]The high cost of accommodation makes life difficult for many Chinese students ;住宿昂贵使很多中国留 学生感到生活困难.

[24:38.11]in London. ;在伦敦

[24:39.13]alliance [ 'lai ns] ;n.结盟,联盟

[24:40.15]China is a nonaligned country and will never enter into other countries' alliances. ;中国是不结盟国家,不会 加入其他国家的联盟.

[24:45.15]In the Second World War,the United States, Britian, ;在第二次世界大战中, 美、英、

[24:48.52]France and some other countries made an alliance against German Fascists. ;法等国家结成联盟反对 德国法西斯.

[24:52.99]coarse [k:s] ;a.粗的,粗糙的; 粗劣的;粗俗的

[24:54.27]On the stage, ;在台上,

[24:55.38]a stand-up comedian is performing a coarse imitation of President Bush. ;一位滑稽说笑的戏剧演员 正粗劣地模仿布什总统.

[24:59.19]Ultraviolet rays,dust, air-conditioning can make your skin coarse. ;紫外线、灰尘、空调等都 会使皮肤粗糙.

[25:03.97]concern[k n's :n] ;n.关切的事有关的事; 关心;担心;关系; 公司,企业

[25:04.86]concern[k n's :n] ;vt.涉及,有关于;使担 心,使关心

[25:05.43]Weak financial posture of "Netease" is starting to concern its stockholders. ;“网易”的财政危机 已开始困扰股东.

[25:10.48]A girl's concern is different from a boy's. ;女孩子关心的事和男孩子 所关心的不一样.

[25:13.62]crucial['kru: l] ;a.至关重要的,决定性的

[25:15.00]Generally in science, the 19th century is reckoned ;在科学领域中,19世纪通 常被看成是

[25:18.28]as the crucial period for the change in the structure of science. ;科学结构发生变化的关 键时期.

[25:21.68]Selecting a location is crucial to the opening of a store. ;地点的正确选择对开店是 至关重要的.

[25:25.58]defend[di'fend] ;vt.保卫,?? 为...辩护, 为……(论文等)答辩

[25:27.13]Fan Zhiyi is better at attacking than defending. ;范志毅的进攻优于防守.

[25:30.76]The soldiers swore to defend the Nansha Isles against invasion ;战士们誓言保卫南沙群岛 不受侵犯.

[25:35.45]dominant['dmin nt] ;a.占优势的,支配的, 统治的;居高临下的, 高耸的

[25:37.09]Russia is the dominant nation in Eastern Europe. ;俄罗斯是东欧的主要 国家.

[25:39.97]The Big Bang,first put forward in the 1920s, ;宇宙大爆炸理论最初于20 世纪20年代提出,

[25:43.20]acts as the dominant explanation of the cosmos. ;这是宇宙形成的最具权威 性的解释.

[25:46.34]emphasize['emf saiz] ;vt.强调,着重,加强的 语气

[25:48.11]Our government must use mass media to emphasize ;我们的政府要通过大众媒 体强调

[25:50.79]the important of a clean environment and the harm of polluted environment. ;营造清洁环境的重要性 以及一个受污染的环 境的危害性.

[25:55.24]Computer-analyzed marketing reports can help to decide which products to emphasize. ;计算机分析的市场报告可 以用来帮助决策现在着重 发展何种产品.

[26:00.20]execute['eksikju:t] ;vt.处死,处决;实施, 执行,完成

[26:01.49]McVeigh was executed for his crime. ;迈克维被处决,他是罪有 应得.

[26:04.27]The manager assistant came here to execute a few small commissions for the manager. ;经理助理到这里来是代替 经理办几件小事的.

[26:09.37]file [fail] ;n.挡案,卷宗,文件; 文件夹,公文柜;纵列

[26:09.81]file [fail] ;vt.把文件归档,把登记 备案,提出...申请书等

[26:10.25]file [fail] ;vi.(~for)提出,排成纵 队行进

[26:10.87]Here's our file on the results of the business in the past five years. ;这是我们过去五年来经营 成绩的案卷.

[26:14.59]Computer technology makes it possible to store vast amounts of data ;计算机技术使将大量资料 贮存在

[26:18.40]in machine-readable files. ;可机读的文档成为可能.

