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[00:00.10]Lesson 28 ;

[00:01.47]alien['eili n] ;n.外国人,外星人 a.外国的,外国人的; 陌生的;性质不同的, 不相容的

[00:02.62]We shouldn't ignore others' opinions just because they are alien to our own ideas. ;我们不是因为别人的想法 与我们的截然不同就忽视 他人的意见.

[00:06.73]assault[ 's:lt] ;n./vt.攻击,袭击

[00:07.76]Lately there have been violent assaults in Jerusalem ;近来在耶路撒冷常常爆发 暴力冲突

[00:10.31]between the Israelites and Palestinians. ;在以色列人与巴勒斯坦人 之间.

[00:13.31]bandage['bndid] ; n.绷带 vt.用绷带绑扎

[00:14.38]The surgeon bandaged up the injured head of the player ;外科医生把那个球员受伤 的头部包扎起来,

[00:16.88]and the player dashed back into the field again. ;球员又冲回了球场.

[00:19.27]bribe[braib] ;n.贿赂,行贿赂 vi.向…行贿,买通

[00:20.21]The French minister was accused of having taken bribes in the arms deal. ;那个法国的部长被指控 在武器交易中接受了 贿赂.

[00:23.95]clip[klip] ;n.夹子,回行针;弹夹, 弹仓;剪报,电影片断

[00:24.53]clip[klip] ;vt.(用夹子,回行针) 夹住,扣住;剪,修剪; 消减,缩短

[00:24.98]Soon the guard on the train came and clipped our tickets. ;不久列车员走过来给我 们剪了票.

[00:27.61]We were relieved that we made it. 我们终于赶上了火车, 大家松了一口气. ;

[00:29.91]colonial[k 'l uni l] ;a.殖民地的

[00:31.35]The Latin American and African people have successfully fought against colonial rule. ;拉丁美洲和非洲人民成功 地进行了反对殖民统治的 斗争.

[00:35.62]decimal['desim l] ;a.十进位的 n.小数

[00:36.65]The decimal system is based on the number 10 and is universally adopted. ;十进位制基于数字10, 在全球被广泛地采用.

[00:41.09]dignity['digniti] ;n.庄严,端庄;尊严,高贵

[00:42.24]Athough she is very poor,she has not lost her dignity. ;她虽然很穷,但没有失 去她的尊严.

[00:45.44]A man's dignity depends not upon his wealth or rank but upon his character. ;人的真正价值不在财富 或地位,而在他的品质.

[00:50.29]drastic['drstik] ;a.严厉的,极端的; 激烈的,迅猛的

[00:51.48]The members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization ;上海合作组织的成员国

[00:53.91]are determined to take drastic measure to combat terrorism. ;决心采取果断措施打击 恐怖主义.

[00:57.11]erupt[i'rpt] ;vi.(火山等)喷发,(岩 浆等)喷出;(战争,危 机等)爆发,突然发生

[00:58.06]The volcano in a Philippine island erupted after years of dormancy. ;那座菲律宾岛上的火山 在沉睡多年后剧烈活动 起来.

[01:01.92]ferry['feri] ;n.渡船 vt.渡运

[01:02.87]The mother has to ferry her children to and from sports, ;那位母亲每天都开车接 送孩子往返于运动场、

[01:06.03]parties,schools,etc.in her car. ;晚会和学校等等.

[01:08.82]fling[fli] ;vt.(用力地)仍,掷,丢 n.尽情欢乐的一阵, 一时的放纵

[01:09.73]Don't fling your clothes about on the chair;hang them up. ;别把衣服乱扔在椅子上, 把它们挂起来.

[01:12.85]grim[grim] ;a.讨厌的;严酷的,无情的

[01:13.76]The little girl was frightened into crying by his grim smile. ;他的狞笑把小女孩吓得 哭起来.

[01:17.91]handicap['hndikp] ;n./vt.障碍,妨碍

[01:19.88]It is said that ;有人说,

[01:20.54]the level of a society can be seen from one nation's attitude toward the handicap. ;一个社会的文明程度可以 通过其对于残障人士的态 度反映出来.

[01:24.97]Being small in a basketball match is a handicap. ;在篮球比赛中,个子 小吃亏.

[01:28.26]jerk[d :k] ;vt.使猝然一动,猛拉 vi.猝然一动 n.猛拉,急推

[01:29.29]Hearing my name mentioned,I instinctively jerked my head back. ;听到有人说我的名字,我 出于本能猛地回过头来.

[01:32.95]lofty[l:fti] ;a.高傲的,傲慢的;崇高的 高尚的;高耸的,极高的

[01:33.85]The Japanese invasion of Asian countries was carried out ;日本对亚洲国家进行了 侵略,

[01:36.96]under the false lofty propaganda of emancipating them from colonialism. ;在把亚洲人民从殖民主义 手中解放出来的虚伪崇高 的宣传之下.

[01:41.45]marshal['ma: l] ;n.元帅,最高指挥官

[01:42.48]It is often said ;常言说,

[01:43.55]a marshal is made on the white bones of thousands of average soldiers. ;一将功成万骨枯.

[01:47.16]mutter['mt ] ;vt./n.轻声低语, 小声抱怨

[01:48.19]He was muttering on the telephone so I asked him to speak more clearly. ;他打电话声音很低,因此 我让他说得清楚些.

[01:52.10]overthrow [?uv 'r u] ;vt./n.打倒,推翻

[01:53.41]To provide enough manpower for ever- growing northern factories ;为了给北方日渐扩大的工 厂提供足够的劳动力,

[01:56.99]slavery in the southern states had to be overthrown. ;南方的奴隶制必须推翻.

[01:59.95]That was what ignited the American Civil War. ;那是美国南北战争的 原因.

[02:02.78]overwhelm [?uv 'welm] ;vt.(感情上)使承受不了 使不知所措; 征服,制服

[02:04.01]In last week's semi-final,the Manchester United overwhelmed Liz by 4-0 ;在上周的半决赛中,曼 联队以4比0击败利兹队.

[02:09.07]pearl[p :l] ;n.珍珠,珠状物

[02:10.01]In the early morning, you can see pearls of dew glistening on the grass. ;晨曦初露的时候,可以看 到露珠在草上闪烁.

[02:13.51]He who would search for pearls must dive below. ;欲寻珍珠就要潜到水里. (不入虎穴,焉得虎子.)

[02:17.12]petty['peti] ;a.小的,琐碎的,不重 要的,气量小的,心胸狭 窄的

[02:18.31]Our oversight of petty details in the contract caused us considerable. ;由于忽视合同中的细节, 我们亏损不小.

[02:22.51]premium['primj m] ;n.保险金;奖品,赠品, 额外津贴 a.高级的,优质的; 售价高的

[02:23.57]Farmers are offered a premium for organically grown vegetables. ;农民以有机方式种植蔬菜 而获得津贴.

[02:26.94]propaganda [妏rp 'gnd ] ;n.宣传

[02:28.01]There has been a good deal of propaganda about the dangers of drunk driving. ;关于酒后驾驶的危害已 做过大量宣传.

[02:31.30]romance[r u'mns] ;n.爱情小说,传奇故事

[02:32.37]The film Roman Holiday is a romance between a princess and a journalist. ;电影〈罗马假日〉讲的是 一个公主和一个记者的爱 情故事.

[02:36.52]sober['s ub ] ;a.未醉的,有节制的; 严肃的,持重的; (颜色等)素淡的

[02:37.75]A more sober life is advisable to an unrestrained one. ;有节制的生活肯定比 放纵的好.

[02:41.61]surpass[s :p?s] ;vt.超过,优于,多于; 超过…的界限

[02:42.81]Though we thought that we might lose in the first round,the result surpassed our hopes. ;尽管我们认为可能在首轮 即遭淘汰,结果比所期望 的要好.

[02:46.87]tariff['trif] ;n.关税,税率;(旅馆, 饭店)价目表,收费表

[02:47.70]There is a very high tariff on jewelry. ;宝石类的税率很高,

[02:49.87]That's why imported jewelry is so expensive. ;因此进口宝石很贵.

[02:52.34]token['t uk n] ;n.信物,纪念品

[02:53.41]When people meet,they shake hands as a token of friendship. ;人们相逢的时候,握手以 表示友谊.

[02:56.41]tribute['tribju:t] ;n.贡品;颂词,称赞

[02:57.48]The government paid tribute to Dr. Sun Yatsen ;为表达对孙中山先生的 敬意,

[02:59.86]by naming the city in which he was born after him. ;政府把他出生的城 市命名为中山市.

[03:02.08]wrinkle['rikl] ;n./vi.皱纹,使起皱纹

[03:03.06]Many moisturizers claim to be anti- wrinkle. ;很多润肤霜都声称是 抗皱的.

[03:05.86]At the mention of the so-called brilliant scheme,she wrinkled her nose in disdain. ;听了那所谓的妙计之后, 她皱鼻子表示不屑.

[03:12.43]Lesson 29 ;

[03:15.31]agony['g ni] ;n.(极度的)痛苦,创伤

[03:16.30]When he was told that he scored 59 in the CET Band 6,he was in an agony of remorse. ;当被告知大学英语6级考 试得了59分的时候,他 处于极端悔恨之中.

[03:21.60]bleak[bli:k] ;a.没有希望的,凄凉的; 荒凉的

[03:22.42]The future of a firm will be very bleak indeed if it can't devise new products. ;一个公司如果不能设计 出新产品,那它的前景 就非常暗淡.

