BBC地平线 跨性别者(Being Transgender) 第31期


它包括了移除阴茎 It involves the removal of the testicles

和把阴茎重造成阴道的过程 and restructure of the penis into a vagina.

接下来的画面将极其生动形象 What follows is extremely graphic in nature.

好的 手术从切割阴囊皮开始 All right, so the operation begins by excising the scrotal skin.

人们对这手术有太多的无知 There's so much ignorance about this surgery,

甚至有人说这手术就好比 and there are people who actually liken it to,

让一个恋手癖来卸掉你的胳膊 you know, having a fetish for cutting your arm off

或者其他荒谬的说法 or something ridiculous.

一派胡言 And it has nothing to do with that.

我们确实会充分利用每一个组织 We really do use every single part.

阴囊被切开 以便塑造大阴唇 The scrotum is opened so that it can form the labia majora

和小阴唇 然后阴囊的一部份 and labia minora, and then part of the scrotum is also

也被用作制作阴道 used to line the vagina.

我们会切除睾丸 这些我们会扔掉 We take off the testicles, those we throw away.

她挺有种的 对吧 She's got a couple of nuts on her, doesn't she?

还挺大的 It's quite sizeable.

我们会用阴茎头做出阴蒂 We're going to get the clitoris from the head of the penis.

令人惊叹的是我们能创造出一个可使用的阴蒂 This is quite amazing, that we create a functional clitoris,

好让这些病人能够拥有正常的性感觉 because these patients are able to have regular sexual sensation

能够让她们中的大部分人达到性高潮 to the point that most of them are able to orgasm.

我们减少了海绵组织的数量 The amount of erectile tissue is reduced in amount.

显然 勃起时 阴茎会变得更长 Obviously, the penis is on a longer stalk, if you will.

我们就把它折起来 We just fold it over.

如果你保留神经 But if you keep the nerves

和动脉 就会有感觉能力 and the arteries intact, there is sensation.

现在我们要选个阴蒂的位置 Now we're going to pick a position for the clitoris,

它的最终位置就在这儿了 which will now rest in its final position.

没有什么在线心里小测验可以分辨性别 there's no online quiz to find out your gender.

没有专科医生能告诉你 你的性别 There's no specialist doctors telling you what your gender is.

唯一知道你性别的人 就是你自己 The only person who knows what your gender is, is you.

我不相信变性是一件特例 I don't believe transgender is one thing.

变性和别的事都一样 It's like anything, really.

性取向可以由频谱表现出来 性别也是 Sexuality's a spectrum, so is gender.

我认为 就算是最有男子气概的男人 I don't think even the most masculine men

或者最有女人味儿的女人 or the most feminine women

也不能号称自己完全属于那个性别 can ever claim to be entirely one gender.

我认为有一道从男人味到女人味的频谱 I think it's a spectrum that goes from masculinity to femininity,

每个人在频谱上都有不同的位置 and I think everyone fits in a different place.

自从做了手术之后 我更加自信了 Since I've had surgery, it's given me a lot more confidence.

就像是 拼图的最后一片拼上了一样 It's kind of the sort of final missing piece of the puzzle,

这样 我的声音就和我的模样 if you like. So that my voice matches how I look

和现在的自己和我一直认同的自己吻合了 and who I am and who I've always been.

我不觉得 别人的性别 I don't think that anyone else's gender is something

是可以评价的 that you should even have an opinion on.

而是应该尊重的 It's just something you should respect.

从心里接受他们 就像别人接受你一样 Embrace them for who they are, as everyone else does for you.

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