[26:21.01]glance[gla:ns,glns] ;vt.看一眼;扫视 n.一瞥,扫视

[26:22.56]It was said that Hua Tuo,the well-known Chinese doctor in ancient times, ;据说,中国古时候的名 医华佗

[26:26.41]could tell whether a person was ill with one glance at his face. ;只要朝人脸上看一眼, 就知道他是否有病.

[26:30.53]humor ['hju:m ] ;n.幽默,诙谐; 情绪,心情

[26:31.68]The humor in Hawthorn's writing is not be absorbed in a hurry. ;霍桑作品中的幽默不是一 下子能领会的.

[26:35.49]People appreciate working with Mark Twain because he has a good sense of humor. ;人们喜欢和马克.吐温一 起工作,因为他很有幽 默感.

[26:40.05]influence['influ ns] ;n.影响(力);产生影响的 人(或事物);势力,权势 vt.影响

[26:41.20]Family influence dominates the shaping of one's characteristics. ;家庭的影响对于塑造一个 人的性格起主要作用.

[26:45.36]lease[li:s] ;n.租借,租约 vt.出租;租有,租得

[26:46.47]The firm leases an office with views over the river. ;公司租有一个带临河风景 的办事处.

[26:49.83]When does the lease expire? ;租约什么时候期满?

[26:52.09]The lease has four years left. ;租约还有4年到期.

[26:54.79]offense[ 'fens] ;n.犯规,违法行为; 得罪,冒犯

[26:56.52]Guangdong province has promised a reward of up to 300,000 yuan ($36.000) ;广东省承诺,可以给多达 30万元(36,000美元) 的赏金

[27:00.59]to drug offense informers ;给毒品犯罪举报人,

[27:02.45]if they provide important information on drug trafficking. ;如果他们能提供毒品走私 的重要情报.

[27:06.04]It's an offense to drive a car at night without lights. ;夜晚行车不开灯是违 章的.

[27:09.23]Genocide is an offense to all civilized human beings. ;种族灭绝是违反文明人的 道德规范的罪行.

[27:13.34]penalty['pen lti] ;n.处罚,惩罚,罚金

[27:14.76]A football player may be given a yellow card or a red card penalty ;足球队员在比赛中会受到 黄牌或红牌处罚

[27:18.26]for his unnecessary roughness during the match. ;因其不必要的粗暴行为.

[27:21.14]position[p 'zi n] ;n.位置,方位;地位,职务; 姿势;见解,立场 vt.安放,放置,安置

[27:22.38]I am not in a position to lend you money because I am broke myself. ;我没能力借钱给你,因为 我自己也花光了.

[27:26.67]Many fans position themselves in the Beijing airport to greet Ricky Martin. ;许多歌迷站在北京机场的 出口处迎接瑞奇.马丁.

[27:31.45]promise['prmis] ;n.承诺,诺言;希望,出息 vt.允诺,答应; 有...可能,有希望

[27:31.94]promise['prmis] ;vt.允诺;有指望,有前途

[27:33.00]Remember to carry out your promise.(Remember to carry out what you have promised.) ;记住要履行诺言.

[27:38.01]Clouds give promise of rain.(Clouds promise rain.) ;阴云预示着雨的来临.

[27:40.71]reference['refr ns] ;n.提到,谈及;参考,查阅; 参考书目;证明书(或人) 推荐信(或人)

[27:42.26]We are now forwarding you a catalog for your reference. ;现寄去我方产品目录以供 参考.

[27:45.36]I asked for a reference letter from IBM Company when I resigned. ;我辞职的时候向IBM公司 索取了自荐信.

[27:49.96]resource [ri's:s,'ris:s] ;n.[pl.]资源,财力; 应付方法,谋略

[27:51.24]The Department of Human Resources is an important department in many big companies. ;人力资源部是许多大公司 的一个重要部门.

[27:56.11]Zhuge Liang was a man of great resource. ;诸葛亮是个足智多谋 的人.

[27:59.43]scan[skn] ;vt.细看,审视; 浏览;扫描 n.扫描

[28:00.85]Many people like to scan the newspaper while having breakfast ;许多人喜欢在吃早饭的时 候浏览一下报纸.