[03:26.57]bog[bg] ;n.沼泽 v.使陷入困境; 使陷入泥沼

[03:27.35]Cathathy Pacific's talks with the pilots ;国泰航空与飞行员们进行 的谈判

[03:29.35]got bogged down on the question of the pay rise. ;在关于增加工资的问题上 陷入僵局.

[03:31.79]caution['k: n] ;n.小心,谨慎;警告 vt.警告,劝…小心

[03:32.77]You should exercise extreme caution when driving in the rain. ;在雨中开车要极为小心.

[03:36.14]chorus['k:r s] ;n.合唱团;合唱;合唱曲; 齐声 vt.齐声说,随声附和

[03:37.25]The papers all chorused the praises of the ;各报不约而同地颂扬

[03:39.45]positive suggestions of the government. ;政府积极性的建议.

[03:41.49]denial[di'nai l] ;n.否认;拒绝,拒绝给予

[03:42.56]The government issued a firm denial of the rumor. ;政府正式发表声明, 对传闻加以否认.

[03:45.27]detach[di'tt] ;vt.(~from)拆卸, 使分开,使分离

[03:46.21]Don't detach yourself from reality. ;不要脱离实际.

[03:48.76]domain[d u'mein] ;n.(活动,思维等)领域, 范围;领地,势力范围

[03:49.91]In the domain of letters, ;在文学界,

[03:51.14]it is notoriously known that writers tend to disparage each other. ;文人相轻是人所共知、 臭名在外.

[03:54.76]endurance[in'dju r ns] ;n.忍耐力,持久(力), 耐久(性)

[03:56.12]Long distance runners need great endurance ;长跑运动员需要有很大 的耐力,

[03:58.25]while running short distance calls for explosive force. ;跑短途就需要爆发力.

[04:01.25]extract[iks'trkt] ;vt.提出,抽出; 提取,提炼;摘录,抄录 n.摘录,选段; 提出物,精,汁

[04:02.16]She read me a few extracts from her own new novel ;她把她自己的新小说念 了几段给我听,

[04:04.93]and asked me to make comments on them. ;要我说我的看法.

[04:06.80]flutter['flt ] ;vi.(鸟)振翼,飞行;飘动 飘扬,(心脏等)快速跳动 n.紧张,激动不安

[04:07.83]A white bird fluttered its wings on the grass trying to shake off the rain. ;一只白色的小鸟在草地上 拍打着翅膀,试图抖落 雨水.

[04:11.65]The red flags on the city tower are fluttering in the wind. ;城中塔楼上的红旗在风中 飘扬.

[04:14.57]gamble['gmbl] ;v.赌博,打赌;投机,冒险

[04:15.43]You shouldn't gamble with your future.Get yourself fully prepared! ;你不应该拿你的前途作 赌注,孤注一掷.你得 做好充分准备.

[04:19.05]heir[ ] ;n.继承人

[04:19.91]Richard was his father's only heir,as he had no brothers or sisters. ;理查德是他父亲的惟一 继承人,因为他没有兄 弟姐妹.

[04:24.22]hemisphere['hemisfi ] ;n.地球的半球, 大脑的半球

[04:25.42]The Northern Hemisphere is the part of the world north of the equator, ;北半球是地球赤道以北的 部分,

[04:28.70]and the Southern Hemisphere is south of the equator. ;南半球是赤道以南 的部分.

[04:31.54]inject[in'dkt] ;vt.注射(药液), 给…注射;投入,引入

[04:32.61]With the arrival of the new young staff,we hope to inject new life into our business ;随着新的年轻员工到来, 我们希望使我们的业务 工作充满朝气.

[04:37.25]knit[nit] ;vt.编结,编织;使紧密 地结合,使紧凑;皱紧, 皱(眉)

[04:38.24]I will knit a scarf for my husband.He will surely love it. ;我要给丈夫织一条围巾, 他一定会喜欢.

[04:41.85]lunar['l(j)u:n ] ;a.月的,月球的

[04:43.04]Last week we witnessed the first lunar eclipse in the new century. ;上周我们观看了新世纪 第一次月食.

[04:46.54]It was memorable. ;很有纪念意义.

[04:48.18]mobilize['m ubilaiz] ;vi.动员起来 vt.动员,调动,鼓动

[04:49.33]We are in great danger we must mobilize all our friends. ;我们正处于严重的危险 之中,必须把我们的朋友 都动员起来.

[04:52.66]murmur['m :m ] ;vt./n.小声说话;小声 抱怨,咕哝;(微风,流水) 发出连续而低沉的声音

[04:53.65]The river is flowing peacefully,as if murmuring a never- ending story. ;小河静静地流淌着,好像 低声叙述着一个永远没有 尽头的故事.

[04:57.96]optimism['ptimiz m] ;n.乐观主义,乐观

[04:59.40]One who believe in optimism can find much more ;一个乐观的人每天可以 从生活中获得更多快乐.

[05:01.78]pleasure and delight in everyday life. ;一个乐观的人每天可以 从生活中获得更多快乐.

[05:03.63]pedal['pedl] ;v.踩踏板,骑车;脚蹬 n.踏板,踏脚

[05:04.50]She managed to pedal her bicycle slowly up the hill and was highly praised. ;她设法骑车着自行车慢慢 上了山,受到大家高度赞 扬.

[05:08.73]purity['pju riti] ;n.纯净,纯洁,纯正

[05:09.84]The purity of his Putonghua has made us forget he is a foreigner. ;他的普通话极为纯正, 我们竟然忘了他是外国 人.

[05:13.49]quiver['kwiv ] ;vi./n.颤抖,发抖,抖动

[05:14.44]She was panic-stricken You could feel the quiver in her voice. ;她惊恐万状,你可以感受 到她的声音在颤抖.

[05:18.38]relay[ri'lei;'ri:lei] ;vt.传送,传达;中继,传播 n.接力赛;中继转播

[05:19.54]In a comprehensive sports meet such as the Olympics, ;在如奥运会这样的综合性 运动会上,

[05:22.53]relay races are among the most thrilling. ;接力赛是最扣人心弦的 项目之一.

[05:25.25]stagger['stg ] ;vi.摇晃,蹒跚 vt.使吃惊;使错开, 使交错 n.蹒跚,踉跄

[05:26.52]Nothing can stagger her ardent belief in her husband. ;没有什么可以动摇她对 丈夫坚定的信任.

[05:29.36]stereo['steri u] ;n.立体声 a.立体声的

[05:30.51]Nowadays most electronic audio systems are in stereo. ;现今大部分的电子音频 系统都是立体声.

[05:34.00]symmetry['simitri] ;n.对称(性);匀称,整齐

[05:35.15]China's ancient buildings had a special preference for symmetry. ;中国古代建筑对对称有 着特殊的偏好.

[05:39.05]theft[eft] ;n.偷窃,失窃

[05:40.16]I reported the theft of my wallet to the police. ;我向警察报告了钱包的 失窃.

[05:42.67]underestimate [d r'estimeit] ;vt.低估;对…估计不足 n.估计不足,低估

[05:44.11]Those who underestima- te the intelligence of the rivals will come to grief. ;低估竞争对手智慧的人会 大吃苦头的.

[05:47.81]veil[veil] ;vt.遮盖,厌世 n.面纱,面罩;遮盖物

[05:48.83]Some people veiled their crafty nature under the mask of loyalty. ;有些人在忠诚的外表下 掩藏着奸诈的本性.

[05:52.25]wallet['wlit] ;n.皮夹子,钱包

[05:53.11]A government which makes the wallets of its citizens bulge ;一个让老百姓饱满起来的 政府

[05:56.02]with money is bound to be popular. ;肯定会受到欢迎的.

[05:59.81]Lesson 30 ;

[06:02.97]agreeable [ 'gri(:) bl] ;a.令人愉快的,惬意的; (欣然)同意的,乐意的

[06:03.92]Finding her a very agreeable woman, ;我发现她是个和蔼可亲的 女人,

[06:05.83]I couldn't understand why people talked evil of her. ;真不明白为什么别人说她 的不是.

[06:08.78]basement['beism nt] ;n.地下室

[06:09.89]In Canada,many houses have basements. ;在加拿大,很多房子都有 地下室.

[06:12.65]cherish['teri] ;vt.珍爱,珍视;爱护, 抚育;抱有, 怀有(想法,希望)

[06:13.84]We never cherish any unrealistic fancies about those desperate CRIminals. ;我们对那些亡命的罪犯从 来不抱任何不切实际的幻 想.

[06:17.99]circus['s :k s] ;n.马戏,马戏团

[06:19.14]Watching circus animals play tricks of all types ;观看马戏团的动物表演

[06:21.68]is among the children's favorite programs. ;是孩子们最热爱的节目 之一.

[06:23.99]commemorate [k 'mem reit] ;vt.纪念,庆祝

[06:25.18]Every year millions of people visit the monument ;每年有数百万人参观这座 纪念碑

[06:27.69]that commemorates those who died in the war. ;纪念战争死难者的纪念碑

[06:29.74]courtesy['k :tisi] ;n.谦恭有礼; 有礼貌的举止(言词)

[06:30.89]It is an indication of courtesy to greet others we know when we meet them. ;见到认识的人时向他们打 招呼是一种礼貌的表现.

[06:34.67]dismay[dis'mei] ;n.失望,气馁 vt.使失望,使气馁

[06:35.74]Philadelphia 76 felt dismayed at being defeated for the third time in one mouth. ;费城76 人队对于本队一 月之内第三次被击败沮丧 不已.

[06:40.67]enlighten[in'laitn] ;vt.启发,开导

[06:41.86]TV programs should enlighten the audience as well as entertainment. ;电视节目既要使观众得 到娱乐也要使他们得到 启发.

[06:45.44]fellowship ['fel uip] ;n.伙伴关系,交情; 团体,协会; (研究生的)奖学金

[06:46.47]I enjoy cordial fellowship with people. ;我喜欢与人真诚交往.

[06:49.10]fraud[fr:d] ;n.欺诈,诈骗;骗子

[06:50.12]People who tell your future by means of a pack of cards are frauds. ;用一叠纸牌为你占卜未来 的人都是骗子.

[06:53.66]graze[greiz] ;vi(牛羊等)吃青草 vt.放牧

[06:54.69]The sun was shining brightly and cattle were grazing in the field. ;阳光在明晃晃地照耀着, 牛在地里吃着草.

[06:57.89]haunt[h:nt] ;vt.(鬼魂)常出没于; (思想,回忆等) 萦绕在心头,缠绕 n.常去的地方

[06:58.79]Mr.Thompson is going to sell the old castle because it is haunted. ;汤普森先生打算卖掉那座 古堡,因为它闹鬼.

[07:02.49]This pub used to be one of my uncle's favorite haunts. ;这家小酒店是我叔叔常 去的地方之一.

[07:05.90]innumerable [i'nju:m r bl] ;a.无数的,数不清的

[07:07.34]In the universe,there are innumerable stars and other cosmic substances. ;在宇宙中,有数不清的 星星与其他宇宙物质.

[07:11.78]legitimate [li'ditimit] ;a.合法的,法律认可的; vt.使合法

[07:13.01]Legitimate business transactions are under the protection of the law. ;合法的商业交易受法律 的保护.?

[07:16.42]lounge[laund] ;n.休息厅,休息室 vi.(懒洋洋地)倚,躺; 闲逛,闲荡

[07:17.53]Ronaldo had to lounge his days off in agony ;罗纳尔多只好痛苦而懒 散地打发日子,

[07:20.04]when he was wounded in a bloody football match with Juventus. ;在一场与尤文图斯之间的 火暴球赛中受伤以后.

[07:23.00]majesty['mdisti] ;n.(M-)陛下; 雄伟,壮丽

[07:24.07]Every citizen should acknowlede the majesty of the law. ;每个公民都认可法律至高 无上的权威.

[07:27.27]nourish['nri] ;vt.养育,喂养; 怀有(希望)

[07:28.38]No matter how bad things are,we should always nourish a hope in our mind. ;无论事情多么糟糕,我们 心里都要满怀希望.

[07:31.96]pasture ['pst ] ['p?st ] ;n.牧场 vt.放牧

[07:33.15]This pasture can no longer carry such a large number of cattle and sheep. ;这块草地再也不能供养那 么多牛羊了.

[07:36.52]petition[pi'ti n] ;n.请愿书,申诉书 v.(向…)请愿, 正式请求

[07:37.67]The villagers all signed a petition asking for a hospital to be built. ;村民们都在请愿书书上签 名要求建一所医院.

[07:41.41]plaster['pl?st ] ;n.灰浆,灰泥;石膏;膏药 vt.在…上抹灰泥

[07:42.64]When we went to see him,Malcolm's right leg was in plaster from a collision. ;我们去探望马尔科姆的 时候,他的右腿还包着 石膏,那是撞车造成的.

[07:47.24]plateau['plt u] ;n.高原;(上升后的) 稳定时期(或状态)

[07:48.60]As a rule,one makes rapid progress at the beginning and then it reaches a plateau. ;通常,一个人开始的时候 进步神速,以后就进入平 稳时期.

[07:52.75]racket['rkit] ;n.喧嚷,吵闹; 敲诈,勒索; (网球等的)球拍

[07:53.70]The boys are making a hell of a racket downstairs.Tell them to be quiet. ;楼下的男孩子太吵了. 要他们安静点.

[07:57.39]rectify['rektifai] ;vt.纠正,修复

[07:58.50]Bill Clinton did all his best to rectify the situation, ;克林顿尽力修复他 的处境,

[08:01.26]but Hillary was in no mood to reconcile. ;而希拉里却不愿和解.

[08:03.89]slogan['sl ug n] ;n.标语,口号,广告语

[08:05.12]Shouting slogans alone will never get things done.What we need is down-to-earth efforts. ;光喊喊口号本身做不成 任何事情.我们需要的是 脚踏实地的努力.

[08:10.17]savage['svid] ;a.残暴的;未开化的 n.野蛮人,粗鲁人 vt.(狗等)乱咬;激烈抨击

[08:11.78]Is a civilized man who kills his fellows with guns ;现代人用枪射杀同类

[08:15.39]less savage than a primitive man killing animals with bows and arrows? ;比原始人用弓箭捕杀动物 文明吗?

[08:18.64]straightforward [streit'f:w d] ;a.正直的,坦率的; 易懂的,简单的

[08:20.12]They took a straight forward route to the beach and you didn't avoid detours. ;别人去海边取直道, 而你却走了弯路.

[08:24.43]terrific[t 'rifik] ;a.极妙的;极大的

[08:25.58]In the newly-completed movie theater we saw a terrific film by Sharon Stone. ;在新落成的电影院我们看 了一部有莎朗.斯通演的 极妙的电影.

[08:30.02]timid['timid] ;a.羞怯的,胆小的

[08:30.84]You are every inch as timid as a mouse.Just speak up! ;你真是十足地胆小如鼠. 大声说出来吧!

[08:34.01]unemployment [im'plim nt] ;n.失业,失业人数

[08:35.32]Unemployment hurts every person in the country, ;失业对国内的每一个人 都有害,

[08:37.91]not just those who have lost their jobs. ;而不仅是那些丢掉饭碗 的人.

[08:40.46]vein[wein] ;n.经脉,血管;叶脉; 纹理,纹路

[08:41.36]Along the edge of the mountain there is a rich vein of silver. ;沿着山脉的边上,有丰富 的银矿脉.

[08:44.61]warfare['w:f ] ;n.战争(状态); 斗争,冲突

[08:45.76]Under certain conditions, ;在某些条件下,

[08:47.16]guerrilla warfare works better to the overall victory than trench warfare. ;对于战争全局的胜利 来说,游击战比阵地战 更有效.

[08:53.36]Lesson 31 ;

[08:56.90]ample['mpl] ;a.足够的; 宽敞的,面积大的

[08:57.88]We have ample money for the journey. ;我们有足够的钱去旅行.

[08:59.77]biography [bai'gr fi] ;n.传记

[09:01.05]A biographer tends to flatter the person he intends to write about in his biography. ;传记作者常常在传记中美 化他的传主.

[09:05.90]brisk[brisk] ;a.轻快的,生机勃勃的; 兴隆的,繁忙活跃的; 寒冷而清新的

[09:07.01]Britney Spears speaks in a brisk tone, drawing everyone's attention. ;布瑞特妮.斯皮尔斯讲话 声调轻快,引人注目.

[09:10.70]bronze[brnz] ;n.青铜;青铜色;青铜 (艺术)制品,铜牌

[09:11.69]King David's statue was made of bronze and it attracted many sculptors. ;大卫王的塑像是用青铜 铸造的,吸引了无数的雕 塑家.

[09:15.51]captive['kptiv] ;a.被俘虏的,被捕获的 n.俘虏

[09:16.54]Lying in my hospital bed, ;躺在医院里的病床上,

[09:18.18]I was a captive audience to these uninteresting old stories. ;我只好听那些乏味的旧 故事.

[09:22.09]Catholic['klik] ;a.天主教的; [C-]普通的,广泛的 n.天主教徒

[09:23.07]Most non-Christians find it hard to under- stand why a Catholic isn't a Protestant. ;非基督徒很难理解天主 教徒与基督教徒有什么 不同.

[09:27.51]commend[k 'mend] ;vt.表扬,称赞;推荐

[09:28.50]We should commend good people and good deeds. ;我们应当表扬好人好事.

[09:31.50]deem[di:m] ;vt.认为,视为

[09:32.77]Murdock deemed it was time for a change,so he quit the Time- Warner Corporation. ;默多克觉得是换换环境的 时候了,于是辞职离开了 时代-华纳公司.

[09:37.09]doom[du:m] ;n.厄运,劫数 vt.注定,命定

[09:38.07]With its natural habitat shringking day by day, ;随着它的栖息地日益萎 缩,

[09:40.87]the species is doomed to extinction. ;这个物种命中注定要 灭绝.

[09:43.33]drought[draut] ;n.干旱,旱灾

[09:44.15]When a drought wrecks havoc,millions of people are compelled to run for life. ;当旱灾肆虐的时候,数百 万的人被迫将流离失所.

[09:48.10]endeavor[in'dev ] ;n.努力,尽力,尝试

[09:49.29]Sweden has failed in its endeavor to rank among the world powers in table tennis. ;瑞典本想在世界乒乓球 强国中占有一席之地, 但是失败了.

[09:53.69]endow[in'dau] ;vt.资助,捐赠,向…捐钱 (或物)(~with)给予, 赋予,认为具有某种特质

[09:54.80]Great musicians like Mozart and Beethoven certainly were endowed with musical talent. ;像莫扎特,贝多芬一类的 伟大音乐家确实具有音乐 天赋.

[09:59.44]feminine['feminin] ;a.女性的,女子的; 女子气的

[10:00.51]Michael Jackson has a feminine face after the face-lifting. ;整容后,迈克尔.杰克逊 有着一张女性气质的脸.

[10:04.00]formulate['f:mjuleit] ;vt.构想出(计划、方法等 规划(制度等);系统 地(或确切地)阐述

[10:05.07]The idea of setting up this corporation was formulated over coffee. ;喝咖啡的时候,设立该 公司的想法形成了.