[28:04.70]Migrating wild geese scan the ground for possible danger before they land. ;迁徙野鹅在着陆之前总要 细看有无危险.

[28:09.75]sheer[i ] ;a.完全的,十足的; 陡峭的,垂直的; 极薄的,透明的

[28:10.42]sheer[i ] ;ad.垂直的,陡峭的 v.(~off)急转向,偏离

[28:10.90]Sucess is not achieved by sheer luck. ;成功不是完全靠运气取 得的.

[28:13.91]"Mentholatum" sheer color balm is a new product loved by young girls. ;“曼秀雷敦”薄色润唇膏 是新推出的产品,受到女 孩子们的喜爱.

[28:19.01]state[steit] ;n.状态,情况; 国家,政府;州 vt.陈述,说明

[28:20.51]A healthy state of mind is the source of a happy life. ;健康的心态是幸福生活的 源泉.

[28:23.74]Please state your name,age and occupation in a few words. ;请用简短的话陈述一下你 的姓名,年龄和职业.

[28:23.87]succession [s k'se n] ;n.连续,继承继任; 一连串,一系列

[28:25.03]The Olympics start with the arrival in the stadium of a torch, ;奥运会以火把到达体育场 为开始,

[28:28.39]lighted on Mount Olympus by the sun's rays ;火把在奥林匹斯山上用 太阳光点燃,

[28:31.15]and carried by a succession of runners to the stadium. ;并由一个接一个的选手送 到体育场.

[28:34.41]tolerance['tl r ns] ;n.宽容,容忍;忍耐(力)

[28:36.05]Turn the volume down, please.My tolerance to noise is limited. ;请把音量关小,我对嗓音 的忍耐力是有限的.

[28:40.61]Tolerance between the races in the world is a global goal. ;世界各民族间的互相宽容 是全球的目标.

[28:44.51]tremendous [tr 'mend s] ;a.巨大的;精彩的, 了不起的

[28:45.79]Some pop fans had a tremendous night at the theater last night with Leon's concert. ;昨天晚上一些流行歌迷在 剧院听黎明的音乐会,度 过了一个美妙的夜晚.

[28:50.88]Like the other parts of China, ;与中国其他地方一样,

[28:52.92]Dalian has also made tremendous progress in its social and economic development. ;大连在社会经济发展方面 也取得了巨大的进步.

[28:58.10]trend[trend] ;n.倾向,趋向,趋势; 时尚,时新款式

[28:59.32]The growth in the American population in the 1950s ;20世纪50年代美国人口 的增长

[29:02.33]partly derived from a trend toward earlier marriages ;部分是因为早婚的倾向

[29:05.56]and an increase in the average size of families. ;以及家庭平均规模的 扩大.

[29:08.62]SOHO has become a new international trend. ;在家办公已成为一种国际 时尚.

[29:12.16]unexpected [,nik'spektid] ;a.想不到的,意外的

[29:13.66]Noise can have unexpe- cted harmful effects on performance in certain kinds of tasks ;噪音会对某些任务的完成 有意想不到的不利影响.

[29:18.58]Many unexpected things would happen in one's life. ;人的一生中会发生很多意 想不到的事.

[29:22.03]virtually ['v :tju li] ['v :tu li] ;ad.实际上,事实上

[29:23.49]Some manufacturers make all sorts of promises, ;有些生产商许下各种各样 的诺言,

[29:26.37]but it virtually means nothing. ;但事实上却啥也不做.

[29:28.58]If we travel by Concorde,New York and Paris are virtually neighbours. ;如果乘搭协和式飞机旅 行,纽约和巴黎几乎是 邻居.

[29:33.45]weakness ['wi:knis] ;n.虚弱,衰弱,软弱; 弱点,缺点;偏好,嗜好

[29:35.05]Education as a mirror of a society,can help us see the strengths, the weakness, ;作为社会的一面镜子,教 育可以帮助我们看清这种 文化本身的优点、缺点、

[29:40.63]the hopes,the prejudices,and the central values of the culture itself. ;希望、偏见和起支配作用 的价值观.

[29:45.19]Women have a weakness for shopping. ;女士都有爱逛街的嗜好.

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