[10:08.81]gossip['gsip] ;n.流言蜚语;爱说长道短 的人; vi.传播流言蜚语, 说长道短

[10:09.88]It is ridiculous that here newspapers are read mainly for their gossip columns. ;真滑稽,这里的人们读报 主要是冲着闲话栏目而去

[10:14.40]heritage['heritid] ;n.遗产,继承物,传统

[10:15.59]Every generation has the duty to pass down heritage of knowledge from the past. ;每一代人都有责任把过去 继承的知识传下去.

[10:19.86]imperative [im'per tiv] ;a.必要的,紧急的, 极重要的;命令的 n.必要的事必须完成的 事;祈使语气

[10:21.14]It is absolutely imperative that the whole international community ;国际社会共同行动,

[10:24.14]works together to stop polluting the earth. ;制止环境污染是极为 必要的.

[10:26.27]lame[leim] ;n.跛的,瘸的;站不住脚 的,差劲的,蹩脚的

[10:27.26]Sleeping too long is a lame excuse for being late. ;睡过了头不能成为迟到 的充足理由.

[10:29.97]mash[m] ;vt.(~up)把…捣成糊状 n.糊状物

[10:30.92]Mother mashed the potatoes and made a potato cake. ;妈妈把土豆捣成糊状, 做了土豆饼.

[10:33.47]mock[mk] ;vt.嘲笑,嘲弄; (为了取笑)模仿 vi.嘲笑,嘲弄 a.模拟的,演习的;假的,

[10:34.12]He made us laugh by mocking the way the teacher spoke. ;他模仿老师说话的样子, 把我们都逗笑了.

[10:37.16]nickel['nikl] ;n.镍;(美国和加拿大的) 五分钱,五分镍币

[10:38.31]To buy that pudding, the poor old gentleman counted out dimes, nickles,and cents. ;为了买那个布丁,那位可 怜的老先生数出了一堆1 角、5分、1分面值的硬币

[10:42.47]Don't take any wooden nickels. ;[美俚](临别用语) 再见,多加小心.

[10:44.72]oath[' u] ;n.誓言,誓约; 咒骂,诅咒语

[10:45.96]A new prime minister should take an oath to rule by the constitution. ;新首相需宣誓遵守宪法.

[10:49.90]paralyze['pr laiz] ;vt.使瘫痪,使麻痹; 使丧失作用; 使惊谔,使呆若木鸡

[10:51.01]The electricity failure paralyzed the train service. ;电力中断使得列车无法 运行.

[10:53.89]pope[p up] ;n.[常the P-](天主教) 教皇,罗马主教

[10:54.83]The Pope holds the hightest position of the Roman Catholic Church. ;教皇在罗马主教堂中的 地位最高.

[10:58.08]reap[ri:p] ;vt.收割,收获; 获得,得到

[10:59.23]They are just shameless:we invented the idea and they reaped its profit. ;他们真是寡廉鲜耻:主意 是我们想出来的,好处却 被他们占了.

[11:03.67]reminder[ri'maind ] ;n.使人忆起某事之物 (人);提示

[11:04.82]If they don't pay their bills,send them a reminder. ;如果他们拖欠帐单不付, 给他们送一张催帐单去.

[11:07.82]This album is the only reminder left of my college days. ;惟有这本相册能让我想起 大学时光.

[11:11.44]shabby['bi] ;a.破旧的;衣衫褴褛的; 卑鄙的,不公平的

[11:12.26]She looks rather shabby in that shabby old dress. ;她穿着那件破旧的裙子 显得寒酸.

[11:14.81]silicon['silik n] ;n.硅

[11:15.83]Silicon Valley has been hailed as a symbol of creativity and success. ;硅谷作为创新与成功的象 征而被人们推崇.

[11:19.82]sovereign['svrin] ;n.君主,元首 a.至高无上的, 拥有最高统治权的 具有独立主权的

[11:20.89]The true sovereigns of a country are those who determine its mode of thinking. ;国家的真正领袖是那些 决定该国思想方式的人.

[11:24.87]successor[s k'ses ] ;n.接替的人或事物, 继任者

[11:26.11]J.F.Kennedy Sr. would have blown his top ;老肯尼迪会气冲牛斗

[11:28.39]at hearing what his unworthy successor had done. ;要是老肯尼迪知道他卑 鄙的继任者的所作所为 的话.

[11:31.12]witch[wit] ;n.女巫,巫婆

[11:32.02]Why are witches always depicted as bad in fairy tales? ;为什么在童话里巫婆总 是邪恶的代表呢?

[11:37.20]Lesson 32 ;

[11:40.16]appendix[ 'pendiks] ;n.阑尾;附录

[11:41.27]For further information, ;如果想做进一步了解,

[11:42.70]please refer to the appendixes at the end of the book. ;请参阅书后的附录.

[11:45.17]bless[bles] ;vt.(~with)使有幸得到, 使具有;为…祈神赐福 (或保佑)

[11:46.16]The farmers are blessing propitious winds and rains. ;农民们正在祈求 风调雨顺.

[11:49.73]buzz[bz] ;n.嗡翁声,嘈杂的谈话声 vi.发出嗡翁声,发出嘈 杂的谈话声;

[11:50.93]What's all this buzzing about?Can't you discipline yourselves? ;你们在嘤嘤嗡嗡做什么? 你们安静点不行吗?

[11:54.50]carve[k?v] ;vt.切,把…切碎(或切 成片);雕刻,刻

[11:55.61]The talented artist carved an interesting decoration from this piece of tree root. ;天才的艺术家把这块树根 雕成一件有趣的装饰品.

[12:00.30]commonwealth ['km nwel] ;n.联邦,联合体

[12:01.77]The former USSR republics ;前苏联共和国

[12:03.88]formed by themselves the Commonwealth of Independent States(CIS). ;自发组成了“独立国家 联合体(独联体)”.

[12:07.24]denounce[di'nauns] ;vt.谴责,指责;告发

[12:08.31]The president's speech denounced the killing of hostages by the terrorists. ;总统的讲话谴责了恐怖 分子对人质的杀害行为.

[12:12.50]disturbance [dis't :b ns] ;n.扰乱,打扰;骚乱, 混乱;烦恼,心神不定

[12:13.73]The noise of cars passing along the road ;马路上的车辆声

[12:15.73]is a continual disturbance to our quiet home. ;不断扰乱我们家中的 安宁.

[12:18.38]ecology[i:kl di] ;n.生态,生态学

[12:19.73]When the ecology of a region is disturbed,it takes years to return to normal. ;如果一个地方的生态被 破坏,往往要多年才能恢 复正常.

[12:24.17]flank[flk] ;n.肋,肋腹;侧翼 vt.位于…的侧面

[12:25.16]During the march,we were attacked on our left flank,but they got no advantages. ;行军途中,敌人向我们的 左翼发起了进攻,但是他 们没有占到便宜.

[12:29.92]foul[faul] ;a.难闻的,发臭的; 糟透了的;污浊的, 下流的,(天气)恶劣的

[12:30.58]foul[faul] ;vt.(比赛中)对…犯规; 弄脏,污染 n.(比赛中的)犯规

[12:30.87]It's a foul night tonight, ;今夜天气坏极了,

[12:32.22]it's pouring with rain,with thundering and lightning. ;大雨倾盆,电闪雷鸣,

[12:35.18]generalize ['dn r laiz] ;vt.概括,归纳,推断

[12:36.38]Knowledge is generalized experience. ;知识是经验的总结.

[12:38.63]hinge[hind] ;n.铰链

[12:39.58]The lid of the suitcase had a broken hinge,so it doesn't open easily. ;小提箱箱盖的铰链坏了, 因此不容易打开.

[12:43.52]incorporate [in'k:p reit] ;vt.包含,加上,吸收; 把…合并,使并入

[12:44.80]The three largest Japanese banks incorporated ;日本最大的三家银行合 并,

[12:46.98]into the world's largest banking group. ;组建了全球最大的金 融集团.

[12:49.03]legend['led nd] ;n.传说,传奇故事; 传奇人物

[12:50.02]Pele,Maradonna and other footballing legends have become household figures. ;贝利、马拉多纳等足球界 传奇人物早已成为家喻户 晓的名字.

[12:55.24]masterpiece ['ma:st pi:s] ;n.杰作

[12:56.76]The famous French writer Dumas Sr. once wrote that Dumas Jr. was his masterpiece. ;法国大文豪大仲马曾经写 道,他的儿子小仲马是他 的杰作.

[13:02.30]monopoly[m 'np li] ;n.垄断,专卖; 垄断商品,专卖商品

[13:03.54]The influence of mass media has made new technical terms ;大众传媒的影响已使新的 技术术语

[13:06.70]no longer the monopoly of the specialist. ;不再为专家们所垄断.

[13:09.46]nominal['nminl] ;a.名义上的,有名无实的; (费用等)很少的, 象征性的

[13:10.73]In constitutional monarchy,the king and the queen are only nominal. ;在君主立宪制中,国王和 王后只是象征性的,

[13:14.43]The country is ruled by the prime minister and the cabinet. ;国家由首相和内阁统治.

[13:17.51]opaque[ u'peik] ;a.不透明的,不透光的; 难理解的,晦涩的

[13:18.62]Bathroom window panes are usually made of opaque glass. ;洗澡间的窗玻璃通常是用 不透明的毛玻璃做的.

[13:21.99]pave[peiv] ;vt.铺(路),铺筑

[13:23.14]This agreement is expected to pave the way for a lasting peace ;人们期待这个协议将为 持久和平铺平道路.

[13:26.43]between the two countries. ;两国之间的

[13:28.28]plague[pleig] ;n.瘟疫,鼠疫;灾难,祸患 vt.使痛苦(难受) 给…造成困难(或麻烦)

[13:29.43]The incidence of cholera in the camps has reached plague proportions. ;营中霍乱流行已酿成瘟 疫之灾.

[13:33.33]preach[pri:t] ;vt.宣讲(教义),布道; 竭力鼓吹,宣传 vi.布道,说教

[13:34.11]You have faith in him? He is just a triger preaching benevolence. ;你居然相信他?他就像一 只老虎鼓吹仁道一样.

[13:37.97]recite[ri'sait] ;vt.背诵,朗诵;列举, 一一说出vi.背诵,朗诵

[13:39.21]don't encourage him,or he will recite the whole family history. ;你可别鼓励他,要不他会 把他的家族史和盘托出.

[13:42.99]reckless['reklis] ;a.鲁莽的,不考虑后果的

[13:44.14]I never think it's advisable for ordinary people to possess guns, ;我从来认为普通人拥有枪 支是不好的,

[13:47.96]they might be reckless under certain conditions. ;因为在某些情况下他们 会不考虑后果的.

[13:50.75]simultaneous [妔im l'teinj s] ;a.同时发生的,同步的, 同时存在

[13:52.15]There was a simultaneous broadcast of the concert of ;那场音乐会由电视和无线 电台同时播送,

[13:54.69]the world's three most renowned tenors on TV and radio. ;这场音乐会有全球最著名 的三位男高音歌唱家参加

[13:58.11]trench[trent] ;n.沟,沟渠

[13:59.42]The soldiers are opening trenches to prepare for yet another, ;士兵们正在挖战壕,准备 应对敌军另一次

[14:02.38]more violent attack from the enemy troops. ;更猛烈的攻击.

[14:04.68]unify['ju:nifai] ;vi.使联合,使统一; 使相同,使一致

[14:05.88]In my opinion,Abraham Lincoln was honored mostly in the U.S. ;在我看来,美国人尊重 林肯,

[14:09.08]because he unified the country. ;主要是他保持了美国的 统一.

[14:10.85]verge[v :d] ;n.边,边缘 vi(~to)接近,濒临

[14:11.79]Don't blame her;she is on the verge of tears. ;别再责备她了, 她都哭了.

[14:14.38]ward[w:d] ;n.病房;(城市的)区; 受监护人

[14:15.12]Let's try to ward off any potential problems. ;我们还是尽量避免任何 可能出现的问题吧.

[14:17.67]weary['wi ri] ;a.疲劳的,疲倦的;使 人疲劳的,令人厌倦的 vi.(~of)厌烦,不耐烦

[14:18.62]Weary of his prototyped roles in the motion picture, ;厌倦了在影片中的固定的 角色,

[14:21.74]Ricky Martin decided to try something different. ;瑞奇.马丁决心另辟蹊径.

[14:25.39]Lesson 33 ;

[14:27.90]apt[pt] ;a.易于,有…倾向; 恰当的,适宜的; 聪明的,反应敏捷的

[14:28.97]The former world heavyweight boxing champion,Tyson,is apt to get irritable. ;世界前重量级拳击冠军泰 森很爱发怒.

[14:33.70]blunt[blnt] ;a.钝的,爽直的, 直言不讳的 vt.使迟钝,使减弱

[14:34.60]Too much alcohol made the young driver's sense blunt. ;大量喝酒使得那个年轻 司机感觉迟钝.

[14:37.72]brutal['bru:tl] ;a.野兽般的,残忍的; 无情的,冷酷的

[14:38.67]Those white four Los Angeles policemen ;四个洛杉矶白人警察

[14:40.86]gave the black suspect brutal treatment and killed him. ;野蛮拷打那个黑人 嫌疑人,使其毙命.

[14:43.68]burial['beri l] ;n.葬,掩埋,葬礼

[14:44.67]In view of her popularity,Diana's burial was a worldwide event. ;由于戴安娜深受人们喜 爱,她的葬礼令全球 瞩目.

[14:48.78]certify['s :tifai] ;vt.证明,证实;发证书 (或执照)给

[14:49.85]This butter is certified Grade A and is certainly of the best quality. ;这黄油被验证为A级, 当然是质量最好的.

[14:53.54]climax['klaimks] ;n.高潮,最令人兴奋 (感兴趣)的部分

[14:54.65]The play was brought to a climax when the colossal ship ;当那艘庞然大物般的轮船 载着男主角

[14:57.37]slowly went down with the male protagonist. ;缓缓下沉时,故事达到 高潮.

[15:00.04]cordially['k:dj li] ;ad.热情友好地,热诚地

[15:01.19]On arriving at the station, ;友好代表团到达火车站时

[15:02.67]the goodwill delegation was cordially welcomed by the mayor. ;受到市长的热诚欢迎.

[15:06.00]dentist['dentist] ;n.牙科医生

[15:06.98]Have you heard that your teeth are your second name card? ;你有没有听说过,牙齿是 人的第二张名片?

[15:09.65]Perhaps you should make an appointment with the dentist. ;或许你该去看看牙医.

[15:12.41]diploma[di'pl um ] ;n.毕业文凭,资格证书, 毕业证书

[15:13.72]The Nobel Foundation give a Peace Prize to Kim Dae Jung and along with it a diploma. ;诺贝尔基金会向金大中颁 发了和平奖并附有一张 证书.

[15:18.20]electrician [lek'tri n] ;n.电工,电器技师

[15:19.47]The electricity has gone out send an electrician as soon as possible. ;没电了,尽快找个 电工来.

[15:23.58]enclosure[in'kl u ] ;n.围场,四周有篱笆(或 围墙等)的场地; (信中的)附件

[15:24.90]There's a special enclosure where you can look at the horses before the race starts ;这里有一处特备的围场, 在比赛前你可以先看看 马.

[15:28.93]fragile['frdail] ;a.易碎的,脆的,依损 坏的;虚弱的,脆弱的

[15:29.99]These thin glass wares are fragile.Put them in wooden boxes. ;这些很薄的玻璃器皿依 碎.把它们放进木箱子 里吧.

[15:33.69]geology[di'l di] ;n.地质学;地质情况

[15:34.97]Geology is useful in many ways, ;地质学在许多方面都是有 用的,

[15:36.77]such as helping decide whether a high-rise may be built in a certain spot. ;比如,可以帮助确定能否 在某处地段上修建高楼.

[15:40.72]hug[hg] ;vi.(热烈地)拥抱;紧抱, 怀抱 vt.互相拥抱,抱紧在一起 n.紧抱;互相拥抱

[15:41.62]Seeing her son safe and sound after the accident,the mother bugged him tightly. ;眼见儿子在事故后平安 无恙,母亲紧紧拥抱着 儿子.

[15:45.28]inland['inl nd] ;a.内地的,内陆的 ad.在内地,向内地 (或内陆)

[15:46.22]Brazil moved its capital inland to Brasilia ;巴西把首都内迁到巴西利 亚

[15:48.49]in order to develop its economy around the new capital. ;以发展新都一带的经济.

[15:51.61]limp[limp] ;a.松软的,无生气的,无 精神的;软的,松沓的 vi.一瘸一拐地走 n.跛行

[15:52.72]Injured when trying to get the ball,that footballer limped off the football field. ;争球的时候受了伤,那个 足球队员一瘸一拐地走出 足球场.

[15:56.62]meadow['med u] ;n.草地

[15:57.61]The cattle are grazing in the meadow. ;牛养在草场上吃草.

[15:59.70]monster['mnst ] ;n.怪物;巨人,巨大的 东西;极其残酷的人 a.巨大的,庞大的

[16:00.77]Frankenstein is a monster created by Mary Shelley, ;弗兰肯斯坦是玛丽.雪莱

[16:03.48]A laboratory creature that brought near-disaster. ;塑造的产自实验室的怪物 差点带来灾难.

[16:06.48]motel[m u'tel] ;n.汽车旅馆

[16:07.51]In the U.S. people driving over long distance like to spend their nights in motels ;在美国,长途驱车的人喜 欢在汽车旅馆过夜,

[16:11.95]because their cars can be serviced there. ;因为他们的车可以得到 检修.

[16:14.37]novelty['nv lti] ;n.新奇事物; 新奇,新奇感,新奇性; 新颖小巧而廉价的物品

[16:15.65]Cars were a novelty in 1900 but now hundreds of millions of people drive them every day. ;在1900年,汽车是个新 奇的玩意,但时至今日, 每天上亿人开着车.

[16:20.41]outbreak['autbreik] ;n.(战争,情感,火山, 疾病等)爆发,(疾病, 虫害等)的突然发生

[16:21.65]The outbreak of the Great Depression in the 1930's ;20世纪30年代“大萧条” 的爆发

[16:24.32]shocked everyone because there was no sign of it whatsoever. ;让所有的人震惊不已,因 为在那之前似乎毫无迹象

[16:27.65]presume [pri'zju:m] [pri'zu:m] ;vt.推测,假定,(没有证 据地)相信;认定,推定 冒昧(做),擅(做) vi.擅自行事

[16:28.76]I presume from your pronunciation and intonation that you are a foreigner. ;按你说话的语音语调, 我推测你是个外国人.

[16:32.50]If a person is missing for 7 years he is presumed dead. ;假如一个人失踪7年,即 作已经亡论.

[16:36.24]reclaim[ri'kleim] ;vt.要回;开垦(荒地); 回收

[16:37.39]A legend goes that Holland reclaims more land from the sea than its original size. ;传说荷兰填海造地获得 的土地面积比它原来的 国土面积还大.

[16:42.11]resemblance [ri'zembl ns] ;n.相似,形似

[16:43.30]Twins often show great resemblance. ;孪生儿常显示出酷似的 相貌.

[16:46.18]scar[sk?] ;n.伤疤,伤痕; (精神上的)创伤 v.(给…)留下伤痕 (或创伤)

[16:47.45]A long scar across his cheek makes him look fiendish, but he is very good-natured. ;他棉颊上的长疤令他看起 来很凶恶的样子,但是他 却很善良.

[16:52.34]skeleton['skelit n] ;n.骨骼,框架,骨干; 梗概,提要

[16:53.62]This is just the skeleton of the plan. The details will come later. ;这只是计划的梗概.细节 稍后才出来.

[16:57.23]spacious['spei s] ;a.宽敞的,宽广的

[16:58.30]China has the most spacious square in the world-the Tian'anmen Square. ;中国有世界上最大的广 场,那就是天安门广场.

[17:01.96]tilt[tilt] ;v.(使)倾斜,(使)倾侧 n.倾斜,倾侧

[17:02.86]During a conversation, he likes to tilt his head forward,to show he is very attentive. ;和人说话的时候,他喜欢 把头往前倾,表明他很 专注.

[17:07.38]tract[trkt] ;n.传单,小册子; 大片(土地或森林)

[17:08.41]Under this wild tract of desert,a large reserve of oil was found last year. ;去年,在这大片的沙漠地 带之下,发现了大量的石 油储备.

[17:13.55]versus['v :s s] ;prep.与…为对手,对; 与…相对, 与…相比之下

[17:14.70]The coming competion is actually Beijing versus Toronto. ;最后的竞赛实际是北京对 多伦多.

[17:18.40]Which will laugh till the last? ;谁会笑到最后呢?

[17:22.10]Lesson 34 ;

[17:25.10]assert[ 's :t] ;v.肯定地说,断言; 维护,坚持

[17:26.12]Copernicus asserted before the church that there was nothing wrong with his theory. ;在教会面前,哥白尼坚持 声称他的理论没错.

[17:30.15]astronomy [ 'strn mi] ;n.天文家

[17:31.38]As a scientific discipline,astronomy developed earlier than most other subjects. ;作为一门学科,天文学 比其他学科发展得都早 一些.

[17:35.86]boycott['bikt] ;vt./n.拒绝参加, (联合)抵制

[17:37.05]For a few days every year,people in South Korea will boycott everything Japanese. ;每年都有几天韩国人会 抵制一切来自日本的东 西.

[17:41.33]bud[bd] ;n.叶芽,花蕾 vi.发芽,萌芽

[17:42.48]When trees are budding everything seems to be full of vitality. ;当树发芽的时候,一切都 显得生机勃勃.

[17:46.46]bulletin['bulitin] ;n.(报纸、电台等)简明 新闻,最新消息;公布, 布告,公报;学报,期刊

[17:47.45]After Ronald Reagan was shot, ;里根总统被刺以后,

[17:49.09]a lot of people read the latest bulletin about the President's health. ;很多人阅读关于总统健康 状况的最新公报.

[17:52.59]coincidence [k u'insid ns] ;n.巧合,巧事; (意见、爱好的) 一致,符合

[17:54.15]By a strange coincide- nce we happened to be travelling on the same train. ;巧得出奇,我们正好坐 同一列火车.

[17:57.89]There is a coincidence of interests between our two countries. ;我们两国之间有着共同 的利益.

[18:01.34]contradict [ntr 'dikt] ;vt.反驳,否认…的真实 性;与…矛盾/抵触

[18:02.74]His actions contradict his declared moral principles.What a hypoCRIte! ;他的行为违背了他所宣 称的道德准则.真是个 伪君子!

[18:07.46]descendant [di'send nt] ;n.后代,后裔

[18:08.53]Today's bicycles are descendants of the earlier velocipede. ;今天的自行车是从早期的 脚踏车发展而来的.

[18:11.86]dispise[dis'paiz] ;vt.鄙视,看不起

[18:12.97]No one will despise you so long as you respect yourself. ;主要你尊重自己,没有人 会鄙视你.

[18:16.26]dispatch[dis'pt] ;vt.派遣,发送,调遣 n.急件,快信;(记者发回 的)新闻报道;调遣,派遣

[18:17.45]We have arranged for the goods to be dispatched to you at once. ;我们已为立即向你方发运 商品做好了准备.

[18:20.69]As the items he has ordered are in urgent need,they have to be sent by dispatch. ;由于他所需的产品为其所 急需,这些产品须由快递 发货.

[18:25.79]dreadful['dredful] ;a.可怕的;糟透了的, 极不合意的

[18:26.98]I've had a dreadful day-everything seems to have gone wrong. ;我度过了很糟糕的一天, 每件事好像都出了差错.

[18:30.93]ensue[in'sju:] ;vi.接着发生,接踵而来, 因而产生

[18:32.28]Serious problems will ensue if something is not done about gang rivalry now. ;如果目前对于黑帮团伙坐 视不理,将来会产生严重 的后果.

[18:36.97]furious['fju ri s] ;a.狂怒的,暴怒的,激烈的

[18:38.12]Davis will be furious and violent if his ball was intercepted. ;如果有人中途截获了戴 维斯的球,他会暴怒, 从而变得凶猛.

[18:42.39]fuse[fju:z] ;n.保险丝,熔丝;导火线, 导火素 v.熔合,合并

[18:43.95]You'll blow a fuse if you put the electric heater and the cooker on at the same time. ;如果你同时把电暖炉和电 热锅都开者着,保险丝会 烧断的.

[18:48.18]gigantic [dai'gntik] ;a.巨大的,庞大的

[18:49.34]Flying very high,the new ariplane looked like a gigantic bird. ;因为飞得很高,这架新 飞机看起来像一只巨大 的鸟.

[18:52.75]grin[grin] ;vi./n.咧嘴笑

[18:53.49]Seeing his stocks on the rise,he was grinning from ear to ear. ;眼见自己的股票一个劲 地往上涨,他笑得合不 拢嘴.

[18:56.65]intact[in'tkt] ;a.完整无缺的,未经触 动的,未受损伤的

[18:57.68]Despite his misfortunes,his faith and optimism remained intact. ;虽然他遭到一连串的不 幸,他的信心和乐观丝 毫未减.

[19:01.29]intellect['int lekt] ;n.智力,理解力; 才智非凡的人

[19:02.44]Those scientists who won Nobel prizes in various sciences ;那些获得诺贝尔科学奖的 人

[19:05.37]are the intellect(s) of the age. ;无一不是当代有才智的 人士.

[19:06.92]litter['lit ] ;n.废弃物,被胡乱仍掉 的东西;一窝(仔崽); (一堆)杂乱的东西

[19:07.50]litter['lit ] ;vt.乱扔东西于 vi.乱扔废弃物

[19:07.91]The litter in some holiday resorts really makes people feel disgusted. ;在度假胜地,仍得到处都 是的废弃物令人讨厌.

[19:11.65]multitude['mltitju:d] ;n.大量,许多 (the m~)大众,群众

[19:12.72]Do you mean to say "Fair skin covers the multitude of sins". ;你的意思是说, 一俊遮百丑?

[19:15.88]And that he may be pardoned for his past achievements? ;因为他过去的成绩,我们 就该原谅他?

[19:19.33]muscular['mskjul ] ;a.肌肉发达的,健壮的; 肌肉的

[19:20.61]When watching a sports game,we can't help admiring the athlete's muscular bodies. ;观看比赛的时候,我们禁 不住会羡慕运动员们肌肉 发达的身体.

[19:25.17]promising['prmisi] ;a.有希望的,有前途的

[19:26.48]Though he is not yet a first-rate actor,he is a promising youth. ;虽然他还不是一流演员, 他确实是个有前途的小 伙子.

[19:29.98]pursuit[p 'sju:t] ;n.追求,寻求; 追赶,追逐; [常pl.]嗜好,消遣

[19:31.04]In the pursuit of profit,businesses make people's lives conven- ient and colorful. ;在追求利益的同时,商业 公司也使得人们的生活更 方便、更多彩.

[19:35.73]slum[slm] ;n.贫民窟

[19:36.80]Poverty and illness are common in the slums,but things are bound to improve. ;在贫民窟,贫穷和疾病 盛行,但是情况一定会改 善的.

[19:41.15]snack[snk] ;n.快餐,小吃,点心

[19:42.02]Snack bars have become a familiar sight in most big cities ;快餐店在大城市里随处 可见,

[19:45.10]and they are young people's favorites. ;成为年轻人的至爱.

[19:47.40]splash[spl] ;vi.溅,泼 n.溅出的水, (光、色等)斑点

[19:48.47]Don't splash me;I don't want to get wet with all these clothes. ;不要往我身上泼水,我不 想弄湿身上的衣服.

[19:51.96]staircase['st keis] ;n.楼梯

[19:53.36]This is just a flight of staircase.There is still a long way to go. ;这只是一段楼梯,还有好 长一段呢.

[19:57.18]stitch[stit] ;v.缝,绣 n.(缝、绣、编织的) 一针,线迹;缝法,针法, 编织法;突然剧痛

[19:58.25]A stitch in time saves nine. ;及时的一针顶日后的 九针.

[20:00.51]Thanksgiving ['ks,givi] ;n.(基督教)感恩节

[20:01.74]Thanksgiving Day is on the 4th Thursday in November, ;感恩节即每年11月第4个 星期四,

[20:04.41]kept in the U.S. as a holiday ;是美国的一个假日,

[20:06.21]on which God is thanked for the crops which have been safely gathered in. ;原为庄稼收成后感谢 上帝恩典.

[20:10.00]tolerant ['tl r nt] ;a.宽容的,容忍的

[20:11.23]As friends,we should be tolerant and understanding with each other. ;朋友必须要互相宽容并 互相谅解.

[20:14.81]trait[treit] ;n.特征,特点,特性

[20:15.55]Thousands of years later people are still arguing vehemently ;数千年后,任命依然在热 烈争论,

[20:18.47]against each other over whether personality traits are born or learned. ;究竟个性是先天就有的 还是后天习得的.

[20:22.78]trifle['traifl] ;n.琐事,小事,无价值 的东西 vi.(~with)嘲笑,轻视

[20:24.05]He is always worrying about trifles losing sight of his main objectives. ;他总是担心琐事,失去了 人生的主要目标.

[20:29.56]Lesson 35 ;

[20:32.77]attendant [ 'tend nt] ;n.服务人员,侍者,随从 a.伴随的,随之而产生的

[20:33.88]The leakage of the 100 thousand ton oil and the attendant circumstance ;10万吨原油泄漏以及其后 的情况

[20:37.74]threatened the marine lives. ;对海洋生物产生巨 大威胁.

[20:39.34]brace[breis] ;n.支架,托架 vt.支住,撑牢;使防备, 使受锻炼,使绷紧

[20:40.58]He braced one of his feet against the wall and stood on the other foot for three hours. ;他用一只脚顶着墙角站 稳,用单脚立地达3小时 之久.

[20:45.34]bull[bul] ;n.公牛,雄兽;(对股市行 情)看涨的人,买进证券 (或商品等)投机图利者

[20:46.25]When it is a bull market,a lot of people will be attracted to the stock market, ;当股市上涨的时候,很多 人被吸引入市,

[20:50.11]without realizing the coming risks. ;全然不顾风险在逼近.

[20:52.61]closet['klzit] ;n.橱,壁橱 a.私下的,隐蔽的 vt.把…引进密室会谈

[20:54.01]Two days before the election, ;在选举前两天,

[20:55.53]the candidate suddenly came out of the closet and denounced the proposed law. ;竞选人忽然打破缄默, 公开谴责提议的法律.

[20:59.19]commodity[k 'mditi] ;n.商品,货物

[21:00.34]Air conditioners are one of the many commodities that Haier sells abroad. ;空调是海尔许多种出口 商品中的一种.

[21:04.74]cradle['kreidl] ;n.摇篮;策源地,发源地 vt.轻轻地抱,捧

[21:05.72]China was the source cradle of Eastern civilization, ;中国是东方文明的起源,

[21:08.77]just as Greece was the cradle of Western culture. ;正如希腊是西方文化的发 源地一样.

[21:11.76]deviate['di:vieit] ;vi.(~from) 背离,偏离

[21:12.87]In India,a train deviated from the track, ;在印度,一辆火车脱轨 翻转,

[21:15.18]turned over and killed over 100 passengers. ;并使得100余人丧生.

[21:17.85]dine[dain] ;vi.进餐

[21:18.79]Toward evening we were told that the manager's going to dine with us tonight. ;傍晚是有人通知我们, 今晚经理要和我们一起 吃饭.

[21:22.74]disregard [奷isri'g?d] ;vt.不理会,漠视 n.忽视,漠视

[21:24.22]He utterly disregarded my warnings and met with an accident. ;他全然不知我的警告, 结果出了事故.

[21:28.00]equator[i'kweit ] ;n.(地球)赤道

[21:29.47]The equator divides the earth equally into the nothern and southern hemisphers. ;赤道把地球等分为南北 两个半球.

[21:33.83]escort['esk:t] ;n.护卫者,护送者 vt.护送,护卫

[21:35.06]When the head of a state pays a visit, there will always be a group of escorts. ;国家元首出访时,总会 有大批护卫者.

[21:38.89]grieve[gri:v] ;vi.感到悲痛,伤心 vt.使伤心,为...而伤心

[21:39.79]It grieves me to think that ;令我一想起就伤心的是,

[21:41.07]China's football team has never appeared in the finals of the World Cup. ;中国国家足球队从来没打 进过世界杯决赛.

[21:44.72]hostage['hstid] ;n.人质;抵押品

[21:45.87]National policies cannot be made hostage to another country. ;一个国家的政策不能被另 一个国家所操纵.

[21:49.86]irrigation [iri'gei n] ;n.灌溉

[21:51.34]In areas where there is no source of water, irrigation channels are built for crops. ;在没有水源的地方,修建 了灌溉渠来种庄稼.

[21:56.10]longitude ['lnditju:d] ['lnditu:d] ;n.经线,经度

[21:57.46]By agreement, ;按照约定,

[21:58.40]the longitude passing through Greenwich of Observatory is called the prime meridian. ;经过伦敦格林尼治天文台 的经线被称为本初子午线 (零度经线).

[22:02.68]melody['mel di] ;n.旋律,曲调; 悦耳的音乐

[22:03.83]The success of a popular composer depends on his melody. ;人们喜爱的作曲家成功的 秘诀在于他谱写的优美的 音乐.

[22:07.53]missionary ['mi n ri] ;n.传教主

[22:09.01]In many western countries,missionaries not only preached, ;在许多西方国家,传教士 们不仅布道,

[22:12.50]but brought different ways of thinking as well. ;也带来了不同的思维 方式.

[22:14.88]mortgage['m:gid] ;n.抵押,抵押贷款 vt.抵押

[22:15.99]In order to start my new firm,I had to mortgage my house for the loan. ;为了开设新的公司,我只 好以房子作抵押以获得 贷款.

[22:19.94]prophet['prfit] ;n.先知;预言者

[22:21.13]Though a great footballer himself, ;尽管是个伟大的足球 运动员,

[22:23.18]Pele is a bad prophet who never predicted the result of the World Cup. ;贝利是个蹩脚的预言家. 他关于世界杯的预言从来 都是不准的.

[22:27.38]reliance[ri'lai ns] ;n.依靠,依赖

[22:28.48]No reliance is to be placed on his word. He has a glid tongue. ;他的话靠不住. 他巧舌如簧.

[22:32.47]repay[ri'pei] ;vt.归还(款项);报答

[22:33.42]As she has always been so good to me,I will repay her with kindness. ;她对我一直很好,我会 报答她对我的好意.

[22:37.20]resent[ri'zent] ;vt.对…表示愤恨,怨恨

[22:38.68]Jenna,one of President Bush's twin daughters, ;事事都得征求父母的许 可,

[22:41.10]resents having to ask her parents' permission is everything she does. ;布什总统孪生女儿 之一的詹娜很不高兴.

[22:44.55]rigorous[rig r s] ;a.严密的,缜密的; 严格的,严厉的

[22:45.70]Having got a reliable report that a passenger who was to smuggle drugs, ;在得到可靠的情报,知道 有人将走私毒品之后,

[22:49.81]the police carried to a rigorous search. ;警察进行了严格的搜查.

[22:52.03]rim[rim] ;n.(圆形物体的)边,缘 vt.环绕(圆形或环形物 的)边缘

[22:52.89]Grandma liked to do the washing-up, ;奶奶说她喜欢洗碗,

[22:54.58]declaring she liked the pattern round the rim of plates. ;郑重其事说她喜欢盘子 边缘的图案.

[22:58.07]Mountains rimmed the valley. ;群山环绕着山谷.

[23:00.95]royalty['ri lti] ;n.王族(成员); [常pl.](著作的)版税

[23:02.35]In this universally democratic world of today, ;在今天普通实现民主的 世界,

[23:04.69]people naturally have special interest in royalty. ;人们自然对王室有着特殊 的兴趣.

[23:07.61]sensation[sen'sei n] ;n.(感官的)感觉能力; 感觉,知觉;轰动,引起 轰动的事件(或人物)

[23:08.88]At times the Western mass media go a long way to pursue what is known as sensation. ;有时,为了达到轰动效 应,西方传媒会不遗余 力.

[23:13.07]shipment['ipm nt] ;n.装运,装船; 装载(或运输)的货物

[23:13.87]To meet our urgent needs, ;我们急需该货,

[23:15.24]please arrange the shipment of the first of our order by the 1st available steamer. ;请搭乘最早的方便汽轮把 我们定单的首批货物运 出来.

[23:20.63]smuggle['smgl] ;v.走私,非法私运; 偷运,偷带

[23:22.32]Among other reasons, smuggling is prohibited ;禁止走私,原因很多,

[23:24.81]because it will make countries suffer losses in customs duties. ;其一便是国家会减少不少 关税.

[23:28.42]sociology [妔 usi'l di] ;n.社会学

[23:30.02]The scientific study of nature and growth of society ;社会学是对社会和社会行 为的本质

[23:32.72]and social behavior is known as sociology. ;和发展进行的科学研究.

[23:35.43]spectacle['spekt kl] ;n.(大规模)演出,场面; 景象,景观; pl.眼镜

[23:36.61]Viewed from the top of Mount Tai,the sunrise was indeed a spectacle ;从泰山顶上看去,日出真 是个奇观.

[23:40.22]Don't make a spectacle of yourself. ;不要丢人现眼了.

[23:42.30]stall[st:l] ;n.货摊;小隔间; (发动机的)熄火; [pl.]剧场的正厅前座区

[23:43.07]stall[st:l] ;v.(使)(发动机)熄火; 拖延,推迟

[23:43.76]As the engine stalled on the highway,I had to call 110 for emergency. ;由于引擎在高速公路上 熄火,我只好打110紧急 求助.

[23:48.48]stride[straid] ;vi.大踏步走 n.大步;步伐,步态; [常pl.]进展,进步

[23:49.52]All my students are striding forward in English. ;我所有学生的英语在大踏 步地取得进展.

[23:52.44]sturdy['st :di] ;a.强壮的,结实的, 坚固的;坚强的,坚定的

[23:53.41]Without sturdy knowledge,this mathematical problem can't be solved easily ;没有真才实学,这道数学 难题不会轻易就可以解 出来.

[23:57.37]surgeon['s :d n] ;n.外科医生

[23:58.48]Surgeons need to know much more than medical knowledge. ;外科医生不能只懂得医学 知识.

[24:01.39]swamp[swmp] ;n.沼泽 vt.淹没,浸没; 难倒,压倒

[24:02.30]Be careful when stepping over the swamp,or you may sink in. ;踏入沼泽地时,请小心, 不然会陷入的.

[24:05.63]thesis['i:sis] ;n.论文,毕业论文; 论题,论点

[24:06.60]It pains the professo- rs to know students buy prewritten graduation thesis. ;得知大学生购买事先写好 的毕业论文,教授们极为 痛心.

[24:11.18]tribe[traib] ;n.部落;族(生物分类)

[24:12.57]Some African tribes have no written languages.That's why they are so backward. ;一些非洲部落没有书面文 字,这正是他们落后的原 因.

[24:17.78]Lesson 36 ;

[24:20.28]abortion[ 'b: n] ;n.流产,堕胎; 失败,夭折

[24:21.46]In some Catholic countries,abortion is still illegal. ;在一些天主教国家,堕胎 仍然是非法的.

[24:24.93]His plan to study in the U.S.was a abortion at last owing to his failure in TOEFL. ;由于他没有通过托福 考试,所以赴美留学的计 划最终流产了,

[24:31.45]adverse['dv :s] ;a.不利的,有害的

[24:32.98]The excess use of fertilizer is adverse to the environment. ;过度使用化肥对环境 有害.

[24:36.66]Adverse economic circumstances ;生意不景气

[24:38.94]cause a sharp drop in the current prices of stocks in Taiwan. ;致使台湾的股市急剧下跌

[24:42.29]baffle[bf l] ;vt.使困惑,难住

[24:43.26]Some English idioms often baffle English learners. ;有些英语成语经常使英语 学习感到困惑.

[24:46.66]cater['keit ] ;vi.迎合;承办酒席

[24:47.70]TV programs must cater to many different tastes. ;电视节目必须迎合各种人 的爱好.

[24:50.82]bibliography [奲ibli'gr fi] ;n.参考书目;(有关某 一专题的)书目

[24:52.21]An academic paper must include the bibliography in its end. ;学术论文最后必须注明 参考书目.

[24:55.75]CRIterion [krai'ti ri n] ;n.标准,准则

[24:56.93]It is unacceptable to say popularity is the only criterion of a good novel. ;把是否流行作为判断一本 好小说的惟一标准是让人 难以接受的.

[25:01.65]defendant[[di'fend nt] ;n.被告

[25:02.76]In the trial,the defendant,Hu Changqing is accused of committing bribery. ;被告人胡长清在审判中被 指控犯有受贿罪.

[25:07.76]donate[d u'neit] ;v.捐赠,赠送

[25:08.67]To help the suffering people weather the severe winter, ;为了帮助灾区人民度过 严冬,

[25:11.23]citizens who were spared from the flood were called on to donate money, ;政府号召没受洪灾 的人们捐赠钱,

[25:15.12]food and clothes. ;食物和衣服.

[25:16.79]epidemic[奺pi'demik] ;n.流行?涣鞔?盛行 a.流行性的,流传极广的

[25:18.04]There was an epidemic of cholera in Thailand in 1998. ;1998年泰国曾经流行过 霍乱.

[25:21.51]explicit[ik'splisit] ;a.明确的,明晰的; 毫不隐瞒的

[25:22.83]The coach had to give very explicit instructions ;教练不得不给非常 明确的指导.

[25:25.39]to each player on the Chinese football team. ;中国足球队每名队员

[25:27.55]fabulous['fbjul s] ;a.极好的,巨大的, 寓言般的

[25:28.59]During the two world wars,the monopoly capitalists amassed fabulous wealth. ;在两次世界大战期间, 垄断资本家大发横财.

[25:32.96]forum['f:r m] ;n.论坛,讨论会, 专题讨论节目

[25:33.93]The letters page of New York Time's is a forum for public argument. ;《纽约时报》的读者来信 版面是公众辩论的论坛.

[25:37.96]groan[gr un] ;vi./n.呻吟(声)抱怨 (声);(因承受重压而发 出的)吱吱声,响声

[25:38.93]I have no alternative but to groan when I have a terrible toothache. ;牙痛很厉害的时候,我 无可奈何,只能发出呻 吟声.

[25:42.27]The chair gave a groan when the heavy woman sat down. ;当那个胖女人坐下时, 椅子发出吱吱声.

[25:45.39]harassment [h 'rsm nt] ['hr sm nt] ;n.骚扰;烦恼

[25:46.78]There have been quite a lot of cases of sexual harassment ;美国海军中已发生过多 起

[25:49.62]against women in the American navy. ;针对女性的性骚扰事件.

[25:52.05]integral['intigr l] ;a.必不可少的,必需的

[25:53.16]Practice is an integral part of language learning. ;练习是语言学习必不可 少的一部分.

[25:55.73]Steel is an integral part of a modern skyscraper. ;钢铁是现代摩天大厦的 主干.

[25:58.79]irrespective [ri'spektiv] ;a.不考虑的,不顾及的

[26:00.04]Irrespective of where you decide to turn to for help and support, ;不管你决定从哪里得到帮 助和支持,

[26:03.30]it is important that you do not delay. ;重要的是你不能耽误.

[26:05.94]identification [ai奷entifi'kei n] ;n.身份证明;鉴定,认出

[26:07.46]Do you have any identification? ;你有什么能证明你身份 的证件吗?

[26:09.48]The identification of the fingerprints was quickly done. ;指纹的鉴定很快就完 成了.

[26:12.46]momentum[m u'ment m] ;n.动力,冲动,势头

[26:13.57]A falling object gains momentum as it falls. ;下落的物体下落时动量 增加.

[26:16.98]mortal['m:t l] ;a.致命的,终有一死的

[26:18.09]It is an indisputable fact that man is mortal. ;人(早晚)都会死,这是 无可争辩的事实.

[26:20.93]narrative['nr tiv] ;n.故事,记叙文;叙述

[26:21.90]The astronaut gave a narrative of her strange experience in space. ;宇航员叙述了自己在太空 的奇妙经验.

[26:25.45]overt[ u'v :t] ;a.公开的,不隐蔽的

[26:26.42]Most British people ;大多数英国人

[26:27.77]are disgusted with the overt love relationsh- ip between Prince Charles and Camilla. ;对查尔斯王子和卡米拉公 开 的情人关系感到反感.

[26:32.25]We should learn to fight with the enemy in an overt and covert way. ;我们应学会同敌人作公开 的和隐蔽的斗争.

[26:36.27]parameter[p 'rmit ] ;n.参数

[26:37.52]X+2Y=7 is an equation which has 2 parameters ;X+2Y=7 是一个含有2个 参数的方程式.

[26:41.83]partition[pa:'ti n] ;n.分隔物,隔墙;分隔

[26:42.80]Now in most offices there are partitions between desks, ;现在大多数办公室内的办 公桌均有隔离物隔开,

[26:45.44]so people do have some privacy. ;这样人们的确有点隐 秘感.

[26:47.80]redundant[ri'dnd nt] ;a.多余的,过剩的

[26:48.98]Many jobs and labor workers are made redundant by automation. ;自动化使许多工种和劳动 力变得多余.

[26:53.01]recur[ri'k :] ;vi.再发生,重现

[26:53.98]The noble qualities and deeds of Kong Fansen often recur to me. ;孔繁森的崇高品质和事迹 经常在我脑海里再现.

[26:58.91]sacred['seikrid] ;a.神圣的,宗教的

[27:00.37]Ingla Gandhi considered it a sacred duty to fulfill her dead father's wishes. ;英杰拉.甘地认为完成她 已故父亲的遗愿是她神圣 的职责.

[27:05.78]salute[s 'lu:t] ;n.敬礼,致意 vt.向…敬礼,向…致敬; 赞扬,颂扬

[27:07.10]It is a universal custom for a solider to salute his officer in the army. ;士兵向军官行军礼,在 军队里这是一种普遍的 习惯.

[27:11.40]tempo['temp u] ;n.(音乐的)速度; 节奏,行进的速度

[27:12.51]The tempo of life in a modern city is very quick. ;许多都市生活的节奏 很快.

[27:15.11]Quick tempo and big noise make me dislike rock music. ;由于节奏快、噪音大, 我不喜欢摇滚乐.

[27:18.65]testimony['testim ni] ;n.证词;见证,证明

[27:19.90]The psychiatrist gave testimony that ;精神病医生有证言说,

[27:21.98]the young man who tried to assassinate President Regan was insane at that time. ;那个企图暗杀里根总统的 年青人当时精神失常.

[27:26.15]vocational [v 'kei n l] ;a.职业的,业务的

[27:27.26]Does your company provide vocational training? ;你们公司提供培训吗?

[27:29.55]watertight ['w:t tait] ;a.防水的;无懈可击的

[27:30.80]The agent of the Buick Auto Company is extremely cautious in making the contract ;别克汽车公司的代理在 做合同时非常谨慎,

[27:35.70]lest it is not watertight enough to prevent unnecessary loss. ;以免合同不够严密, 遭受不必要的损失.

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